Runic this versus that

So you’ve studied the rune books. You’ve done meditation on the Rune Poems to get further meaning and insight. You’ve discovered that each rune has several different meanings in a casting. So how do you decide which of the sometimes very different meanings is applicable to the casting at hand?  Here’s how I do it.

Look to the other runes in the casting. Rune castings are like telling stories. They create a narrative of the issue at hand. You weave a coherent story by looking at all the staves pulled and creating an answer to the question.   That means every casting is unique. The meaning of an individual rune is not always going to be the same casting to casting. Keeps things interesting to be sure!

Experience. When you’ve been doing casting for some time you’ll find that patterns of meaning occur. You’ll be able to say that in the past with readings this particular rune next to that particular rune means this. While every rune casting is definitely unique you will find patterns. This aspect of interpretation only comes with time. There is no real substitute for good hard practice. That’s why it’s vital to do rune readings often. For yourself. For family. At meetings. At parties. I even do readings at doctor visits!  There just really is no substitute for the ability and knowledge gained with experience.

Your gut feeling. Sometimes interpretation comes down to a simple hunch that a certain meaning applies. Intuition can play a vital role in castings. You need to learn to trust your instincts. If something just feels right that is probably the correct meaning. Even if it makes no sense to you personally it may be right on the mark. Recently I was doing a reading for someone and mannaz murk came up. I had a gut feeling it meant depression. Nothing else in the casting would have lead me to that meaning. But my gut was telling me this was it. So I said this to the client and he said he had just been diagnosed with clinical depression. It was affecting everything in the issue of his question and made perfect sense to him. I would never have guessed this was the case!

So these are some of the ways I discover this versus that when it comes to meaning interpretation. It’s a very organic progress. Good luck figuring out correct meanings in your own castings!  Hail!

How do I know it’s real?

How do I know if something that comes to me in a seidr session or trance is real and not just a result of my imagination?  Here’s a quick rundown of how I check.

If it’s something I have totally never encountered before my first stop for verification is the lore. Can I find some mention of something similar in the works we have left as guides?  Oftentimes there will be a mention somewhere in the Lore that I can turn to. The lore is filled with mentions of esoteric examples. If it’s mentioned then I have a pretty good answer that the information I received was authentic.

Then I turn other written sources. Was it similar to something an other author wrote about?  I have a pretty extensive library so there are a lot of references at my disposal. I place some validity in the fact that others have found it important enough to mention in their writings. At this point I’ll also try a peer review. I’ll ask others if this information sounds correct and valid. If others I know and trust give it a green light I know I’m good to go.

I also rely on personal experience. Have I personally encountered this or something similar before?  If so I can trust that I’m dealing with something real. I haven’t gained years of experience in these matters to throw it away. That and my studies which are pretty thorough. If it’s been written about by others I’ve probably studied it in the past. My own dealings with the esoteric do play a part in my deciding whether or not to pass on information to a client.

And really it’s a combination of all of these examples that come into play. I rely heavily on my own knowledge gained from years of studying and practicing. But in a pinch I know there are other sources I can turn to. When in doubt research!

So those are the ways I decide if something I get in trance is real. Sounds complicated. But I know if there’s a reference somewhere or someone has experienced something similar before it’s authentic. I tell my clients upfront that I may have to get back to them with results of a session. I’d rather be reasonably certain I’m correct than give out bad information.

So the answer to my question is research research research. And find other similar examples. Every session brings up something new but this practice has been around long enough that precedent exists. All you need to do is study and practice. And ask for help when you need it. That’s how I know if something is real.

But what do you do with the runes?

Good question. Here’s a brief overview of what I actually do with the runes. Here goes.

Divination. The runes are powerful and effective divination sources. They are a way to talk to the gods. They are a powerful tool for having a little chat with the divine. A way to get information and insight on an issue. I turn to the runes for wisdom and clarity on any given issue. I will often have a concern in my life that needs a little divine perspective. What better way to gain that perspective than a direct link to the source of all wisdom?  Through using the runes I connect to a power greater than myself. I get out of my own head and into a true relationship with the gods.   And through this relationship I attain all the assistance I need for facing life concerns. When I do readings for others I tap into something beyond myself. And it is the insight that I gain that I share. Pretty straightforward. No question is too big or too small for the runes. Any open ended question will be rewarded with divine perspective. I work with Odin and the Norns as my primary sources. There is no question in my experience that they can’t handle.

Meditation. I often use the runes as meditative devices. Focusing on a rune energy or stave shape helps me clear my mind of all the junk that I mentally hold on to. The runes give me a way to clear out the distractions of the everyday world. They offer me a way to once again shift my focus from myself to something larger. I’d rather be tapping into the big stuff than tapping into my insignificant daily dramas!  Meditating on the runes helps me gain a view of the bigger picture of life. No mucking about in the mundane for me!

Riding the runes. Runes are energy markers. Sources of their own individual energies. Those energies can be tapped into and ridden. If I want to explore Yggdrasil I can ride eiwaz. This act helps me travel through the Nine Realms. If I have money issues I ride fehu to discover answers to this crisis. And so on. Every rune has its own energy which can be ridden for specific actions. Travel. Insight to resolve crisis. The list of ways the runes can be used in this manner are only limited by the Vitki’s imagination. Try it and have some interesting experiences along the way!

So those are three ways I use the runes. There are more of course. It’s an area that is limited only by your own knowledge and ability. Learn all you can and then try things out for size!

Riding runic energy

I like to ride runic energy from time to time. It allows me full access to a rune’s power. It gets me places I want to go in the Nine Realms. It opens my eyes to the full power and might of the runes. In short it’s cool!

Riding the runes is one place where the skills of seidr and rune work come together for me. I am able to use both practices for a single purpose. I love when both skills can be used together.

Why ride the runes at all?  For me as a Vitki it’s just one more tool in my toolbox of skills to be used.   I can ride the runes when other methods are not as strong to achieve the results I’m looking for. Whether it be traveling the Nine Realms or charging a sending to create change in my multiverse I can always count on this practice to get the job done.

Every rune has an energy. Each is specific to a rune.   Discovering the energy signature of the runes was one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of rune work for me. But the rewards are many so it is time well spent.

How you discover the rune energy can be achieved through a couple of different options. Of course there’s seidr. Going into trance while keeping the individual rune in mind. You can also discover the energies with galdr. By chanting a rune at its vibrational level you can tap into the rune energy.

Once you’ve discovered a rune energy the way it’s utilized is only limited by your own creativity. I like to ride the runes for purposes of traveling. I ride raidiho. It gets me places!

If I’m charging a bindrune I ride the energy of each individual rune to assure that the bindrune is sent into the multiverse in a powerful manner. Riding the runes in that regard gets better results.

Study of the runes for this purpose is challenging and rewarding. I recommend doing it for every serious Vitki student. It’s a great way to get things done!


My departed dad delivers an ass kicking

I do plenty of seidr sessions to speak to those no longer in physical body. I have my routine down. It’s generally done to acquire wisdom. A view point on an issue that I’m just not seeing. A different perspective. I find that if I phrase my questions correctly I get plenty of response. So a week or so ago I decided to talk to my mom about her views on my taking up a concurrent spiritual path. I was ready for lots of loving support from the Other world for this new endeavour. Boy did I get something!

A bit about my parents. Mom was the loving one. If you wanted a yes answer you asked mom. Dad was the disciplinarian. He wasn’t afraid to spank. And often did. Being ex-military he was the tough guy. No cookies from him!

So I did my trance preparations. Lit incense. Put on my oil. Got out the drum and started chanting. I chant Freyja when I’m journeying. She loans me her boar to travel between the worlds. She appeared. The boar was with her which meant I was to travel.

I got on the boar. Still drumming I changed my chant to Hella. The boar started running down towards Hel. As we were traveling the boar suddenly stopped and turned around. Now we were traveling upwards. I was very confused. But I knew enough to just go with it.  Up we went. Up the Tree. Soon we were in Asgard. Well I thought. Odin must have something to say to me. Suddenly I was excited. I had been summoned!

As I looked around I realized this was not the Asgard I was used to. Normally it appears to me as a big field of grass. Sunny and bright. Today it I was overcast.  Gloomy. The field was full of men in the distance.   Behind them was a great hall. Valhalla. I approached them. The men were fighting. They were dressed in uniforms from many different eras. As I watched them my excitement turned to dread. Why was I here?  A place I’d never been to in my years of traveling?

Out of the group of men one man approached me. As he got closer I realized in was my father. In his Korean War Army gear. Young. Not at all like he normally appears to me. He strode over to me

“What the hell is your biggest problem?  You want the go ahead to follow two paths at once. Do it and stop worrying what those other people think about you. It’s your spiritual life not theirs. Let them worry about themselves and you worry about you. Jesus son we are talking about your life here!  And goddammit stop doing so much!  You haven’t been doing your studies or practicing what you preach. It’s great that you decided to take on new challenges. That’s how you grow. Great!  So grow goddammit!  But cut out the shit and pay attention. Jesus Christ!”

He headed back to the group of men. He had said his piece. I stood there a little shell shocked. I finally got enough sense to get on the boar. We traveled back and I returned to ordinary consciousness.

Well. I was a bit in a state of shock. I had expected a nice supportive chat with mom. Instead I had gotten an ass kicking from dad in all his warrior glory. But I couldn’t argue with what he’d said. It was all true. So I’m taking the time to get back into the swing of things. And I’m cutting back. Some. I haven’t posted as much on my blog for one. I’m making time for me to do my stuff.

Balance has always been a challenge for me. I’m excited by all of the new opportunities that have fallen into my lap. I intend to take advantage of them all. But I’m going to do it making sure I still take time for me. To do my own studies. To allow myself to grow. After all dad ordered it!  And you definitely don’t want to defy him. If you do you’ll get a spanking!  And I’d hate to get a spanking from him now from the Other world!  Jesus Christ!