It’s all in the details. The bits and pieces of our work as Contemporary Vitkis. Exploring this concept is the challenge that has been placed before me by the gods for this season of introspection. As days are shorter I shall endeavor to explore this concept.
What do I mean by details?  Things like what kind of incense to use for a ritual. The color of candles to use. Is there a better day or time of the moon to do a ritual. Stuff like that. I admit to being woefully ignorant of much of this information.
I’ve always been a big picture guy. Thinking about the intention and end results of a working. But I’ve often rushed over the details to get to the end product. I have been told rather sternly that I’m to cut that crap out and get down to the details now. This opens up a whole new realm for me to explore. Things I’ve never thought of are coming to mind.
I will spend this season of thought thinking of these issues.   I have been told that if I get the details right the big picture will take care of itself.
Why this hasn’t occurred to me in all my years of practice is beyond me. It seems so obvious. It’s the old forest seeing the trees thing. So it appears I have my work cut out for me.
Does this new realization negate my years of work so far?  Hardly. But it does put it all in a separate place. There will be my work before this understanding and after it.
As is always the case when I’m faced with a huge new concept to explore I am thinking “Where do I start?  What do I do?”.  Very valid questions to be sure. But I need to fight off the urge to become paralyzed by it all. I need to get into action mode.   So what kind of incense goes best for a manifestation ritual…?

Be a doll will ya?

E7BC2BA4-57FA-4F05-A1A9-8B3F9139DAF8This is Declan. He is my doll. I dress and pose him to help me. He helps me use my fine motor skills. Important for someone with MS!  I also use him in my ritual work. He represents the perfected me. He is all the things I can become.
I loaded him with my personal energy. He even has his own crystal. He is instrumental in my focus work. He allows me a chance to focus all my energy on a single still point. A still point that represents all I would like to be and become. He allows me to explore aspects of my Self that would otherwise be cloudy and indistinct. He offers me a glimpse into the me I can become. This is a powerful tool!

I also use him and the energy I’ve given him to take away the parts of my Self that I am unhappy with. I take the bad stuff and transfer it onto Declan. That way I can be done with it and move past my own personal garbage.
So you see he’s a very powerful tool for my ritual work. I know it seems crazy but it works for me. What in your life can you make a tool for transformation?  It’s not hard to find if you just look around with new eyes!  Hail Declan!  Hail the me I can become!

Cursing out

I admit I don’t generally do curses. I prefer to keep my magic positive. But recently I have done a curse sending. It’s the first in years. But I feel it was well deserved.

The person I cursed was someone who was gaining power and influence by getting others to be their minions. Then they would suck the life and energy from their “followers” and cast them away. I was made aware of this behavior by two people who had first hand experience with it. They had experienced this behavior. This person was in effect acting like a spiritual vampire. I find this sort of behavior very disturbing. I felt I needed to act.

So I decided to do a bind rune sending to in effect disturb this person’s ability to act in the ways that would bring them new followers. I constructed a bind rune of murk stave aspects of several Runes having to do with words and communication. I then sent the bind rune to this person for it to take effect. Did it work?  All I know is that shortly after sending it this person was blocked from posting on several Facebook groups. Their ability to communicate was cut short. I called that success.

Before you decide you are going to curse a person there are things I strongly recommend you do. First examine your motives. Why do you want to place the curse?  Is it to hinder others from doing a behavior that negatively impacts others?  Or is it for material gain or personal glory?  Make sure your motives are pure and for the betterment of the multiverse. If so than I say you have a green light to place the curse.

Best to not curse if possible. Best to just let the multiverse work it’s own magic against the person. But if fate needs a little boost…

Let your gods decide if a curse is in order. Do a Contemporary Seidr session on the subject. Do a Rune reading. Get in contact with the divine and try to get their take on the subject. That’s always the best way to decide.

Serious work to be approached in a serious manner. Keep that in mind before cursing someone out.


I am a Vitki. I am a writer. I write about Vitki stuff. I have this blog. My books. My Facebook page A Contemporary Vitki. I write almost daily. That’s a lot of words. But words for the Vitki are power. Words can change the multiverse. Words can make a difference.

Think about the words you use in a magical sending. Whether they be Rune names or stating your intention words are the tools we use to bend and shape our reality. In this way words definitely have power.

The words you use in communicating with others have power. Facebook is a great example. The posts and comments we make all help others form a picture of who we are. Many friends in social media we have never truly met. Yet because of our words they can become as important as any other friend. This is why we need to choose the words we use with care. They help create a picture of who we are for the world. Think about this the next time you comment on a post!

Remember words are power. Use your words carefully. Build for yourself an image of who you are through the careful use of words. Words are within your control. Make the most of them!

And now for a message from Freyja…

I did a Contemporary Seidr session this morning. The gods haven’t been speaking to me much of late. But I tried again. This time it was Freyja who showed up. With her cats. She said to me that I am doing the work of the gods. What they had planned for me. This blog. My books “Vitki Musings” and “On Contemporary Seidr” ( which are available exclusively through Amazon!). My work with my apprentices. All of this she told me was the god’s work. The work I was meant to do. Being a Contemporary Vitki is what my life was always striving toward.

Good to know. I like the fact that the gods have chosen me for this work. And it’s good to know that the gods seem to approve of what I’m doing.

This whole journey has been quite a trip. All the stuff I’ve studied and read and practiced all these years has finally amounted to something. Something big. Something that makes me useful to my clan. That is the highest calling. And I take this duty with humility and sincerity.

Hopefully those of you reading this are on your own path. All I advise you is to keep going. Pick up the clues the gods place in your path. Work. Study. Practice. You will find your life filled with magic and wonder. Your life will be rich.

That is my greatest hope for you. Freyja told me so!