The Vitki and the land

I was raised by a farmer and drainage contractor in a town of 600 people in rural Illinois. My picture window view from my home was a field. We were by necessity close to the land. The passing of the seasons marked our lives. It was this upbringing that taught me a reverence of the land.

Now as an adult and a Vitki I find the land and the seasons and all of that stil have special meaning for me. Although I’ve lived all my adult life in urban areas I have not lost my love of piles of dirt.

What does this have to do with the Vitki?  For me doing any kind of magical workings involves the Elements. I use the land for grounding. I use the air for freedom. I use water for cleansing. I use fire to send magic out into the multiverse. Everything for me starts with the Elements. Living close to the land puts me in contact with those Elements.

Lucky for me I live only a mile away from a huge forest preserve. I go there frequently to get in touch with nature. This serves as a bridge between realities. The ordinary consciousness of mundane concerns and the relative freedom of trance work.

Whenever possible I use nature to flesh out my trance work. I find it very easy to go into trance if I focus on the sounds of the wind. The sound of running water also offers an easy way to get into trance.

Even rune readings take on a new dimension when done outdoors. You can easily remain grounded when your feet are actually on dirt!  A sense of grounding that is this strong makes for powerful rune readings.

Try it yourself. Try to get outdoors to practice your craft. Take a vacation somewhere in nature. Drive to a forest preserve. Find a farm and go out in the fields. These are all simple ways to get in touch with the land. Do it. And see how your practices bloom!

New moon. New beginnings.

Tonight is the new moon. A perfect time to do magic about new beginnings. To send out into the multiverse intentions of things you plan to accomplish. Things that you can ask to have success with. The energy you send out at a new moon will come back to you in spades. So be sure that what you’re sending out is something that you truly desire!

To do a full moon ritual to send out into the multiverse first I light incense. Tonight I’ll be using juniper. Then I take out my Druid drum and hail the directions and ask for peace and a successful sending. Then I call upon the gods and ancestors. Tonight I’ll be calling Cernunnos and Cerridwen. And my parents. As the things I am going to be asking for success in are going to need nurturing and the power of the subconscious they seem to be natural choices.

What I’m hoping for success in is two new ventures. I started just yesterday writing a new book. It will be my second book. So far the words have been flying out of my fingertips. I want that to continue until the book is done. Secondly I’m about to receive my first mailing in the studies of an Ovate. This is something I care deeply about having success in. So I will ask for assistance in those affairs.

Then I’ll simply drum back out of the circle created by summoning the directions. I’ll send peace out into the multiverse. And I’ll be done.

Now will come the time of patience and trust. I must remind myself that these things will truly come to me in their natural time. I admit that’s the hardest part for me. Patience is not my strong suit !

New beginnings are always exciting for me. I love having something new to pursue. It makes me feel alive to be active. And so each new moon I try to find something to commemorate. This new moon is especially exciting. May the gods smile on my endeavors and help cause great success!

Runes in the 21st century

In this day and age it’s easier than ever to access the runes. There are blogs and apps and websites galore on the subject. Information is everywhere. This is a good thing. You can learn a lot in a short time. But there are dangers.

You need to make sure the sources you’re getting information from are reputable. It’s true that anyone can put anything out there. And while other people’s insight can be useful it’s not a replacement for your own knowledge. Take everything with a grain of salt. It’s always best to add to the knowledge you get with your own hard work.

I recommend doing some research first. Find out what others have to say on the subject of Runes. Then time for some meditation and hopefully trance work to solidify your impressions. You may find similar results to what you read. Or you may find other totally new dimensions.

So by all means use the technology we have at our fingertips. But back it up with some good old fashioned personal work as well. That to me is the best way to get to know the Runes and all of their mysteries.