My mind has been a blur lately. I try to grasp ahold of ideas and thoughts — no good. I just keep wallowing around in a sticky thick mess of yuck. I did a little gratitude ritual the other day. Thanking the gods and multiverse for all the marvelous things in my life. Perhaps that’s the problem! Life is too good. I’m not used to that. I’ve always been in a struggle of some sort or another. I need to relax into the new norm. I do work now for others mostly. It fulfills me. I enjoy being of service. I want to be of service. I need to be of service. But the blur… I tell myself to breathe. So I breathe. That definitely helps. Writing this helps. Being present helps. I challenge myself to meditate on the good. To appreciate the good and feel its power. I will do a working to clear my head. I will light candles and burn incense. I will drum. I will chant. I will reconnect to my gods and see what they have to say to me. I am a contemporary Vitki.