Looking forward

Much in this path is based on the past. We do our reading of books  about what happened gods know when. We spend so much time and energy looking back. I say it’s time for a rallying call to look to the future.


As Vitkis it is in our best interest to know what has gone before. It is a running stream from which we drink our most sacred waters. We learn much from the experience and trial and error of those who walked this path before us. But it is time to look forward. There is a wealth of information and wisdom to be gleaned from. But once you have gotten all you can from the past it’s time to consider the future.


Where would you like the state of affairs of Vitkis to be in five years?  Ten?  Twenty?  How can we individually and as a community move into that vision?  What can we do to make sure our work and effort is remembered?  How can we touch generations to come?


The most important way as far as I am concerned is we must do good work. Magically. Work that others will talk about and grow from. If we help others to reach their fullest potential we are guaranteed to touch tomorrow. For our good work will grow in those we help and bloom and be harvested. That in my opinion should be our ultimate goal.


I try to do this myself. I also try to use my other talents to impact the future of the Vitki. I write. I founded a Facebook group. I work with apprentices. All to assure that this work will continue once I’m gone. It’s the work that’s the thing. And I want to be as certain as possible that the work will go on. Long past me.


Why should we care?  Because we have found the profound power of this work in our lives. We should hope that others discover and use it. Runes. Seidr. These are practices that should continue long into the future. It is our duty and obligation to make sure that they do. Hail!

Spring renewal

Spring is finally here in the suburbs of Chicago. Temperatures are steadily going up. Sun shines through. Birds are building nests. Trees are starting to show green. Everything is renewing. As I am I suppose.


It’s this time of year that my mind turns to renewing the projects I planned for and maybe even started during the winter. But now I approach these things with a new vigor and vitality. Gone are the cold dark days that make it difficult for me to get anything really started. Now is the time for new thoughts and actions.


What am I renewing this season?  Several things. One is my renewed oath to study the lore more in-depth. I have been on this path for nearly two years. And I have yet to make any serious attempt at reading the lore. Sure I’ve gleaned pieces from my OBOD studies and other readings I’ve been engaged with. But not a real methodical attempt to read the tales and stories of this path. I have been more focused on the potentially magical aspects of Druidry. Time to get things out of the clouds and back on earth. Time to solidly plant some roots into the fertile soil that is this tradition.


I am going to make a concerted effort to study ogham. I’ve got a beautiful set of sticks handcrafted in Ireland at my disposal. I have books to study and more than one cheat sheet. Now I will attempt to actually learn this stuff. Not just read about it. I have done all the planning. Time to act!


This season I also plan to get out and hug a few trees. I have a huge forest preserve at the end of my street and a hubby willing to drive me there as I can’t drive or walk the mile due to my MS. But I must get out into nature. I need to reconnect with growing things. Sure I have houseplants but they are a dim reflection of the splendor of a tree.


These are are a few of the things I plan to do. Hopefully I won’t allow myself to be sidetracked. Hopefully I will have the discipline to carry it through. Hopefully it will be a season of renewed growth for me. May yours be the same!

On writing a book

I am busy writing a new book. I have had great success with my first book “Vitki Musings: Runes Seidr and Esoteric Asatru.” It is available in paperback or Kindle editions exclusively through Amazon. My new book has a working title of  “Contemporary Seidr: A Guide to Norse Trancework”. It’s all about contemporary Seidr as I practice and teach it to apprentices worldwide. This time I have a publisher. My first book is self published. But the new one will be published by Saga Press. My editor is none other than Kveldulf Gundarsson. He’s the author of “Teatonic Magic”, “Teutonic Religion” and most of the two volume book “Our Troth”. His work has definitely helped shape me as a heathen. Big deal stuff indeed. And he’s as excited about the book as I am!  Double big deal! I hope to have finished the writing part done by September. Keep looking for updates on when it will be available.


I’m writing this book in a way that for me has become second nature in my work. I’m doing the writing in a working trance. This makes the process seem almost effortless. I do my drumming and light my incense and get into a trance using the intention of “I will have the assistance of Odin in my writing”. I use ansuz as another tool to make the connection. Once I’ve gotten to the Old Man things move right along. I recommend this technique to anyone doing creative work. It literally gets you out of your head dovthe art can flow through you.


So I’m writing a book with the assistance of Odin and Kveldulf  Gundarsson. Pretty heady stuff for this regular Joe Shmo heathen. Wow.