Much of the lore is filled with tales of battle. Whether army against army or one on one these were a warring group of people!  So what can we learn from this war packed group of tales?

For one thing I don’t take these stories literally. I view them as metaphors. If we substitute the wars that go on inside us for the wars of armies we get a whole new picture of the lore.

Think of the war inside ourselves over the issue of belief. As rational beings it is only natural that there should be some interior fighting over this matter. Our intuitive side craves the belief in something bigger and greater than who we appear to be. But then there’s the rational side that says we have no scientific proof of the divine. It’s a battle I wage often inside my own brain.

Of course there are mental battle matches over the truth behind magic. Magic is a theme often brought to light in the lore. Does magic really exist?  Or are we merely creatures of clay incapable of otherworldly acts?  I have had this mental battle in the past and have answered it for myself to my own satisfaction. But it was truly a war of will to get to that point.

If only things were easy!  Then there wouldn’t be a need for internal battle. But we are complex creatures and the very nature of Druidry requires thought. I say wage those battles in your head!  Wage them every day. Only with such dedication came you have a living breathing spirituality that will be profound and personally rewarding.

We’re everywhere

Something really remarkable has been happening. Vitki and Volva outreach of a major kind. Everywhere I turn there seems to be a Vitki!  This is great!  We’re making a definite footprint on the consciousness of the heathen community and the world at large.

I really don’t know why this is happening. For years there were just a couple of authors who wrote on subjects of interest to the Vitki. Now authors are coming out with books regularly that have to do with matters of concern to us. I know if at least five authors who have released new books in the last two years. And that’s just the ones I personally know about!  This batch of books makes it much easier to learn and explore the Vitki world.

On Facebook there are groups that deal specifically with our interests. There are groups on Runes and Seidr. These groups provide a place to have conversations with others regarding the topic of your own personal interests and callings.

Then there’s those who teach our craft. There’s Ivy Mulligan and myself and others who specifically work with folks on the arts of the Vitki and Volva. All you need to do is hang out on Facebook and these teachers will make themselves known.

Personally in the last year and a half I have founded the Vitki/Volva Forum which now has 1.2K members  I started this blog  I published a book. I started a YouTube channel. It feels as if I’m everywhere.

Runes. Seidr. Esoteric Asatru. It seems as if we’re going mainstream. This is an exciting time for us!  As long as we continue to reach out and read and study there is no end to what we could do. Hail!