What’s in a name?

Lately I have been under attack on social media for using the word “Druid” to describe myself. I admit that I’m more accurately an Ovate with OBOD. But I use the term “Druid” to describe what I do and who I am.

I confess I haven’t had 21 years of training on this path. But what I have studied and learned so far is much more than I could have dreamed possible for me. I have learned about the realms and how to navigate them. I have learned about the deities and who to turn to in case I need them. I have learned to venerate my ancestors appropriately. All this and more in only a year and a half of studies since being called to the path of Druidry.

My call to this path was unorthodox. I was in bed dead asleep. Suddenly a vision of my departed father filled my awareness. He said one word. “Druid”. I sat bolt upright in bed wide awake. The word echoed in the head. It was odd because in life my father had no use for anything Celtic. Pure German that he was. So I definitely gave it some thought. I had never considered the Druid path up till that point. Yes I vaguely knew bits and pieces about it. But never seriously considered it for myself. Now I had to do some research.

What I discovered got me hooked on the idea. I became a member of OBOD almost immediately. And so began my path.

I started this blog. I called it Druid Musings as a way to identify what it was about. I had no idea to disrespect anyone else’s path. I just used the term Druid as an identifier. And the criticism began.

People on social media started saying things like I may as well call myself an Archdruid. Again I was a little taken aback at the vitriol of these comments. I really didn’t mean anything by using that label other to identify myself in this path versus other spiritual paths.

So I use the term “Druid” to let the world know what path I’m following. And to give myself a handy label for others and myself to use. No I haven’t had 21 years of training. Those days are long gone. Now we live in an era where everything is accelerated. Things happen faster. And so it is with Druidry.

If it offends you that I use the term “Druid” to self identify I apologize. But it is not really for anyone else to label me. I call myself a student of Druidry. A Druid. And of that I am proud.

The name game

I am a Vitki. I have called myself that for 25 years. Yep it’s been that long! I was first introduced to the word through the Rune Gild and the works of Edred Thorsson. According to them anyone who studied and worked with the Runes was a Vitki. Good enough for me!

In several occasions on social media I have been attacked for using that word to identify myself. But I simply stuck to my guns. I never realized that people could be so passionately negative over this simple label. But the trolls come out from time to time and I have to defend myself.

When I started the Vitki/Volva Forum I was as inclusive as I felt I could be. I didn’t question anyone’s right to use that label to identify themselves. Still don’t. Maybe I’m too loosey goosey. Or maybe I just don’t feel it’s my place to judge.

Over the years my definition of Vitki has grown to include Seidr workers. This concept has opened up new realms for me to discover. I welcome growth into my life. So it now (for me at least) refers to those who work with the Runes or do Seidr work.

Has anyone else “given” me this title? Yep. Those who know me and my work refer to me as a Vitki. I’m not sure why that’s important but to some it is. So I meet that criteria as well.

Really why should we spend time worrying about what we or others call themselves? Shouldn’t we be spending our time doing the work? Reading Runes. Doing Seidr sessions. Creating magic. There’s plenty to do. So don’t worry about what others call themselves. As long as they’re doing the work in my book they’re a Vitki!

Growing up and out

Something is happening to me. Something exciting. I’m growing up and out spiritually. It’s happening quickly. It’s all I can do to keep up. But I’m thrilled by all that I’m learning and experiencing.

I have been busy with my alternative paths of late. Druidry and other spiritual disciplines. This has not meant that I don’t still follow the Norse path. I do. I’m just growing beyond those confines to something else. I welcome this growth as it makes me a better Vitki. I am opening new eyes on the world. I am opening myself up to different possibilities. This for me is very exciting. I haven’t felt this feeling of being on fire since I first discovered the Norse path.

This energy boost finds its way into my Vitki life. I am doing more rune readings than ever before. But now I’m also doing tarot and ogham readings as well. This is helping to balance me out spiritually speaking. Which is very exciting.

I’m able to love the land more now. My love of all things natural has been reignited. I’m getting back in touch with the very thing that have me joy as a child. Piles of dirt. The earth. The very land we walk on. Pretty cool stuff.

I’m allowing myself to be open to the multiverse as it unveils itself to me. I’m seeing common language between the spiritual paths I’m on. For example Odin and the Morrigan are in essence very similar deities. Both count the raven as their animal. Both have warrior aspects. Both see into the future. The similarities to me are amazing. And they are each from very different paths. And as I grow I discover more similar stuff.

Where does all this new stuff leave me? I’m not sure yet. I only know I will keep exploring and growing. That in itself is a very Norse thing to do!

Spinning my wheels

Lately I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that I’m spinning my wheels. Doing a lot of stuff but not getting any traction. No forward movement. I hate this feeling. I like to think of myself as a forward moving person. But lately. Ugh.

Unfortunately I think we all have this occur from time to time. This sense of what in the world am I spending all this energy on if it’s not getting me anywhere? Especially for me in spiritual matters. I always want to be learning and growing. No movement sucks.

So what to do? I decided to do a rune reading on the topic. Runes are my Divination tool of choice if I want a solid concrete answer to something of a mundane issue. For more spiritual or Esoteric issues I use either tarot or ogham. That’s just the way I’ve found these different disciplines work best for me. Anyway the Rune reading. It told me quite clearly in my balance and energy I’m holding close that I am repeating and scattered. But when it came to motion I should take it was clearly strength. And my subconscious is ready for action. That for me was the big take away. Action. On matters I hadn’t taken before. So it’s time to hit the books.

I’ve been very focused on the Esoteric aspect of this path. But I’ve been very bad at the history and lore. So I think it’s time for me to get a little knowledge about those under my belt.

I think we all can benefit from a more balanced practice. I don’t think it’s good to remain focused on a singular element of this path. At least not for me. I want to be balanced. Just like all things in life moderation is the key to success. Remain moderate in all of your concerns and that will bring balance.

Now I’m off to read…