Spirit allies

I have many spirit allies on my path of Druidry. They communicate with me in dreams or trance. They offer me help and most importantly guidance on my way. They appear to me almost daily to assist in my concerns. They are like good friends to me.


My departed father is one of my biggest allies. After all he’s the one who started me on this path by appearing to me in a dream and saying one word — “Druid”. This surprising and sudden visit set the ball rolling on this chapter of my spiritual life. I am eternally grateful for this piece of wisdom he offered me. Thanks dad!


Cerridwen is another of my sprit allies. She helps guide me specifically in the realms of trance and magic. Both of these aspects are of great importance to me. I rely on trance to communicate with entities who are not in physical form. I rely on magic to shape and build my daily life. So Cerridwen helps and guides me as I bridge the gap between Realms. For this I am grateful to her.


Ogma guides me in regards to matters surrounding ogham. Divination is another important tool for my life. As such Ogma play his role. His hands guide mine as I pick the ogham sticks. He helps me see true meanings. He shows me the interactions of the sticks in a reading. He’s the bomb!


How do you discover your spirit allies?  One key is to stay open for messages from the multiverse. Seeing a lot of crows?  The Morrigan may be calling. Drawn to study ogham?  Ogma may be knocking. Keep yourself open to signs. That’s one sure way to discover your spirit allies.


Another method is through trance or meditation. Simply quiet your mind so that it becomes receptive. Use the intention of “I’m going to contact my spirit allies”. This should send out the fact that you are willing to meet them. They take care of the rest!


Spirit allies can truly be a boon for your spiritual life. They can bring added dimensions to your experience of the world. They can be your best friends!

Deities and plant wights and runes. Oh my!

I’ll be the first to admit I’m probably crazy. I am a full time Vitki. So this means that my connection to ordinary consciousness is sometimes sketchy at best. I spend a lot of time in other realms. I talk to gods. And plant wights and the runes talk to me. Crazy right?


I have built a life around these aspects of communication and revelation. I have done my best to make it so. I have done magic (yes magic) to that end. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Take deities.  I have a triumvirate of gods I work with regularly.  More than three seems incomplete for me.  More  seem like I’m watering things down.  My big three are Odin, Freyja and Hella.


Odin is one of the three because as a Vitki I have things in my multiverse that he rules over.  The runes for example.  He’s the go to god for all matters Runic.  I call to him for guidance every time I do a Rune casting.  And he never seems to fail me.


Gaining a relationship with Odin wasn’t terribly difficult for me.  Perhaps because of my use of the Runes.  We already had a way to communicate through them.  I did some basic meditation sessions to reach out to him.  He responded easily that way.  I often go to him for wisdom.  Though more often than not he’ll hand me off to some other deity for my concerns!


Freyja is in the mix largely because of her connection to Seidr.  As I perform Seidr sessions regularly I seek her council often.  Many times I will go into trance to journey to the other Realms and she will come to me.  On her boar.  She will loan me her boar to ride for my traveling through the Nine Realms. It’s a great way to go!


Establishing a relationship with Freyja took a little time.  Not that she wasn’t accessible.  I just didn’t know how to speak with her.  In my experience with her I find that a less direct way of asking about things helps out.  In short she likes small talk.  And getting some amber beads dedicated to her to add to my altar sealed the deal.


Hella is the last of my big three.  She is important again for Seidr work.  She is the gateway for talking with departed ones in Hel.  She is the one I seek when I travel there to gain wisdom or words from the ancestors.  I also turn to Hella for issues in my private life dealing with change.  I find her instrumental in both assisting me to make the best of changes that I haven’t brought about personally or making change I want to occur. This makes a relationship with her vital for me in my work as a Vitki.  I am always seeking to create change.  Who better to go to them Hella herself for guidance in this matter?


A relationship with Hella was a real challenge.  I worked on it for a solid six months before I had any real measurable success.  For me she was very elusive.  I tried different types of incense for my meditation sessions to reach her.  Finally agronomy did something.  I made an offering to her of an obsidian wand.  That gave me some traction.  I don’t recall what was the final deal maker.  But finally one day she was willing to talk to me.  Whew!  I felt as if I’d just run a marathon!  But the results have been worth the effort.


Plant wights play a part in my life as well.  As I have MS going outdoors to build relationships with plants is not part of the picture.  But I have a ritual room full of plant wights that I work with.  Plant wights in my experience are very willing to deal with us humans.  I approach them by meditating in front of them.  I allow my focus to blur.  I will be able most times to slowly see an energy field around the plant.  Next I reach out with my energy field to make the connection I desire.  Then I send out the intention that I would like to become one with the plant.  I then am treated to seeing the world through the plant’s eyes.  Cool stiff indeed!  Try it yourself!


Runes play a role in my life as well.  I guess it comes with being a Vitki!  But this form of communication as well as trance sessions form the bulk of my communication forms with deities.  This for me is a simple direct way to talk to Odin or the Norns without the rigamarole that comes with full blown trance work.  Sometimes I’m just in the mood to grab my Runes for a quick chat.


My life is full of things that “normal” people find impossible to grasp. Take my abilities to receive messages directly from my gods via the Runes and trance.  You reading this probably find that fact non remarkable. You probably even do it yourself. But to the public at large this is strange stuff. Most people believe their deities must speak to them through an emissary. Not me. I go straight to the source. I figure I have that right. And so should everyone else.


Keeping one foot foot firmly planted in Midgard and the other in some of the other eight Realms comes second nature for me. Wasn’t always so. It used to be a real struggle. But with practice and patience I learned the arts of both the Runes and Seidr. And the multiverse opened itself to me. Door opened onto door and I did my best to walk through them all. And you know what?  Even after all these years the doors keep opening. That’s why I stay on the Vitki path. So many doors…


Where have you been lead on your journey?  Do you find similar things happening for you?  Or is your experience something entirely different?  There’s no right answer. And that’s part of the beauty of this work. Everyone’s path is different. Everyone’s path is valid. And so it goes…