Balancing act

About a year ago it dawned on me that my spiritual practices were way outta whack. I was relying almost exclusively on masculine energy — in studying the runes (which I had considered to be an analytical pursuit) — and woefully lacking in feminine energies. About that time my mind turned to seidr for a reason beyond me. So I started reading up on that. I decided to incorporate more feminine energy on my altar.   I decided to include goddesses and disir in my blots. Basically give feminine energies a place in my life.

At first it was rough going. After 20 years of studying the runes switching gears to seidr was hard!  I guess everything had become wired a certain way and it had to be redone from scratch. But I was determined. So I kept at it. Every day I would devote time not to just the runes but also seidr.

After a couple of months I started to see results. I was going into trance easier.  The quality of my meditations increased. I thought to focus my attention on Freyja since she is the queen bee of seidr. Suddenly I was getting images and visions during trance. I was finding myself more balanced in my daily life (not easy for someone with MS LOL).  My relationships became richer and deeper. All the aspects of my life seemed to be touched.

As I’ve been doing this new balancing act for awhile I can say the overall results are amazing!  Simply by switching my focus a bit to be more inclusive I have reaped rewards I never thought possible. Including feminine deities into my spiritual practices. Studying seidr. Even my rune studies have become more reliant on intuition. Everything is seen through new glasses. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Anglo Saxon runes

So I’ve decided to branch out in my studies. I had a rune casting about my spiritual path and how I am doing and there were two runes for stagnation. Time to shake things up and learn something new!  So I have decided to study the Anglo Saxon runes. That should break up the stagnation!

So then the question became 29 or 33 runes?  After some research and some help from the Forum I decided 29. That’s what the Dutch/Frisian futhorc is and my name literally means High Street in Dutch. So that kinda clinched it for me. And the books I have found to study focus on 29 just like the Old English Rune Poem. So 29 it is.

Now that I have that figured out it’s time to start studying. Wish me luck!




About my altar

So my altar is pretty full as you can see from the picture I added here. It’s definitely evolved over time to the place it is today. I’m sure it will continue to evolve as I evolve in my spirituality. But for now…

The first thing most people notice are the statues. I was given most of them by my hubby for my 40th birthday twelve years ago. They came from Sacred Source if you’re interested in acquiring some of them for yourself. That group includes (left to right) Freyja, Tyr, Odin, Baldur, Thor, Frey, a Valkurie, and the Willendorf (not from the Norse pantheon but I needed more feminine energies!).  The wooden one next to Freyja is Hela. That’s the group of gods I honor most frequently.

The plants are for my work with the green wights. I “was told” in a seidr session to work with them. Not having a green thumb makes it a challenge but I haven’t killed them yet!  The candle holders were made for me by my late father. The box in the center is amazing. It has a galderstaf for journeying on the lid. It has another one on the inside lid for assistance in runic studies. Also inside are the names Odin and Freyja in runes. On the back is my magic name Ondsvin also in runes. A very cool box!

Of course there’s a drinking horn!  Some crystals and candles complete the top of the altar.

Below are spaces for my gands, my drums, incense, rune sets, extra candles and of course books!


The banner hanging on the wall shows a man looking up at the sky at Odin’s two ravens. That was a thoughtful gift from my daughter.

Everything I need is all right there in one place. Very important to me when I’m doing my workings.

It took me twelve years to get to this point. I’m pretty well satisfied with it. For now!

Hail and welcome!

Welcome to my blog!  Hopefully you’ll find something to think about here. Maybe you will even learn something!

So let’s start with the basics. I’m 50-something and have been practicing Asatru for the last 12 years. Before that my path was that of a Wiccan. Before that I was a basic new age junkie. Finally my desire to practice the preChristian ways of my ancestors won out. I dived into Asatru with both feet. And I haven’t looked back.

My path lead me to study to become a vitki. I’m not sure why exactly but that seems to be what the gods had in store for me. It began with studying the runes about 20 years ago which lead me to an interest in Odin. I didn’t take things too seriously back then — I was definitely a dabbler. So I dabbled till my 40th birthday. It’s at that point (maybe a little about getting older!) that I got serious. That is how I got onto the path of a vitki 5 years ago. I started rune studies daily. This was a new kind of discipline. Every day since then I have worked with the runes. My knowledge was growing and expanding. But my practice was unbalanced. It was far too heavy on the masculine and weak or nonexistent on the feminine. To correct this imbalance I started studying seidr about a year ago. Now every day I spend time on the runes and seidr. It helps to have no TV to distract me!

So now I honor Freyja as well as Odin. Keeping my practice balanced has given me new insights into my Self and my gods. I sincerely didn’t know what I’d been missing. There is so much more color to my spirituality. Nuances I never knew existed. It’s true for me that the gods have a plan and if I open myself to the signs experiences I never imagined will occur. May your path be as clear and as full!