A crystal egg

I read in my OBOD studies that Druids often had crystal eggs to assist them in their work. Always looking for a way to up my game I decided to explore this possibly. I got three different crystal eggs. One unakite. One lapis lazuli. One clear quartz crystal. Today I decided to work with the clear quartz egg.

I sat with it in my hands. It’s just the right size to fit comfortably in my palm. I relaxed and started my rhythmic breathing. Concentrating on the egg I was soon in a meditative state.

I asked the egg for what wisdom it could give me. I was soon rewarded with an answer of “Faerie”. This response puzzled me a bit as I admittedly have difficulty reaching out to faeries. Then as I continued the meditation I was shown one of the several plants I have in my ritual room. I was told to meet the faerie of that plant.

Ok I thought. I’ll give it a try. But considering my history of no real contact I didn’t expect much to happen.

I went over to the plant. I sat there with the image of the plant right before me. Then I saw a vision. It was a tall man with white hair standing next to the plant. He was wearing a green robe. I asked him if he was the faerie of the plant. He told me he was. I then asked him if he had any wisdom to share. He said simply “You are light. Behave as such.”  Then he faded away.

I thanked the egg and put it away. Then I thought about what the faerie had said. And I was reminded that I am light. All of us are. We are all beings capable of illuminating the universe with our actions. It’s a message I need to be reminded of from time to time. We are all light. Maybe it’s time we all start acting as such.

The runes and personal power

The Runes can be used for many purposes. Perhaps my favorite use is to use them in regards to personal power and transformation. This use for me is the primary use of the Runes. It is through this use that we can tap into the strongest and highest use of the Runes. It is through this use that we may achieve the highest goal of the Vitki.  The transformation of the Vitki into someone more powerful than before. Someone with greater Self understanding.

How do we do this?  Two ways immediately come to mind. Through the use of individual staves and through the use of bind Runes.

In using individual Runes the Vitki would choose the Rune that most suitably matched the desire of the needed change. This may be as simple as using Ansuz for spiritual growth or connection with Odin. Or perhaps using thurisaz for protection and defense. The individual Runes chosen can then be used in different ways. Through galder we can use the element of air to achieve a desired change. Through the use of fire either with a candle sending or simply writing the Runes on a piece of paper and burning it we can release the power of the Runes into the multiverse. The simple act of loading the paper or candle with the appropriate stave through galder should bring about an effect. There is powerful magic in these uses. Explore them for yourself.

Then there’s the use of bind runes. You can choose several staves to bring about a desired effect. For example for spiritual growth you may choose laguz and Ansuz. For material gain fehu and laguz work well. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination of the Vitki. Again you could use the two burning methods described above to send out the magic. I ask you to also try these techniques.

What is the difference between using an individual stave or a bind rune for your purposes?  The individual stave tends to be more focused and directed towards quick results. The bind rune is more long lasting in its effects. Slower and more deliberate. At least that’s been my experience with these two techniques.

Changing of Self is a primary calling for the Vitki. Try using these ideas and see what changes may occur in your life!