This is a riff. An entry about nothing in particular but maybe about everything. Here goes.

I love the Runes. I love the structure they provide. I did a reading today about something that’s on my mind. And as ever I was given insight and direction that I would never have thought of before the reading. It’s always that way for me. If something is bothering me I’ll grab the Runes. And presto! Instant wisdom. A wisdom that’s far deeper and more meaningful than my own brain is capable of having. So I love the Runes.

I love Seidr. How else would I be able to communicate with ancestors I’ve never even met! Not to mention that I can talk to my spirit allies about stuff. My allies are my best friends. I can totally be myself with them. Unfiltered and honest. No need to worry about agendas either. They expect nothing in return other than my gratitude. That’s a small price to pay for such open dialogue with an otherworldly being.

I never know if my Vitki work is “good enough”. No matter what kind of feedback I get on things I’ve done I’m always second guessing myself. What could I have done differently? What did the client really want? Was I honest enough with the client? These are thoughts that run through my mind after I’ve done a session. But on the upside I believe these sorts of doubts help to keep my ego in check. I will never consider myself a “powerful” Vitki. A good one yes. But great no. I’ve encountered many Vitkis who think more of themselves than their work merits. Let them have the ego. I’ll just keep plugging along.

Being a full time Vitki is always an adventure. I rarely know each morning what the day will bring. Sure there’s the structure provided by my work with my apprentices. I know how much prep time I need to do to have a good session with them. But I also need to remain flexible to their individual needs. This definitely keeps things interesting!

And that’s my Musings for tonight. Hopefully I didn’t take up too much of your time!

Spiritual crisis

I’m in the midst of a spiritual crisis. The new year has brought all kinds of energy to me that I admit I’m not quite sure what to do with. It’s been accelerated by the recent new moon. Change never comes easily for me. Yet I find myself at a point where some form of change is inevitable.
I did my yearly rune reading to inquire what the the new year would bring. In the future slot was fehu. New beginnings. But in the overarching slot was wunjo. Joy. So the new beginnings will bring me joy. Great. Doesn’t feel that way right now…
I’ve identified myself as a Vitki for over two decades. And through that time my definition of a Vitki has changed from someone who merely works with the runes to someone who also performs Seidr work. This for me is a valid evolution. It works well for me to say that a Vitki performs different Esoteric Norse disciplines.
My practice of Seidr has lead me to the more inclusive definition of Vitki to one of Norse Shaman. This for me fits neatly with my new definition. I feel in that regard I’m on the right path.
I’ve begun exploring the Shaman community on Facebook. I have been met with open arms and much respect. It’s been nice to have people welcome me so definitively. No questions about my credentials or accusations of “How dare you call yourself a Vitki?” Just open sharing of experiences and acceptance of who I am.
Meanwhile in the Vitki community there has been statements made that amount to “You’re a new ager. Not a Vitki”. Why the incredible outcry of “No. You’re not doing this right or labeling it correctly!” I am just evolving and sharing that evolution.
Interesting that the community I have been a member of for over two decades and worked my way to becoming an elder in will not embrace my evolution and experience.
I will continue on my path. I will refer to myself as a Vitki or Norse Shaman. I will no longer consider myself to be Asatru. I am a Norse pagan. These are the new labels I will use for myself in 2019 moving forward. Once again I will face the challenge of carving out my place in a new community. I will face these challenges not by removing myself from the Vitki community but by making my case regarding what I’ve discovered on this path. I am still a Vitki. But just one with a new perspective of the labels I choose to use for myself. May this new beginning indeed bring me joy! And may you find the same on your path this new year. Hail!

Seidr and song

One of the most powerful tools in trance or Seidr work is song. This element can bring your work to a whole new level. It is simple to do and incorporate into your practice. And you don’t really have to be able to sing!

The lore tells us that there was a tradition of using song for Seidr. It was the song that finally helped the Volva in the Saga of Erik the Red achieve trance state. The song helped carry her off to new realms. She needed a chorus of singers. Luckily in Contemporary Seidr you can get the same results all by yourself!

The song itself is not important. It can be as simple or as complicated as you desire. As in all things in regard to Seidr work experiment until you find something that works for you.

I recommend starting off small. String a series of words together. Make them powerful words. I use words like “trance” and “journey”. These words are designed to activate that part of your brain that accomplishes the task.

Some of my apprentices use nonsense words and get good results. They have found that a series of gibberish words works best for them. Perhaps what that serves to accomplish is turning off part of your brain to allow for impressions and images come through. Again the key is to experiment. Have fun while doing this. Not everything Seidr has to be work!

Another way to approach this is to construct a song made up of the names of the runes. Then it becomes a type of galder. The runes can be incorporated into Seidr work in many ways. This is but one of them.

Then set your words to a tune. This should also be fun. Try out different pitches and length of tone. Keep it simple. Try setting it to a certain rhythm that you can drum to. Or even ring small bells in this effort. Make it a game to discover what is right for you.

All you’re doing is creating a tool to help open your mind to what is invisible in ordinary consciousness. The song you create should help you travel the realms. It is a tool to sing you literally on your way as you go. That is a joyous thing indeed!

Try working song into your Seidr routine. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome!

Yule magic

Yule is here. A great time for some Vitki work!  As the days are lengthening it’s a great time for some seasonal magic!

As the new year dawns it’s time to consider what you’d like to accomplish in the coming year. We turn introspective during this time and what better time to think and meditate on a plan of action?  One that includes magic to bring about changes.

I always spend some time during these cold short days to re-evaluate my goals. I reassess my progress over the past year. Then I discover what I didn’t do and what I’d still like to do. I make my list of goals.

One of the most profound types of magic you can do during this time is bind rune sending. Pick one of the goals you would like to see materialize. Create a bind rune based on the outcome desired. Send it out into the multiverse through a candle sending. Or bury it in the frozen ground for the added benefit of earth energy. However you choose to send it beware!  This is powerful magic. Two years ago I sent a bind rune through a candle sending that I would have spiritual growth. I’ve had that in spades!  Careful what you ask for…

Doing Seidr this time of year is also more powerful. With ancestors trying to get a message out it’s a great time to contact them. Do a trance Seidr session where you travel to Hel. Ask to speak with an ancestor. See what wisdom they would offer you. In my experience this is a great way to help put things back into perspective.

All magic done during this season is more powerful for some reason. I don’t question the mechanics. I just reap the benefits of a wonderful Yule gift from the gods.


Last night was Mother’s Night. The start of Yule. So of course I marked the event with a disablot to honor my female ancestors. Here’s how it went.

I burned mugwort incense. I hailed my female ancestors with my drum and chanting. I called upon Frigga to be with me in the ritual. I then got down to the work of a disablot.

I went into a working trance. I again drummed and called upon my female ancestors. I expected my mother or sister to come to me. They are my primary disir. I was a little surprised when my dad’s mother came. My oma. She has never appeared in my trance work before. Hence my surprise.

A little about my oma. She was a farm wife through and through. She was tall broad shouldered and could kill two chickens at once. One in each hand by the neck and she would swing them around to snap the chicken’s necks. Plain and down to earth. That was my oma.

So once I got over my surprise at seeing her I asked her what wisdom she could offer me. She thought for a moment. Then she said “I have nothing wise for you. You are a big man. People read your words all over the world. And you have students across the world. You’re a big man. What wisdom could I give you?”  I told her I was looking for some sort of earthy words from her. She replied “There you go. Earth is my wisdom for you. Stay close to the land.”  Then she faded off.

Well I live in an urban environment. The only land near me is the huge forest preserve about a mile away from my condominium. Perhaps that’s the land she meant. Staying as close to nature as possible through the acres of trees. That I could make a better effort at doing. We’ll see if I can make that a bigger part of my life. Stay close to the land. My oma says so. And she can snap a neck with her bare hands!