Dolls are spiritual objects

I have dolls. Fashion dolls like Barbie. And Ken. I have around 45 total. I also have six drawers full of fashions and various accessories. This is so I can redress them. And I do redress them. I would say I redress a couple a day. And I love it. It brings me happiness and joy. For me playing dolls is a spiritual act.
The first way redressing and playing with dolls is spiritual is in the fact that this act is a form of meditation for me. I fall into a meditative state as I fasten little snaps and zip tiny zippers. The repetition of these movements help to calm me and settle my racing mind. Combing hair is a great action to still a frantic mind. The act of meditation is of course a spiritual act. It gives you the chance to clear your mind and allow messages from beyond to be received. I get some powerful spiritual messages during doll play. I look forward to that being a benefit of this type activity. Spiritual play brings spiritual peace.
The dolls have come to stand in for the many aspects of my mind. There’s the doll that means “love” because it was a gift from my hubby. A certain doll means “casualness” because his outfit is loose and easy. And so on. Every doll means a part of myself separated and examined as it’s own entity. This is a powerful spiritual activity. I can step outside of myself to gain a fresh look at my Self. I am allowed to view things anew in this manner. Dolls offer me a way to accomplish this.
These are ways that my dolls are my spiritual tools and allies. I find myself getting closer to my gods and my own truth through my play with them. Rather than outgrow these toys they have morphed in meaning to remain relevant. And I hope they will do so for years to come. Hail Barbie!

Making a difference

It always surprises me when folks reach out to me to let me know that my work has somehow impacted their lives. I get messages from real life everyday folks about twice a week. It always humbles and amazes me. I certainly never set out to change people’s lives but apparently I have. Which is a huge honor. And I take it very seriously. I am grateful that people feel comfortable reaching out to me. I try to reply to all of them honestly and respectfully.  It baffles me. But pleases me all the same.
Why do I do what I do?  When I started down this path some 25 years ago there wasn’t that much information out there about esoteric experiences. So I started writing about five years ago. I started with this blog. I thought I’d just share what happened to me. I had no intention or hope that others would be affected by it at all. I just wrote. Then I did a book. And another. And a Facebook forum. Then a Facebook page. All with the intent of simply sharing. That’s what I’ve continued to do. I keep sharing.
I try to stay away from controversial subjects. I make sure my words are true and honorable. I am careful of what I send out into the multiverse. It’s not that hard. I just imagine I’m handing anything I write into my spinster strict high school English teacher!  And I try to live a good life.
This has become a part of my path. I now reach people. And that is a huge responsibility that I take seriously. I have become an elder. Through no plan of my own. By simply living a decent life and sharing with the multiverse what I do. It’s a good place to be. I am thankful the gods have stood by my side and walked this path with me. And I remain humble and thankful for it all.
Thanks for allowing me the honor of being a part of your path. Thanks for keeping me humble and grateful. Thanks for keeping me on my own path. For all of that I simply say “Thanks”.

Whole new world

My husband and I moved last week. For the first time in over 20 years. And it was exhausting. But well worth it. Although still emptying boxes we can tell this move was the right choice. I for one am blissfully happy. And I’m the grumpy one!

What this move brought up for me magically was the concept that I really need to shake things up a bit. From time to time. I normally admit that I’m a stick in the mud. But shaking it up has its merits.

I learned that I can do my magic even with all of my tools packed away. My hands are just as powerful without a gandr. It’s been so long since I’ve worked without one that I had forgotten there was a time I practiced that way. And I was just as effective as ever. That was a lesson for me. No need for tools. I like using them. But they aren’t necessary.

I learned that time moves as quickly as you want it to. As we got closer and closer to the big day and as excitement soared the days went by faster and faster. I felt the time I was spending getting ready was getting less and less. But I was getting just as much accomplished. Strange phenomenon to have the feeling of time compress while getting a lot done. It amazed me. Yet I realized that time will move as quickly or slowly as you wish. Just change you awareness of time and the time that passes will change as well.

Magic knows no sense of place. You can truly be anywhere and practice your craft. I had some idea that my most profound magic was occurring because I practiced in one room which energy had been built up in for years. Yet we’ve lived here but a week and I’ve already done some powerful magic in my new ritual room. I didn’t need the same old surroundings. I was the key. Not the place.

So take some chances and really shake things up for yourself. And see how much you’ve truly grown.


It’s all in the details. The bits and pieces of our work as Contemporary Vitkis. Exploring this concept is the challenge that has been placed before me by the gods for this season of introspection. As days are shorter I shall endeavor to explore this concept.
What do I mean by details?  Things like what kind of incense to use for a ritual. The color of candles to use. Is there a better day or time of the moon to do a ritual. Stuff like that. I admit to being woefully ignorant of much of this information.
I’ve always been a big picture guy. Thinking about the intention and end results of a working. But I’ve often rushed over the details to get to the end product. I have been told rather sternly that I’m to cut that crap out and get down to the details now. This opens up a whole new realm for me to explore. Things I’ve never thought of are coming to mind.
I will spend this season of thought thinking of these issues.   I have been told that if I get the details right the big picture will take care of itself.
Why this hasn’t occurred to me in all my years of practice is beyond me. It seems so obvious. It’s the old forest seeing the trees thing. So it appears I have my work cut out for me.
Does this new realization negate my years of work so far?  Hardly. But it does put it all in a separate place. There will be my work before this understanding and after it.
As is always the case when I’m faced with a huge new concept to explore I am thinking “Where do I start?  What do I do?”.  Very valid questions to be sure. But I need to fight off the urge to become paralyzed by it all. I need to get into action mode.   So what kind of incense goes best for a manifestation ritual…?

Undoing the weaving and redoing it

I was born into the religion and remained a Lutheran till my early teens. I was a very active church participant. I attended all services. I taught Sunday School. I played the organ. I belonged to the choir. I spent time almost every day involved in something to do with the church. It was woven into my life. Like a big ancient tapestry. It was the tapestry of my spiritual life. But there was one loose thread. I was gay. And at some point that became an issue in my religious/cultural life experience.  I couldn’t remain a practicing Lutheran and remain an out gay person. This is back in the early 1980s. Attitudes in the church have changed since then. But I needed to pull that thread and unravel the tapestry I had created for so many years.
For quite a while I remained spiritually inactive. I was spiritually dead. But a part of me kept yearning for something of the spiritual life. I kept randomly getting books about spiritual matters. I kept talking to others about the issue. And soon enough I was exposed to alternative religions and thought.
I was drawn to the earth based religions. I took up heathenry because my family background is German. I followed this path for many years. But I needed a spirituality that was more balanced on the feminine side. Heathenry in my experience was a very masculine path. Yet Druidry was a much more balanced path to my thinking. So I started exploring that path and reweaving my spiritual tapestry. It has been a wonderful task. I became a member of OBOD. I studied the lore. I started to practice trance sessions to find out more about the other realms. In these trance sessions I encountered many of the deities of this path. I currently have a very lively relationship with the deities due to this.
I have been reweaving the tapestry of my spiritual life. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I have been able to add new threads of different colors. I have slowly been creating a new way of experiencing my life and reality. I now have a much stronger connection to my ancestors. I am much more in touch with nature as an adult. I have a strong connection to the deities. All of the multiverse is alive for me now. I am a much happier person. As with everything it is a process. But I keep weaving and creating a beautiful new tapestry of spirituality. I have found peace.