Living a life of lore

As Vitkis it falls upon us to live our lives as if we were busy writing new lore. Big dreams. Epic magic. Eye popping stories. The stuff that ends up being told for generations after we have made the journey to a different plane. The stuff of lore.

How do we do this?  How can we possibly maintain such a high standard for ourselves?  By making sure that each action we take and every choice we make is the stuff of lore. We can truly live such a life if we only take a bit of time to consider each move we make. This is the path to living a life of lore.

Take our magic. We can make sure that every act of magic we do is told to those we trust with the knowledge. Friends. Family. Trusted peers. By allowing others a glimpse into our magical workings we can rest assured that our actions will be retold. And that includes everything from a simple candle sending to an all out ritual with drums and incense and everything. We can make others aware of how we write and rewrite our lives through magic. No greater story could be told. No more honorable way to be remembered.

Act with great bravery. Bravery makes great lore material. Bravery in magic is to do and create what others deemed was impossible. I’m sure we all have stories from our lives of magic we ourselves even doubted would work. Yet we went through the actions and received the benefits. And created an aura of bravery. Bravery in the face of doubt and self doubt. Bravery to do whatever needed to be done. Even magic.

So live a life of lore. Write each day as if you were writing history. Do your magic with a strong sense of purpose. And you will find yourself part of the lore of tomorrow.

The Vitki and ethics

As a Vitki it is my duty to behave and act in an ethical manner. It is the least I can do as a spiritual person. I truly believe that words have power. And so I try to make sure my words will have a positive impact on the multiverse. Unfortunately this is not the case for all of those claiming to be on this path.

In our internet based faith, it is all too easy to let your words become negative and divisive. And unfortunately everyone has access to a computer. There are plenty of trolls on the web looking to start a war of words. I choose not to engage with such people. I find if I don’t give them specific ammunition they simply can’t shoot. And ultimately they simply fade away. This is the best that we can hope for.

But in the process of all the post and blog ranting a very real amount of damage can be done. People take the words of others to heart and form opinions. And then post about those opinions. So is the way that a character is slurred. The damage of these slurs is real and sometimes profound. It can impact a person’s standing and even their livelihood. If a group of people form opinions of someone without really knowing them or interacting with them these character assasinations can become a tidal wave. I think of them as a wave of hate. For me hate never wins. I choose to operate from a positive place. Yet there are others who find satisfaction in destroying folk they truly don’t know.

I have seen this wave of hatred in action. Especially of late. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who take pleasure out of such behavior.

What can an ethical Vitki do?  Watch your words. Don’t engage others who are acting in ways that you find unethical. Get to know a person before you post or blog about them. And most importantly try to remember how the gods would behave. Let them be your yardstick for measuring your behaviors. We could all use a little of that kind of thinking. Not tearing our community apart with the seeds of hatred. Let the changes start with you. Build don’t destroy.

Optimism and belief for the Vitki

I’m going to tell you one of my big dark secrets. I love Broadway musicals. Okay. I don’t simply love them. They are woven into my daily life. I have discovered over the course of my 50 odd years of living that there indeed is a Broadway show tune for every situation.

My favorite Broadway musical by far is “Annie”. Yeah. I know. But it’s true. As a show it has everything. Orphans. A dog. An evil villain. The richest dude in the planet. And of course my all time favorite song “Tomorrow”. I see you rolling your eyes. But that song has gotten me through some rough times. It is an anthem of optimism and belief. Belief that something better is only a day away. That has become the cornerstone of my life. And of my work as a Vitki.

Optimism and belief play a role in Vitki work in several ways. First you need, at least in my experience, to approach this calling with your head held high and eyes focused forward. There are plenty of nay sayers and doom queens ready to try to pull you down. Having an optimistic outlook can see you through such rough patches. Or suppose you’re having a dry spell where nothing seems to be working or clicking. Optimism is just the key to put things back into their proper perspective. It is a tonic for a weary soul and spirit.

Belief is also vital. Belief that you are in the right path. Belief that you’re able to do such extraordinary things as travel the nine realms. Belief that your magical sendings create a difference in your multiverse. Belief for me is one of the reasons I’m able to be a strong Vitki. I believe I am. And reality follows suit.

So maybe I’m a little bit like Annie. Always certain of myself and the multiverse as well. I’d much rather be that than a overly depressed realist. I see reality differently. And that’s part of being a Vitki.

Love and the Vitki

Let’s face it. Asatru often is a cold and heartless path. All the warrior mentality. But the lore is filled with love. Love of the land. Love of spouses. Love of clan. Love of honor. So with so much love being spread what can we as Vitkis do to take it even further?

First I think I need to state my definition of love.  For me love is not a fluffy bunny emotion.  Love is a strong and powerful force.  Love can overcome fierce obstacles.  It can be the driving force behind acts of war even.  But the love I experience is a strong solid emotion.  Nothing fluffy at all!

Love can consume you. Not just romantic love. But love of many different things. Love of Esoteric work is one way this emotion can manifest. I can honestly say I have a true deep love and reverence for Seidr and the Runes. Both disciplines have brought so much to my life. That fact alone is reason enough for me to love these processes. It is a true two way relationship. I put much energy into these disciplines and get much in return. How much more of love can you ask?

The use of the energy of love in magic is powerful. Every act of magic should have an emotional energy behind it. That energy is what sends the spell out into the multiverse to do your work. Isn’t using love to send out your intentions better than using anger or hate?  For me the emotional power of love carries the day. I’d rather put out a positive emotion than a negative one.

I recently did a candle sending. I created my bind rune and carved it on the candle. As I loaded the candle with the Rune energy I focused also on the sturdy emotion of love. I added the emotion to the Runic energy I was sending. Instead of feeling worn out after the act I felt light and full of joy. That is what love can provide your magic!

So think about using the energy of love next time you’re doing a magical act. Try focusing on this positive emotion. Let the stable foundation of love serve you well. It has done so for me!

How to do distance healings

One if the most rewarding and challenging things I do in my Vitki work is distance healing. This is where you work on a client who is not physically in your presence. They could be in another state or even another country. But healing can be done over great distances.

The first thing I do is set up a time with the client to do the session. I want them to be available to experience the healing first hand while I do it. I ask then to be as relaxed and open at the given time as they can. If they meditate I ask them to do so. Better yet if they have trance experience I ask then to go into a trance. This way I know that they will be receptive to the work I’m going to be doing. Of course you can only trust that the client is doing as you request. But in my years of doing this I’ve only had one time when this wasn’t done. And that was when the client got the day wrong!

Once I have a good feeling about the client being in a calm state of mind it’s time for me to do my thing. I get myself situated in preparation for going into trance. I start my drumming and soon enough I’m in a working trance.

I become aware of my hyde or hamr. I ground myself so that I can draw energy from the Earth to do my work. I start drawing up energy from the ground by imagining my legs are plugged in to an electrical outlet. I see energy flowing up into me through my feet and legs from the ground.

I use this primal energy to increase the strength of my hyde. I draw in the energy until my hyde is bright and strong in its feel. Now comes the fun part!

I look around the astral plane for my fetch. As the fetch is an aspect of the Self it’s never far away. I become conscious of my fetch and send energy into it. I also send part of my awareness into the fetch. Once I can feel that I am experiencing reality through my fetch’s eyes I’m ready to journey.

I send my fetch and my consciousness to the client. If they’re doing as I asked this generally is not a hard chore. Once I’ve found my client I start to become aware of their hyde. I scan it and search it for trouble. This can manifest as dark patches or holes or ruptures. Now I can begin sending energy through my fetch into the hyde of the client. This takes some effort. You’re acting as a channel of the energy flowing up through you from the earth across whatever distance there is and into the hyde of the client. It’s very important to remain focused as you don’t want to break that chain of energy.

After some time of sending the energy you will begin to see the client’s hyde repairing itself. The holes will start to be filled in. The dark patches will become bright. And once this is accomplished you will know you have completed your task.

Now it’s just a matter of retracing your steps to get back into your ordinary consciousness. Hopefully you have arranged a chance to speak with the client by phone after the session. They can tell you all about what they experienced while you worked. Set up a time in a week or so to check in with them to see if their issue seems to be resolved. Hopefully you will get positive feedback!

Thats a quick lesson in how I do distance healing. Don’t try this until you have achieved a level of ability to actually see the world through your fetch’s eyes. This is a vital skill for distance healing. You will be looking through your fetch’s eyes to do the work. Otherwise you may as well be throwing darts while blindfolded!

I wish you success in your endeavors in this area of your Vitki work. I’m sure there are other ways to do this but this method is the one I have found reliable. Try it yourself and see what results you get!