Fire. It is our friend. Or our enemy. It is all powerful and yet can be controlled to do our bidding. For our ancestors of yore fire was an essential part of life. It cooked their food. It destroyed their enemies. It provided warmth and light. Whether in a hearth or as a campfire the element of fire was always there. Our ancestors maintained a respectful relationship with fire. How do we as modern day Vitkis maintain that relationship?  Through the essential use of fire in our workings.

Through the use of fire as an aide to trance work. Anyone who has gazed for any period of time into the flickering image of a burning flame will tell you it alters your consciousness. We begin the see shapes amidst the flames. And soon these shapes take form. Animal. Human. Whatever you could see in ordinary consciousness. And our intuition tells us the meaning of these forms. The forms start to tell a story that can be retold. Within those stories we find wisdom. Wisdom that rings true to each of us. So is the magic of trance work.

Through the use of fire sendings. A candle inscribed with a rune burnt down. A piece of paper with a bind rune inscription burnt to release the energy into the multiverse to affect change. These are just two simple ways that through the use of magic a Vitki uses fire. Fire is a catalyst. It effects change. Boiling a pot of water till the water turns to steam and becomes vapor. Burning wood till it is ash and smoke. Taking something old and turning it into something new. So is the magic of fire.

Through seeking to become illuminated. How often so we say of someone filled with wisdom and inspiration that they have a fire that burns from within. This is what we seek as working Vitkis. To burn from the fire within. It is this burning fire that we wish to kindle within ourselves. To become illuminated. To burn from within.

These are just several of the ways modern day Vitkis use fire. I’m certain there are many more. My hope for you is that you burn a fire within that will bring forth illumination.

The dark side of being a Vitki

Vitkis have a dark side. I personally am unfamiliar with this aspect of our work. I only work with positive energy. I figure what I send out will come back to me somehow. So I choose to do only positive workings. I’ve been tempted though …

Darker sides of Vitki work tend to center around curses. Vitkis in the Lore are recorded performing curses. Volvas too. And their curses seem to work. So I will simply have to take these accounts at face value. Curses are done by Vitkis and they work. So says the lore.

But I guess I just figure we have enough negative energy floating around the multiverse why add any more?  We definitely don’t have enough positive energy though. So that’s where I choose to do my work.

Before doing any working I tend to think it through. All the way up and down the chain I try to imagine if anyone could possibly be harmed by the work. If in thinking something through it becomes apparent that I will harm someone or something by the working I scrap it. Or try to rethink it so that no one will be harmed. It takes a little extra time but I feel it’s worth it. I just won’t send anything harmful out. It’s against my personal values to do so.

Does this make me a fluffy bunny Vitki?  Maybe. But I’d much rather have that kind of energy hanging over my head. Negative energy of any kind I can do without. I can use the runes for only good and never run out of the possibilities for their application. Why not choose the good over the bad?  The romance of the dark sorcerer is great for works of fiction. But reality is a much different thing. In reality the dark just keep getting darker and darker till they’re a shadow of themselves. That’s not my fate. That’s for others to explore. I’ll stay in the sun.

Being a Vitki is cool because…

Being a Vitki is cool. Way cool. In all kinds of ways. I’m feeling a bit of that cool vibe myself today. So I thought I’d share a few of my perceptions on this matter. So here goes. And forgive me if I come off too big for my britches. But being a Vitki is cool because…

You get to communicate with the gods. Both through the runes and seidr work you gain relationships with the deities. And if you work on it strong relationships. They are the kind of relationships that just keep growing. The more you put in the more you get out. Just like relationships on this plane of existence. But with these relationships you can instantly gain knowledge and wisdom. And a lot of clarity on life issues. Just like a trusted friend the gods are always there when you need them most. And they have lots of tidbits of big issue insight. Get to know some deities. You’ll find out.

You get to read Runes. Whether for personal information or for others the runes are a great way to get a ball rolling. With experience people will begin to trust you with their personal stuff. And that’s humbling. It keeps you in balance when you know you’re being heard and trusted. Reading the runes is like a great conversation. You never want it to end and the topics never dry up. You get things going and sometimes finish a chapter with a good rune reading.

You get to be creative. Being a good Vitki means always being open to change. That keeps you on your toes and thinking and acting creatively. Whether it be coming up with new magical applications for your tools or a new layout for rune casting your mind needs to stay open and flexible. Being creative is the key. The possibilities are endless for a good Vitki.

You get to create change in the multiverse. Many is the time I’ve caused or been a part of something happening through magical workings. For example using a bind rune last January I asked for spiritual growth. This year I started the Vitki/Volva Forum. I started this blog. I took on new apprentices. I discovered a concurrent spiritual path to follow in Druidry. All this year alone!  And I truly believe that it all was due to the energy I sent out through that simple bind rune. Big changes with just one small act.

Those are several of the ways being a Vitki is cool. There are many more. All you need to do is seriously explore this path. Then you can be cool too!

Developing my own divination system

I was inspired this week by an article in one of my druidic journals to start the path of developing my own divination system. I’ve taken to the challenge like a duck to water.

The article described a system of using small items that had personally relevant meaning.  These items are to be thrown on a cloth for divination purposes. I’m working now on developing a system of items that have spiritual meaning for me. For example I’ve decided to use a gold dollar coin of Sacajawea for female ancestors. And a beautiful piece of moonstone for balance. And so on. Taking pages from Thorsson, my Asatru knowledge and druid information I’m developing system that works for me. It’s rather eclectic I admit but then so am I I guess.

I’m going to throw the pieces on a linen cloth with two concentric circles. The smaller for concerns that are of a spiritual nature and the larger one for concerns that are more mundane in relevance. Outside of the circles will be concerns that have relevance but are less pressing.

My husband was kind enough to drive me to a local rock shop. I found items there that spoke to me and gave me ideas on how pieces can be used. Beautiful rocks with differing energies. Very powerful stuff.

And that’s what I’ve developed so far. It will grow as I work with it and learn more about the process. As an organic system it’s bound to grow as I grow with it. That’s the exciting part. Learning as I grow.

Why develop my own system?  It’s truly a part of me that way. It will speak to me in ways that systems developed by others can’t and don’t. I can learn all about other systems and integrate them into my practice but it will never be as organic or have as strong a connection for me. This way I am assured to have a bond with each piece and the meaning they hold. Powerful possibilities.

I have been brought to this point in my development as a Vitki by the gods themselves. They are speaking to me and through me in this process. Earlier in my development as a Vitki it would not have held such a spiritually fulfilling place in my practice. Now I’m ready to take this step. It’s all lead up to this.

So stay tuned for further developments. I’ll keep you posted on the progress. And think about starting to develop a system of your own. It may be time. Consult the gods and see if they’re willing to assist you. You may be as surprised as I was by their response!

What’s the big deal about seidr anyway?

Seidr is a big deal for me as a Vitki.   After rune work it comprises a large portion of the work I do. My apprentices are mad about it. Why?  Probably because of all the cool things you can accomplish through seidr. Like what?

Direct connection with the gods. If you want to have a chat with an entity in another realm seidr is your ticket. Building relationships with the gods should be a primary goal for a Vitki. That way you can count on them to assist you when things get a bit sticky. Many is the time a particularly thorny issue has been brought to me for resolution or clarity. My relationships with the gods has definitely helped me wade through. I may not have close relationships with all of the gods but I am on a first name basis with many. And their assistance can prove invaluable.

Talking to departed ones. By using seidr to travel to visit Hella and gain the opportunity to talk with the dead you can gain very interesting insights and perspectives on issues that may be troubling you. Or just get road signs to help you find your way. For example in one seidr session my father came and uttered one word to be that snapped me bolt upright into ordinary consciousness. That one word started me on a new spiritual adventure that I am finding immensely powerful. That is just one reason I do seidr. Who knows what the dead will say next?  I want to know!

Clarity and wisdom. Whenever an issue is perplexing us it’s good to go somewhere someone can help. Often I travel to Asgard with the intention of being open to speaking with whatever deity can assist me best. Leaving the gate wide open. Sometimes Odin will amble by. Sometimes it’s Thor bursting in. Whoever shows up I’m sure to get wisdom and guidance. By being open I’m able to get help from whoever is best suited to a situation.

Those are just a couple of ways that doing seidr work is so valuable to me as a Vitki. I’m sure you will find new ways in your practice!