I am Kurt Hoogstraat, and I am a Vitki. I’ve been studying the runes for twenty years. I’ve been studying other aspects of being a Vitki seriously and daily for the past five years.

This is not merely something I do. It’s what I truly am. Every aspect of my life is infused with spiritual and esoteric content. I dedicate myself to constantly learning and growing in my role. I find something new and exciting on my path every day.

For the last two decades, I’ve been on this path. Always learning. Always growing. Join me on this journey through the esoteric side of Norse life. May you find wonder and magic in your life, as well!

I’m a proud member of Thor’s Oak Kindred, an inclusive organization practicing Ásatrú religion in Chicago. We provide regional representation for the Troth, an international group dedicated to education, scholarship, and training. Visit our website for more!

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