An eclipse experience

I had been looking forward to the solar eclipse for over a month. My excitement grew each day in anticipation. I was planning a big ritual for it. I was going to use this event and it’s energy to rededicate myself to the vitki path.

Yesterday finally arrived. I got myself and my ritual tools ready. The time came. Here goes!

I lit incense. I  centered and grounded myself. I stood at my altar arms raised. I started to feel the energy growing. I called upon the Aesir and Vanner to hear my oath. I could suddenly feel a charge of electricity as I called them. With the assembled gods in my presence I made my oath. I oathed to continue on the path of the vitki. I asked for their guidance in this matter. I offered myself to do the work for my tribe. I made a vow to be available to those in need.

Then I stood quietly letting my words and my oaths reverberate through me. I let myself stay quiet as the darkness of the eclipse descended. I closed my eyes. As I stood there letting it all sink in I had a vision. It was a tree. A tree with three huge roots. I knew instinctively it was Yggdrasil. As I stood there gazing at it it started to grow. Rapidly. I started to grow as well. Within moments we were too large for my building and we burst through the walls and roof. Still we grew. Up and down and every direction we could. Soon we were sky and earth. We were the elements of the multiverse. We were everything. Then I was snapped back into ordinary consciousness.

I finished my ritual thanking the gods for the message. I believe the message was that I am to grow in this path. Grow beyond my expectations. Grow in every aspect of a Vitki. May it be so!

Some rune readings

I thought I would share with you some rune readings. If nothing else to share what I do as a Vitki almost every day. All but one of the examples were long distance readings. I never physically met the people. But I wanted to show you can effectively do distance readings. All you really need is a client and a question.

These readings are all nine realms readings. The first rune pulled is for Self. Second is Higher Consciousness. Third is Intellect. Fourth is Emotion. Fifth is Subconscious. Sixth is Balance. Seventh is Expansive Energy. Eighth is Contractive Energy. Ninth is Motion.

Now you have the framework for these examples. Here goes.

The first example the client wanted to know how her spiritual life would unfold in the coming months. The nine runes pulled in the order given above were elhaz, ingwaz, tiwaz, Isa, Berkano, jera, dagaz murk, wunjo murk, and perthro murk. Here’s what I gave her as a reply.

She has been experiencing a sense of stagnation spiritually. This has caused her to feel unhappy and hopeless. Rational control of her emotions is a key to breaking this stagnation. Her spiritual life is experiencing a time of gestation that will result in the birthing of new ideas. If she trusts herself in the process and path, the changes will occur with a new balancing from within. This will happen over the next year. This is the proper timing for these events to occur. She needs to trust herself as to when the appropriate time comes for these new ideas to be birthed

The second example comes from a man who wanted to know the cause of his relentless depression. Here are the runes I pulled in the order listed above. Othala, Ehwaz, Ansuz murk, fehu murk, Gebo, dagaz, ingwaz murk, raidiho murk, naudthiz. Here’s what I told him.

It is a good time for new spiritual endeavors.  He has created a sacred place for himself.  The depression is being caused by emotional burnouts from his thinking too much about this issue. This has lead to an intellectual scattering and a crisis state.  If he can balance the intellectual work of his spiritually with new innovations he can break through the depression. Coming up with creative ways to address his spirituality will lead to a break through of the intellectual boredom.   He needs to trust that a magical exchange is occurring between him and the Divine.

The last example comes from a man who wondered how a donation he had made would be used. The runes he pulled in order as above where Thurisaz, Isa, tiwaz, jera, eiwaz, perthro, othala, dagaz and Ansuz. All nine bright staves, a good sign right there!  I had never had that happen in a nine rune pull. I told him that what he pulled meant the following.

He has taken action. A positive action. A stillness of Self in this regard brings about an initiation. He told me is was his first time giving to that organization.   I told him not to worry that he gave money to the wrong organization. Proper timing will bring about justice in this matter. A balance of good fortune will bring about the motion of his money being used for productive communication. The expansive energy of his donation brings about safe spaces. Overall this action will facilitate an awakening of issues. That’s when he told me he had given to the Anti Defamation League. It suddenly all made sense.

Those are three examples of the vitki work I do all the time. Hopefully you were able to follow along with the interpretations. Any questions about all of this you know how to reach me!  Hail!

On being a mentor/coach

I have a Vitki student. I hesitate to call him that. I think of myself as his mentor or coach. But student seems to fit his part of our relationship quite well. I’m doing my best to teach him all of the information I have on how to be a Vitki. My way of course but it seems to work for me. Why not spread the information around?

I don’t hold much in secrets of the trade nonsense. If things that I have learned on my path can benefit another on their path we both stand to gain something in the sharing.

He lives on the other side of the world. We keep in touch through FB on a daily basis. We’ve been working together for a month now. It takes a lot of my time. But it’s worth it to have a front row seat at his growth.

Lately he is facing huge life changes. Moving to a new country. We’ve spent the most part of our month together working on grounding and centering. Holds him in good stead for the whirlwind he’s facing. But recently the need for magical workings has appeared. So we’ve leapt ahead in his study plan to address this need.

He has a good working knowledge of the runes. He told me he had tried to use bind runes before without much success. I assured him part of the problem was not having a good foundation to build on. We had been working on building a strong foundation for about a month. Time to test it out.

I was prepared to create a bind rune for him to use. I had done so in the past with some success. I was going to ask him to try to create a bind rune on his own. And sure enough after a gave him the three runes I would use for this working he turned around and fashioned a very workable bind rune!  And he created a mantra to go along with the sending!  I was beside myself with excitement. A true breakthrough. He had shown true Vitki skills.

I gave him a few options for how to do the sending. We talked some more about the ins and outs of a successful sending. And then we said goodbye for now.

Nothing is more thrilling than seeing someone find their way on this path. I am reminded of that time years ago when I was just discovering the power of this work and how to correctly use it. This alone makes every minute I spend mentoring him worthwhile. I’m reminded of the power and humility of being a Vitki. And for now a Vitki who helps.


One vitki’s response

As a vitki I normally stay far away from issues that are political in nature. But I feel I must make a response to last weekend’s events.

A woman was killed. Using her rights to demonstrate against what she believed to be wrong. No one deserves to die simply for standing up for what they believe in.

So I did what I always do when confronted with something I don’t fully understand. I did a rune casting using the question “What does this weekend’s events hold for the future of my country?”  Here’s what I got.

As a country we are experiencing sorrow and strife over these events. But the prospect of new beginnings will outweigh our feelings of being left defenseless. An emotional sense of stillness and concentration will lead us to intellectual success. A national loss of connection to the Divine powers must be addressed with innovation. Although we are currently off balance we will ultimately gain a view of harmony and teamwork.   All will work itself out.

What does this mean?  The first statement is obvious. We are experiencing sorrow and strife. This event is one more example of the extreme division this country faces. We have allowed ourselves to become polarized politically. Instead of unity many of us have chosen to take sides.

New beginnings after this disastrous event will conquer a sense of being defenseless. Many people on both sides of the issues raised by this action are left feeling defenseless. Some strike out from this place in anger, some with attempts to bring unity to our nation. Which side you belong to depends in a large extent to how much you feel heard. Those who are not feeling heard lash out the hardest.

After our emotions have calmed down we can intellectually have success. With emotions flaring red hot nothing of any merit can occur. Only after things have calmed down emotionally can we as a nation approach this issue intellectually. Then healing can begin.

As a nation we are experiencing a loss of connection with the Divine. This issue must be addressed with a sense of innovation. Only by thinking about the Divine in new ways as part of the national dialogue will divisions begin to heal. It’s time we stop considering ourselves as divine.

A feeling of teamwork and harmony will happen after a time of feeling off balance. This period of uncertainty is needed to gain a new world view. A larger sense of scale. Only by taking a look at the bigger picture will we be able to then break it down into smaller more manageable pieces. A new world order can then be born.

Where to begin?  I suggest being open and honest about your spirituality. With everyone. Friends. Family. Coworkers. Acquaintances. People on the bus. Anywhere a conversation turns to big picture ideas let it be known where you stand.  Don’t let an opportunity to share this important part of yourself slide by. Be proud in what you believe.

Lastly it’s time to admit that tribalism has failed. Only by a new view of inclusion can the healing begin. The time of us verses them has seen its last days of usefulness. Time to admit that technology has shrunken our huge world into a neighborhood. Today I have a mentor in the Ukraine and a student in Dubai. Small world indeed.

These events will shake us for some time I predict. It is only our approach to the aftermath that matters. I say inclusion is the key to a new world. Where we all can feel safe and secure. A country I can be proud of.

A chat with the Old Man

I was feeling blech and generally out of sorts spiritually. I had felt this way for several days. I decided to do something about it. It was time for a chat with Odin to find wisdom and inspiration.

I hadn’t bothered him for quite a while. So I figured he might be up for this little talk. I did all my seidr stuff to get myself into a trance. I journeyed up the World Tree to Asgard to meet with him. So I’m there in Asgard enjoying the energy and looking for Odin. He’s nowhere to be seen. So I just kinda hang out. I’m sending out my intention for the visit. Nothing. This went on for a while. Then suddenly I hear a loud voice proclaim “Meditate on my rune fool!”.  And I’m slapped back into ordinary consciousness.

Well. Sorry to bother you!  But I’m not one to ignore a direct order. So I meditated on Ansuz. I kept getting two words in my head. Communication and gods. Then as I was meditating I was thrown back to the first of the year. I was feeling out of touch spiritually then too. And the events of the last eight months where unfolded for me. Founding the Vitki/ Volva Forum. Starting to learn the Anglo Saxon futhorc. Getting a vitki student. More rune castings for others than I can count. Starting my blog. And most recently the messages that I am to follow the concurrent path of Druidry. Whew!  When I lay it all out it’s been quite a busy year spiritually speaking!  I should be more content with my progress.

Communication and gods. I’ve definitely had my world open up in regards to communication. And my new concurrent path opens me up to a whole new pantheon of gods. What more could I ask for?

But I still wasn’t sure. So I pulled out the runes to do a casting on the question  “What should I make of the events of the last year spiritually?”.  Here’s what I got.

I am experiencing life changes. Inspiration of the gods in my subconscious is bringing me to a gestation phase in my higher consciousness. Intellectual awareness of the Divine structure is keeping my emotions stable. A lack of creativity at this time would lead to sorrow and strife. My connection with the gods may confuse me.

And that’s a perfect picture of where I stand. Especially in regards to my new concurrent path. The runes never fail to put things into perspective. Much for me to do and meditate on!

So not much of a chat with Odin. But as always he put me on the path to wisdom and greater understanding of myself. I’m never disappointed in his guidance. He steers me to the right path every time. That’s why I turn to him.  Hail Odin!