Straddling two realms

As a Vitki part of my job is to work in realms other than Midgard. I achieve this through Seidr work. In such work I go into what I call a working trance. This is a trance state where I have one foot in ordinary consciousness and another foot in another realm. This allows me to experience reality in different ways. I can be in Asgard and still be aware of ordinary consciousness enough to hear the phone ring.

This working trance brings about some interesting insights. For example I will get a message from another realm and be able to write it down in my journal as it’s happening. That’s how I perform all of my Seidr sessions. I never fully go under into trance.

How do I achieve this state?  For me it all starts with drumming and chanting. And sometimes swaying. These actions are enough for me to feel a shift in my consciousness. This shift is a bit like the way you feel right before you fall asleep. It’s a consciousness Twilight Zone. This state is what I try to get to every time I do Seidr. Sometimes I admit it doesn’t work. I stay stuck in ordinary consciousness. But most of the time I get the results I’m looking for.

In this state I’m able to perform all the tasks I wish to do in the other realms. This straddling of two realms is key for me. I’m allowed to do whatever my intention is.

Other people may go into deep trance to perform Seidr. But as I generally do Seidr alone it’s important not to be totally under. This is the state of consciousness I train my apprentices to be in. And for me it’s become second nature.

It’s a state I’d urge you all to try. It’s safe and brings results. Straddling two realms is for me the way to go. Happy traveling!

A gay Druid

I’m gay. And I’m on the path of Druidry. Why is this important?  Being gay touches every aspect of my life. So it’s only logical that it would be a part of my spiritual path.

How does being gay affect my spirituality?  For one thing it means I have a closer calling to the goddesses rather than the gods. Just as in ordinary life I find myself more drawn to women to be my friends so it is with my affiliation with deities. I just get a deeper connection with the feminine. It’s easier for me to have a rewarding relationship with a woman. In my Druidry I have deep ties to the Morrigan and Cerridwen. They are easy relationships for me to foster. The divine feminine speaks to me and resonates strongly for me. Being gay offers me the chance to be more in touch with the feminine aspects of my spiritual path.

Being more in touch with the feminine allows my to explore the worlds in trance state. During those explorations I am not as hindered by the logical rational masculine side of myself. I am able to put all of that aside to experience profound trance sessions. If I were not gay I fear that this connection to the Otherworlds would not be so strong. It is by being acutely aware of my feminine self that I am more free to explore the esoteric side of Druidry.

I am deeply in touch with my feminine self and this gives me the opportunity to take the path less followed by my straight brothers. I delve deeply into my feminine self for my spiritual experiences. Being gay allows me the freedom to do that without the negative connotations of trying to be a tough guy.

I’m not saying that straight men can’t experience the feminine self because they too can access these sides. I have helped many straight men to access this side of themselves as part of their apprenticeships with me. Many have struggled with this concept and as a gay man I am uniquely suited to guide them in their exploration. That said  I just think it’s easier for me as a gay man. I have experienced the call of the feminine self and continue to explore it. I have no self judgement about this. It’s just part of who I am.

Do I neglect my masculine self?  No.  I utilize my masculine side to help me explain the experiences I have when tapping the feminine.  My masculine self offers me the structure to examine my trances.  It offers me the chance to have a relationship with Cernunnos.  So it’s not that I don’t explore my masculine self.  It’s just somehow easier to access the feminine.

I’m gay. And a Druid. I’m happy with that.

Gods calling

The gods call us in different ways. Depending on their personalities and the reason for the call. Here’s how some of the gods have called me to their service.

Odin. I was first called by Odin in this path. His calling me was kinda sneaky and quiet. I had started studying the runes and knew very little about Asatru and Norse spirituality in general. But as I studied the runes the name of Odin kept coming up. Odin this. Odin that. Odin. So I started meditating on him in particular. And sure enough he wanted to talk with me. It was mostly on the runes at first. How to better read them and so on. So Odin had much to say to me then. He taught me about the runes and many mysteries. Cool. I had a god and he talked to me. I was a heathen. This was about 24 years ago. And I’ve been going full force since then.

Next up was Tyr. He wasn’t subtle at all in calling me. I was meditating on Odin and the image of a tiwaz rune came to me. I thought nothing of it. Until it happened again the next day. And the next. And the next. So I switched my meditation to that of Tyr. He had things to teach me. So I started following him

Then several years ago while in trance Tyr told me it was time for me to move on. He told me that now Freya wanted a turn. And Hella. So off I went to find out what they had for me. And I’ve been considering them my primary deities since then.

So that’s how I have been called. Sometimes over the years it’s felt a bit like rejection. This god doesn’t want me anymore. But the trade offs have always ultimately been in my favor. So for me at least the gods do know what’s best.


I have been agonizing over a topic for a post for this blog for days now. Days. I have done trance sessions. I have scoured my books. I have just thought about it in general. Then just now in the stillness of my empty condo it hit me. That’s the topic. Struggling to find a topic. In other words a time to be dormant.

In our hectic busy lives we often forget the strength of remaining dormant. There’s always so much to get done. Every hour. Every day. We keep ourselves busy as if by doing so we can keep something bad away. What are we so busy hiding from?  Ourselves.

It’s easier to keep our minds and bodies busy with the smallest little thing rather than face the truth that comes from silence. In silence we are faced with the issues that really matter. Big issues. Not the everyday prattle our brains come up with to keep ourselves engaged. If we would just break the cycle and allow our minds to remain dormant we could think of the big things. Don’t worry. While we’re dormant the big things will find a way to finally break through to the surface. By remaining dormant we leave ourselves wide open. And that’s when the things that truly matter get their shot.

Farmers know the wisdom in letting a piece of land stay dormant for a season. Then the ground can become fertile again and bring forth a bountiful harvest. Why shouldn’t this same wisdom apply to our fertile brains and spirits?

So I need to remind myself from time to time to stay dormant. To allow the wisdom of the seasons do their thing. It’s not unproductive to stay fallow. It allows for greater growth later. It allows us to stay fertile. And that’s something I want to be.

How dare you call yourself a Vitki? Part two

It’s the mid 80s. I’m in my early 20s. I have been searching for a spiritual path my entire teen years. The Christian church had turned its back on me when I was 15. I had been teaching Sunday School preschool since I had been confirmed at the age of 12. One day after class the superintendent took me aside. She told me that a pair of parents had come to her and told her that they would not allow their child to be taught about Jesus by a gay person. And that was it for me. I never went back to the church. My sense of betrayal was that strong.

I read a lot of spiritually themed books during my late teens.  Spirituality from different cultures.  I went through a serious Native American phase and learned to read the medicine wheel.  But nothing really seemed to stick.  I was drifting aimlessly in the spiritual sense.

Then in my early 20s I met a wonderful woman. She turned me on to the booming New Age movement. I took to all of it like a duck to water. I read everything I could about channeling, spirit guides and the rest. A big influence on me was the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts. I also read and studied “A Course in Miracles”. Of everything I read and was exposed to during those years some of it took and some of course was sheer garbage.

It was during this time that I had what today I would call my first spontaneous Seidr or trance session. I was just laying there relaxing and I was suddenly in an altered state. I got information that I was told was for a friend. When I passed on the information the friend told me it was something that had been on his mind but that he had no idea of how to resolve. The information I gave him helped him to resolve the issue. I wanted to duplicate this experience. As I didn’t really know how I got to that altered state I didn’t continue exploring it. My reading had not given me a clear idea of how to go into trance. Looking back I realize I should have looked for better material on that subject. My bad.

Then in my mid 20s I decided to explore what my ancestors may have done for spirituality before the arrival of Christianity. As I’m German of both sides I started reading about the early religion of that area of the world. This lead me to reading about the Norse pantheon. Something about the gods and stories struck me in a way unlike anything I had studied since I left Christianity. Once again I read everything I could about this path. These were the days before the internet and material was much harder to come by. Still I found stuff to study. And I was on my way!

In my late 20s I got bit by the rune bug.  I had read about the runes in the books by Tolkien. I started studying them seriously. I joined the Rune Gild. All I kept hearing about was Odin.  I learned that Odin had snatched up the runes while hanging on the tree. Then he called me. It wasn’t a single dramatic event. It was more of an unveiling of wisdom to me that I soon realized was coming from Odin. So I answered the call and started to honor him in earnest.

As I continued my Rune studies over the years I got the feeling that my spiritual practices were off balance. I decided to start finding out about Seidr. Soon I was duplicating my spontaneous trance experience of years gone by. I was having altered consciousness experiences regularly.  More studying lead me to greater personal success.  Soon I was visiting the Nine Realms as often as a frequent flier!

I was now in my early 40s. I was and had been doing rune readings and Seidr sessions for others for some time. And I had been referring to the work I did as Vitki work. It just slowly over the years evolved into that. Step by step. Bit by bit. No crash of thunder or flash of lightning signaled that I was to become a Vitki. I did what a Vitki does.  So I was a Vitki.

In my mid 40s I was diagnosed with MS. Soon I was unable to hold down a regular job.  I believe this turn of events was the work of the gods making sure that I was freed up to do my Vitki work full time. And that’s what I did. I have been dedicating myself to Vitki work full time for over seven years.

Now In my early 50s I have really accelerated my Vitki work. I received my certificate of Shamanism of the Norse path. I founded a Facebook group. I have apprentices. I have a blog. I have published a book. I have a YouTube channel. I have been interviewed on a podcast. All in regards to the work of a Vitki. I do what a Vitki does and have for years now.

How dare I call myself a Vitki?  That’s how. But mainly I call myself a Vitki because I dedicate my life to Vitki work. I serve my clan in many ways. Rune readings. Seidr work. Education. I received my ordination as a Gothi. And as an ordained Gothi I provide spiritual guidance. This is my life. All I do centers around this amazing spiritual work. I continue to grow and surprise myself in what I end up doing. It’s a never ending path I’ve been on. Each step along the way has lead me to now. I am a Vitki.