Inner Druid

I’m working my way through the book “The Celtic Shaman”. I’ve come to the exercise in the book where I’m to meet my inner Shaman. I prefer to call it my inner Druid. The purpose of this entity is to serve as a teacher for my studies. I thought that sounded pretty cool so I had a go at it. Here’s how it went.

I did all of my usual trance preparation. I lit incense. I drummed my drum. I held in mind the intention to meet my inner Druid.

Soon I was in a trance. It was misty and foggy. I kept drumming and awaited the appearance of my inner Druid from the fog. Soon I could see a figure approaching me. I waited patiently to meet this wise person who was to give me five gifts. What will they be like?  I wondered. Soon I had my answer.

As the mist parted a white robed man appeared. He headed towards me. He had a bag with him. Soon I realized it was me!  A slightly older version of myself but definitely me!  I thought to myself that this was an interesting turn of events. Soon I was standing next to myself.

I asked myself if I was indeed my own inner Druid. I was assured that this was the case. I was told that I already knew everything I needed to know. That I had to just get to work and do it. The gifts I gave myself were a feather, a bundle of incense, a clear crystal point, a lapis lazuli egg and a crane bag. All of these were items I already had I protested. Exactly I was told. All the tools I need are in my possession. Now get to work!

I watched as I disappeared back into the fog. It was comforting to know I already knew these things and had all I needed. But it was also daunting to know I had to get to work. That I am the only thing standing in my way. Move over me!  I’ve got stuff to accomplish!

Elements — Earth

The elements provide the Vitki powerful ways to create magic. Let’s start with Earth.

Earth is solid. Earth is strength. Earth is the first place to start in magical sendings. We can access the strength and power of the Earth. It offers the Vitki with a long lasting type of magic. In the use of Earth we find a way to make something solid and powerful. Earth can do this in several ways.

First get aquatinted with Earth. You can do this by going outside and finding a pile of dirt to sit on. As you sit feel the solid energy the Earth offers us. Feel it rising up from the Earth into your being to make you solid. This is a great way to literally ground yourself for a magical sending. It offers you a way to actually have the strong powerful sense of being a part of the multiverse.

Another way to connect with Earth if there are no dirt poles handy is to just take a piece of dirt from your lawn. Feel the weight of it in your hand. Feel the solidity of the Earth as you hold it. Feel it’s power flowing into your hand and up your arm. Get to the point where the Earth energy is flowing through you. Once this is accomplished you can approach your magic.

One of the ways I use Earth in magic is to create a bind rune. I draw it on paper and load it with the individual rune names by galder. Then I take the piece of paper and go outside and bury it in the Earth. This sends the energy of the bind rune out into the world with the slow and steady energy of the Earth.

Another way to accomplish this is to simply draw a bind rune into the dirt. Load it as above and allow the Earth to do its thing. These are both easy and direct ways to use the element of Earth in your practice. Try it for sendings that you want a slow and steady effect for. Try it and see how Earth can be a powerful ally for your work.