I am weird

I am weird. There’s no other way to put it. Weird. Not on purpose but that’s the way it’s ended up. I just am…weird.

Take the fact that I live my life straddling Realms. I spend so much time journeying that I experience whole days when I’m not quite sure if I’m in ordinary consciousness or an altered state. It feels a bit like dream walking. Not a bad thing in itself but not exactly conducive to getting the laundry done when it needs attention. It’s days like this that I wonder how my hubby puts up with me. I mean he’s a solid stable kinda guy. The kind of guy you can rely on in a pinch. Me under pressure?  I can’t even be sure some days what Realm I’m dwelling in!  Not exactly the kind to count on… but if you need to talk with a dearly departed I’m your guy!

Then there’s the Runes. I see Runes  everywhere. I don’t have a refrigerator. I have an Isa box. Books?  Rows of Ansuz. Things like that. I am pretty good at interpreting things into common parlance. But when push comes to shove that’s an Isa box.

Do I mind being so weird?  Not really. It happened so slowly that I had time to adjust myself as the change was occurring. Come to think of it I was pretty weird as a kid too. So I guess I never had to adjust. It was just because I was born this way.

I have learned to enjoy my weirdness to a certain degree. I mean I want to be happy like everyone else. So I best make peace with what and who I am. I don’t go around shouting at the top of my lungs to strangers “I’m weird!”  But get to know me a little and it’s pretty clear.

So. I’m weird. Let’s not make a big deal out of it though. Let’s just combine our world views and make some magic together!  Maybe you’ll discover you’re a little weird too!

Sticking to the path

You’re on the path of the Norse tradition. You’ve been studying the lore. You’ve at least dabbled in the Esoteric practices of this path. You’re moving right along. And then. Bam!  A major roadblock. Now what?

This is a time to rededicate yourself.  If you’ve been called this is bound to happen to you sooner or later.  Here’s some tips I’ve found useful in my 25 years on this path.

Dig into the lore.  Perhaps there are sagas you’ve meant to read.  Perhaps you’ve only skimmed the Eddas.  Or maybe there’s an author you’ve always wanted to read.  It’s a cliche but this is a spiritual path that is all about homework.  This is a good thing.  You’ll never be done reading or hopefully learning about our spiritual path. It’s a life long process of unending growth potential. So do some homework!

You can reach out to others who follow the Norse path. When I was a newbie I didn’t know anyone. So I joined a couple of groups on Facebook and that’s all it took. I suddenly had the potential to know hundreds of folk. This is the great wonder of the times we live in. Instant and huge amounts of feedback and advice are as close as your computer. Take full advantage of this opportunity. Join groups. Lots of them. Learn and grow at your own rate.

Find a skill that you haven’t explored yet and do some more digging. Not great with the runes?  Do some work on that. Never tried Seidr?  Time to learn. Again there are great authors on a myriad of facets to our path to study. Give yourself the chance to really find out what things are all about. Remember homework?

You can always strengthen your bonds to the gods. Now is always the best time to start the habit of daily devotionals. This little act of setting aside ten minutes a day to honor our gods can make a world of difference. Try it for yourself and see the results. Bet they are terrific!

Those are just a few ways to help keep you on the path. I’m sure there’s many more. Get creative and find out what a life time commitment can mean. Find out who you are on this path. You may be surprised!