Power of a pebble

I was doing a trance today. I lit incense. I drummed and chanted “Awen”. I got into trance pretty quickly. I called out for Llewelyn my Druid spirit ally. He asked me what I wanted to do today. I told him I was in need of some feminine guidance. I’m not sure why I said that but that’s what I said!

Soon enough a beautiful woman with long auburn hair and wearing white Druid robes appeared in my Grove. She was busy flipping through a book. I asked her if the book had wisdom for me. Without looking up she said “Study. Read. Learn.”  Well I knew all that. I had to admit I have been lax in my studies lately. So I asked again. This time she closed the book and looked at me with large green eyes. Here’s what she said.

“Consider the pebble. Small and insignificant. Barely a stone at all. An annoyance to be kicked away. But what if the pebble had a message for you?  Would you notice enough to listen?  Now consider the pebble caught in your shoe. Now you’d notice it. The annoyance of it being stepped on with each step you took would definitely catch your attention. Or consider throwing a pebble into a calm lake. It would cause ripples that would radiate out and continue on. It would hardly seem that the pebble was insignificant now!  So these are the ways a pebble works to spread its wisdom. That wisdom in the fact that even something small and often unnoticed can have a great impact. Let that be the lesson that the pebble leaves you. Small can be mighty. And you are a small man. But you too can be mighty. That’s the wisdom I offer you.”

Then she turned around and left me in my Grove to ponder all that she had said. It’s true I’m small!  I only weigh 130 pounds!  But me mighty?  That we have yet to see…

Living a life of lore

As Vitkis it falls upon us to live our lives as if we were busy writing new lore. Big dreams. Epic magic. Eye popping stories. The stuff that ends up being told for generations after we have made the journey to a different plane. The stuff of lore.

How do we do this?  How can we possibly maintain such a high standard for ourselves?  By making sure that each action we take and every choice we make is the stuff of lore. We can truly live such a life if we only take a bit of time to consider each move we make. This is the path to living a life of lore.

Take our magic. We can make sure that every act of magic we do is told to those we trust with the knowledge. Friends. Family. Trusted peers. By allowing others a glimpse into our magical workings we can rest assured that our actions will be retold. And that includes everything from a simple candle sending to an all out ritual with drums and incense and everything. We can make others aware of how we write and rewrite our lives through magic. No greater story could be told. No more honorable way to be remembered.

Act with great bravery. Bravery makes great lore material. Bravery in magic is to do and create what others deemed was impossible. I’m sure we all have stories from our lives of magic we ourselves even doubted would work. Yet we went through the actions and received the benefits. And created an aura of bravery. Bravery in the face of doubt and self doubt. Bravery to do whatever needed to be done. Even magic.

So live a life of lore. Write each day as if you were writing history. Do your magic with a strong sense of purpose. And you will find yourself part of the lore of tomorrow.

Love and plants

When’s I speak of love I don’t mean a gushy mushy kind of love. I refer to a deeper more primal kind of love. A love that in my experience of it defies words. It’s a feeling that is in your whole being. A love that can transform you.

That’s the kind of love I get from plants. It is a solid strong enduring feeling. One that infuses my spiritual essence with energy and vitality. How do I access this kind of love?

I pick a plant. I grow several houseplants in my ritual room for this very purpose. Then I meditate on the plant. I change the rhythm of my breathing to a slower pace. I let my vision lose focus and become blurry. If I really want a deep experience I will drum and chant “Awen” until I’m in a trance. That’s the point when things get interesting.

With my vision blurred I become aware of a light surrounding the plant. The plant’s aura I suppose. Each plant I work with has a different color of light emanating from it. And once I’ve seen that light I place my hands up to the plant in a cup fashion. I can feel the energy. I can sense it with my hands. For me it is a tingling sensation. This tingling travels up my arms until I can feel it throughout my body. It mixes with my own energy. It changes the color of my aura as well. This energy is what I call love.

I bask in the glow of this energy for a time. I let myself soak up the feeling of solidity it affords me. I find that each of my plants offers me distinctly different experiences. And plants like trees that are even more solid are another type of energy. The accessing of these energies grounds and centers me to the wonders of nature. And it is always a sacred experience. I find peace and harmony. I find myself. I find love.

The Vitki and ethics

As a Vitki it is my duty to behave and act in an ethical manner. It is the least I can do as a spiritual person. I truly believe that words have power. And so I try to make sure my words will have a positive impact on the multiverse. Unfortunately this is not the case for all of those claiming to be on this path.

In our internet based faith, it is all too easy to let your words become negative and divisive. And unfortunately everyone has access to a computer. There are plenty of trolls on the web looking to start a war of words. I choose not to engage with such people. I find if I don’t give them specific ammunition they simply can’t shoot. And ultimately they simply fade away. This is the best that we can hope for.

But in the process of all the post and blog ranting a very real amount of damage can be done. People take the words of others to heart and form opinions. And then post about those opinions. So is the way that a character is slurred. The damage of these slurs is real and sometimes profound. It can impact a person’s standing and even their livelihood. If a group of people form opinions of someone without really knowing them or interacting with them these character assasinations can become a tidal wave. I think of them as a wave of hate. For me hate never wins. I choose to operate from a positive place. Yet there are others who find satisfaction in destroying folk they truly don’t know.

I have seen this wave of hatred in action. Especially of late. It never ceases to amaze me that there are people who take pleasure out of such behavior.

What can an ethical Vitki do?  Watch your words. Don’t engage others who are acting in ways that you find unethical. Get to know a person before you post or blog about them. And most importantly try to remember how the gods would behave. Let them be your yardstick for measuring your behaviors. We could all use a little of that kind of thinking. Not tearing our community apart with the seeds of hatred. Let the changes start with you. Build don’t destroy.


I have been contemplating the idea of spirit. What makes it and where do we find it?

Spirit is an aspect of our multiverse that is part of all things. Most notably it is an aspect of the human race. As humans we are blessed with the ability to comprehend spirit. We can think about it and work with it. We can celebrate spirit. We can even share spirit. These abilities are totally the realm of human experience. As creatures we alone are able to fully understand spirit. But is it out gift exclusively?

Animals also have spirit. They my not be able to intellectually grasp its finer points. But as sentient beings they assuredly have spirit. They express it in ways that we as humans may interpret as joy. Who has not seen a dog frisking?  Or a cat with catnip?  Their joy is unquestionable. And for me this proves their spirit.

Plants for me have spirit. They express it through the energy they give off. If you take the time you can learn to sense the energy of plants. And of course there’s the fact that as they grow they reach for the light. For me these are proofs of the spirit of plants.

Then what about matter?  Something without consciousness?  A rock. I say it too has a spirit. It definitely is in motion at the molecular level. All inert things have at least that. Is it too far of a stretch to say that through this motion a rock experiences spirit?  I say not.

Spirit is in my experience on the path of Druidry an all encompassing and pervasive force. It is everywhere and in everything. To say that only humans have spirit is arrogance. The multiverse is filled with spirit. Even dirt has spirit. So I feel the most alive way to experience our world is to try to find the spirit in everything. Spirit surrounds us. May you experience a life filled with spirit!