An Esoteric Question

Here’s an esoteric question: Which seems more like a usable second-language for the world: A or B ? Which looks more familiar to you?

A: Patro nia, kiu estas en la ĉielo, sanktigata estu via nomo. Venu via regno, fariĝu via volo, kiel en la ĉielo tiel ankaŭ sur la tero. Nian panon ĉiutagan donu al ni hodiaŭ. Kaj pardonu al ni niajn ŝuldojn, kiel ankaŭ ni pardonas al niaj ŝuldantoj. Kaj ne konduku nin en tenton, sed liberigu nin de la malbono.

B: Patre nostre, qui es in le celos, que tu nomine sia sanctificate. Que tu regno veni; que tu voluntate sia facite como in le celo, etiam super le terra. Da nos hodie nostre pan quotidian, e pardona a nos nostre debitas como etiam nos los pardona a nostre debitores. E non induce nos in tentation, sed libera nos del mal.

Author: Jonkesstagram

GenX, he/him, interfaith, left-of-center, geja auxlang fan; hoping for a world of compassion and justice

2 thoughts on “An Esoteric Question”

  1. I always love the Esperanto comments. I wonder if, were it to be developed today, there would be Asian languages worked in.


  2. Knowing nothing about either of these languages, B looks like it may be Latin? But, A looks like it may have influences from a diverse mix of languages. I’m inclined to say that A could go either way. It may be easier for a linguistically diverse group to learn due to finding commonalities, but it could also be more difficult to learn for this very reason. B, on the other hand, could be more difficult for speakers of any non-romance language. For your question, I want to say A would be better suited.


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