Meeting Taliesin

So I did a trance session today to meet with Taliesin. I was seeking wisdom. Here’s what I got.

First I called upon my Druid spiritual ally Llewelyn to arrange a meeting. He was willing to set it up. He asked me what I seeked. I told him and suddenly we were off.

I was in a forest. Trees everywhere. I called out for Taliesin. Nothing. I called again and a man came skittering around a tree and asked what I wanted. I told him I sought wisdom from Taliesin. He laughed and ran off into the trees.

I ran after him. He would get into my sight for a moment than quickly disappear. This went on for a while. Me chasing and catching up only to be left in the dust. Finally I caught up with him after quite a while and he stood there laughing. He told me he had taught me enough for one day. Then the trance suddenly ended.

What lesson had I been given?  What wisdom had I learned?  Then it dawned on me.  The hunt.  The pursuit.  That was the lesson to be learned.

I thought  about all of the pursuits in my life.  The pursuit of knowledge:  The pursuit of wisdom.  The pursuit of understanding.  All these were my pursuits.  Perhaps the lesson was that the joy is in the pursuit itself.  The Hunt.  I need to find the joy and happiness in the action of hunting.  Not worry so much about the acquisition.  This is a life long chore.  Not a passing fancy  I need perhaps to accept the pursuit as it’s own reward.  Big lesson for me.

So that was my first meeting with Taliesin.  Hopefully not the last.  Wisdom was gained.  What more can I expect from meeting with a deity?



Thorn. Defense. Action. Thurs. Thor. These are all but some of the words that come to mind when I contemplate Thurisaz. A prickly rune literally. But not really so painful to grasp as at first sight.

This rune for me always means action. Doing something. As in it’s guise as defense. Defense is taking preventative action. It’s all about forward movement brought on by yourself. Having this rune in a reading always alerts me that there is something to be done. Action is required. What that action may be is brought to light by interpreting the other runes cast. For example near fehu it means financial action. Near othala it calls for creating a sacred enclosure. All the questions are answered if you only know how to look at things.

Defense speaks of this rune’s affinity with Thor and thurs. Thor was always battling the frost giants. The thurs. His never ending strength and stamina served him well in this regard. As in his tussle with the Midgard Serpent action is required. We can find many lessons of strength in Thor. This strength is often what is called for in taking action. May the unlimited strength of Thor be with us all as we take action in our daily life!

In it’s murk Self it can simply mean defenselessness. Being defenseless is a scary thing to be sure. It becomes up to us to flip it around to become action.

These are a few of the thoughts that come to me with thurisaz. Your meanings and interpretations may be different. That’s the miracle of the runes. They open. They don’t close. So explore to find your own true meanings. Happy delving!


All things are impermanent. I have recently been reminded of that fact with my sister recently having switched realms. And then my drum head cracked. All things are impermanent I’m reminded. Even the best things come to an end.

Except our gods. And the lessons and energies they represent. They have been with us since the dawn of mankind. Our need to explain the world around us persists. And has been that way for eons. The gods offer us the way to get a handle on reality.

I have found myself turning to the Morrigan during this time of grief. She has helped show me the lessons of impermanence.  Her wisdom has been a much needed voice in the jumble of my thoughts. She slows me that death is just another phase we all will face. How we face it is up to us. What lessons we learn during such times depends on our willingness to be open.

The gods will endure. After the last Druid has left this realm they will simply lie dormant waiting to be rediscovered. They will remain. That’s as close to permanent as we can hope for.

Druid dream 2

I had an interesting dream the other night. My husband and I were traveling in Ireland. The flyers of things to do spoke of the Druid Path as an attraction. I told my husband I wanted to go check it out. He agreed.

Off we went. We finally arrived at the location given in the flyers. It was a large green pasture with a stream running through it. The stream sprang up from the earth. It also had been paved. In some areas it was paved with large flat rocks. Other areas it was just paved with gravel. The stream ran down a large hill. The gimmick of the attraction was to walk in the stream down the hill and not fall in the process. I immediately told my husband I wanted to try. He agreed. Off I went to try my luck.

A large group of people had gathered to see if I would be successful. I went up to the man in charge to pay my fee. He had longish curly hair and glasses. Perhaps he was the current head of OBOD. I’m not sure about that. So I paid my fee but realized I was wearing clogs on my feet. Not good for making your way down a rushing stream on paved stones. I told this to the guy in charge. And he told me he had just the thing for this situation. Boots. I took the boots and put them on. I stood at the beginning of the stream. I began my adventure.

I made my way down the slippery stream bed. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slow. But I kept walking. I nearly lost my balance a few times. But I kept at it. Finally I was at the bottom of the hill. I had made it!

The crowd of people cheered. My husband hugged me. I was tired but exhilarated. I had done it!

Then I woke up.

I pondered the meaning of the dream. It seemed pretty obvious. I had decided to do something challenging. I was given assistance on this trip. I successfully made my way through it. And there were rewards at the end.

Interesting how your subconscious mind processes your waking reality. I am on this new exciting path. Sometimes I moved quickly. Sometimes slowly. But always moving forward. It’s a journey.

So that was my dream. What have you been dreaming lately?


Persistence. Or as my late father used to say Sticktoitiveness. The ability to keep going despite all the odds being against you. A trait that’s very handy for a Vitki to have. It ain’t all a bed of roses. There will be times when I just want to say enough. I’m done with this. What to do when those thoughts bubble up through the muck of my mind?

First thing I do is take an inventory of past successes. Reminding myself of the things I’ve actually accomplished immediately puts me in a better frame of mind. Reviewing how far I’ve come gets me thinking about all that there still is to accomplish. And that gets my mind reeling on the future. Never look back for too long. Just enough to review. Then focus on now and when. Forward thinking always helps me out of the funk.

Then sometimes I reach out to others. I keep a list of names and numbers of all the folks I’ve assisted with my Vitki work. A quick call to any one of them puts me back on track. Being reminded of the help I’ve offered others is a great way to break the block. Most people have no trouble reminding me of past glories. And maybe I will find out they need help now. Always looking forward.

Then of course I can just do some Vitki work. A rune casting. A seidr session. Some form of work that puts me in a mindset of what I actually do. A Vitki is what a Vitki does. So I push up my sleeves and get to work. Do. Not think.

There will be times in your life as a Vitki when it seems too much like work and not enough like fun. This is not a casual calling. It requires work. And perseverance. Plain old Sticktoitiveness.