Wheel alignment

Being a working full time Vitki is never boring. You get lots of interesting cases to work on. And you get to help plenty of people in the process. That’s what makes it so great and why I love my work so much.

The other day I had a client come in. He asked me if I did chakra alignment. I told him I didn’t work with the eastern 7 chakra system. But I explained that I did work with the 5 energy wheel system which is definitely more Heathen based (thanks Runic John!). After a quick run down we agreed to work together on what he was describing as a blockage.

I laid him down on a table in a comfortable position. I told him to breath in a pattern of in to the count of three, hold for three and exhale to the count of three. It took him a few minutes to get into this pattern.

I took my clear quartz gand and started my assessment. As I felt the energy in his hamr I realized he indeed had blockages in his top three wheels. The bottom two were humming along nicely. I sensed that the problem was a lack of energy exchange between his third and fourth wheels with another disconnect with his fifth wheel. His fifth or head wheel was also spinning very slowly.

I got to work. Using the gand I started creating new energy pathways between his top three wheels. I also started to redirect the energy into the proper flow pattern of spinning clockwise. All of this took about a half hour to achieve.

One of the things I also did was place a clear quartz stone on each of the wheels to help amplify my attentions. As I placed a stone on his head wheel he let out a yelp. I asked him what was wrong. He told me that it had felt like a sharp pain. I assured him that was just the feeling of the realignment taking effect. A few more spinnings of the gand and I could tell that we were done.

The client stood up I asked him if he felt any different. He told me he could feel energy flowing through his body. I thanked him and told him to see me again in a couple of weeks for a tune up. Then he was on his way.

Helping people feel more connected and intune. All in a day’s work for a Vitki!

Elements — air

Air surrounds us. It is everywhere we go. It is huge. But how can a Vitki use it in magic?

One of the easiest ways to use air in magic is simply through galder. Using your diaphragm to breathe in intone the name of a rune. This is a simple yet effective way to access air magic. You can also create a bind rune and galder the individual staves for much the same effect. Don’t underestimate the power of your own voice in magical workings. If it comes from deep inside your chest it is powerful indeed!

Another way to use air is to draw a bind rune on a piece of paper. Go outside if there’s a breeze blowing. Galder the bind rune and rip the piece of paper up into tiny bits. Toss the bits up into the air and let the breeze take them. This will take your magical sending as far as the bits of paper will travel. You are literally releasing your magic into the universe. Powerful work!

A little more unique is to couple the Elements of air and water together this way. Heat water on the stove until it is boiling and steaming. Take a styrofoam cup with a bind rune drawn on it. Place the steaming water into the cup. Galder the bind rune and the magic will be released through the steam into the air. Air will carry it away to do its work.

These are three very simple yet effective ways to use the Element of air in your magic work. With a little creativity I’m sure you can come up with many more!

Elements — Earth

The elements provide the Vitki powerful ways to create magic. Let’s start with Earth.

Earth is solid. Earth is strength. Earth is the first place to start in magical sendings. We can access the strength and power of the Earth. It offers the Vitki with a long lasting type of magic. In the use of Earth we find a way to make something solid and powerful. Earth can do this in several ways.

First get aquatinted with Earth. You can do this by going outside and finding a pile of dirt to sit on. As you sit feel the solid energy the Earth offers us. Feel it rising up from the Earth into your being to make you solid. This is a great way to literally ground yourself for a magical sending. It offers you a way to actually have the strong powerful sense of being a part of the multiverse.

Another way to connect with Earth if there are no dirt poles handy is to just take a piece of dirt from your lawn. Feel the weight of it in your hand. Feel the solidity of the Earth as you hold it. Feel it’s power flowing into your hand and up your arm. Get to the point where the Earth energy is flowing through you. Once this is accomplished you can approach your magic.

One of the ways I use Earth in magic is to create a bind rune. I draw it on paper and load it with the individual rune names by galder. Then I take the piece of paper and go outside and bury it in the Earth. This sends the energy of the bind rune out into the world with the slow and steady energy of the Earth.

Another way to accomplish this is to simply draw a bind rune into the dirt. Load it as above and allow the Earth to do its thing. These are both easy and direct ways to use the element of Earth in your practice. Try it for sendings that you want a slow and steady effect for. Try it and see how Earth can be a powerful ally for your work.


I had the thought today that perhaps I’m overexposed. I have this blog. I have my book. I recently gave an interview on the podcast Gifts of the Wyrd. I have my YouTube channel. I’m everywhere. Maybe people are just sick of hearing my voice.

But my next thought was that what I’m doing is trying to expose the world to what a full time Vitki does. In ancient times there was no such thing as multimedia. A Vitki was confined to their immediate surroundings. I’m sure if they were given the chance they too would have spread the word.

Why do I care so much that people know about what a Vitki does?  Because I believe with all my heart that a Vitki still has a role to play in modern society. We are the keepers of magic and sorcery. We bring vivid life to the overlooked and unseen. We remind the world of a time when things beyond our five senses and scientific proof were very much alive. And we view the world with a sense of awe and wonder. We are the gatekeepers to the life beyond our ordinary life.

So with all that in mind is it even remotely possible to be overexposed?  I say no. I wear my calling on my sleeve and shout it from the hilltop. I am proud to be called to such noble work. And I’ll keep sharing about it to the world until I’m physically incapable of doing so anymore. I am a Vitki.  It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

A visit with Loki

I have fears and doubts. About being a Vitki. Big doubts that have plagued me for as long as I’ve done this work. So I turned to my friend Ivy. She said it was time I met Loki. Oh great I thought. But I trust Ivy so I figured I’d give it a go.

I went into my ritual room. I burned some incense. I drummed. I chanted. I got myself into a trance state. Then it began.

I’m not sure where I was in the nine realms. I normally can identify where I am but this place was just all white. Not cold and white like Niflheim. Just white. And there he was. Loki approached me. He was burning and on fire. He asked me what I needed. I told him I needed to get rid of my doubts. He said he could help me. A bit wary I asked him what the payment would be. He said not to worry. My having MS was my payment. Especially one particular symptom. He assured me we’d been working together for years without my knowing it. He told me he was the one who put the doubts in my head in the first place. Gee thanks Loki!

Loki then told me the doubts were put in my head to make me stronger. By overcoming these doubts I would be a healthier Vitki. Then he told me to take his hand. I did. In a flash I was on fire. I felt myself burning hot. Finally he dropped my hands. He told me the fire had burned away the doubts and fears.

Then he asked me what was in the bag I’d brought with me. Sure enough there was a big bag at me feet. I noticed that my flesh was no longer charred and burned. I was glad for that.

I told Loki that the bag had all of my emotional crap in it. He told me we were off to the dwarves to have them shape the stuff in the bag into something of use. I agreed. Loki picked up the bag and we were off.

Suddenly we were at the mouth of a cave. Now we were in Svartalfheim. This place I recognized. Loki took the bag and disappeared into the cave. A while passed and he returned with a dwarf. The dwarf had a beautiful silver knife with jewels in the handle. The dwarf handed it to me and told me that it was to kill my doubts and fears should they return. It had been shaped by the stuff in my bag. I thanked him and Loki and the trance ended.

Whew!  Ivy told me this is an exercise she gives her students. Cool. So the moral of this story for me is don’t fear Loki. He can help. And if I want something to slay my doubts with go to the dwarves!