I don’t live in a vacuum. I admit to being influenced by the works of others. Sometimes I tell myself jokingly that I may not have a single thought in my head that is truly my own!  Of course that’s not true. But i do say I am a combination of all that I’ve read and studied.

And I’ve read and studied a lot. Over the past 25 years on the path of the Vitki I have read almost everything I could get my hands on in regards to Esoteric Asatru. In the categories of runes and seidr especially.

For runes my first big influence was Edred Thorsson. He is who I turned to when I decided to take my studies of the runes seriously. And in many ways that stands true even today. It seems as if in some ways I can’t get past his very long shadow. Even on recent years when he’s had some controversy swirling around him I maintain that his Runic work is solid. A tad academic. But solid.

Then I was turned on to Freya Aswynn. Again some gems are buried in her work. But she’s another one who has been tainted by controversy. What is it with these rune people anyway?

Then came someone who has influenced me in several different categories. Diana Paxson. Her works run the gamut from general Asatru to Runes to trance work. All of her work is easy to read and worthy of your time.

And in Seidr I find Runic John to be without equal. His books offer real life applications. There’s no real Seidr is so mysterious stuff going on with him. Again a very easy author to read. His works pack a whallop.

Then there’s the many authors I’ve read and only picked up one good idea from each. This still was not time wasted. As long as I get one good idea out of a book I consider it worthwhile.

Of course there’s also the stuff I’ve read that was simply dross. Too many to name here but you know who you are!

Ive also cone up with insights along the way that I would say are really mine. But I’ll save that for a book!

I’m not ashamed that admit I’ve been influenced. Each bit of study along the way has made me into the Vitki I am. I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Being a full time Vitki

The gods had a plan for me. They made sure that for the last 7 years I’ve been able to dedicate my life to being a Vitki full time. They made sure my MS would prevent me from having a regular job and be able to go on disability so I had all my time to dedicate to being a Vitki.

What does it mean to be a full time Vitki?  For me it means most of my days are filled with Vitki stuff. Rune readings, Seidr sessions, sessions guiding my apprentices, writing this blog. Plenty to keep me busy. And I’m thankful to the gods that they keep placing opportunities in my path for me to act on. There never seems to be a dull or empty moment in my days. Every day is filled with spiritual purpose. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course there’s also the time spent serving my tribe. My circle of tribe members is pretty big. I’ve been involved as a Vitki in the lives of folks from Dubai to Australia to my mentor in England. And of course the folks in the USA. Before technology I would have been limited in my ability to reach out. But thanks to the phone and internet I’m able to serve those far away from me physically. What a blessing this has been!

I’m able to currently fill my life with Vitki antics. I do a lot of prep work and personal studies to be able to serve my tribe. My nose is always in a book. I keep myself busy with learning. Who knows where the next great idea will come from?  It’s that hunt that keeps me reading.

Do I think a Vitki must dedicate themselves full time to be effective?  Absolutely not!  There are many excellent part time Vitkis out there. I admire those who are able to juggle their Vitki work with a career and family besides. I do have a family as well. But they all know full well I’m a Vitki and will as such will have weird hours!  It’s not just a part of who I am. It IS who I am.

If you’re interested in keeping up with me lately you can get a copy of my book “Vitki Musings: Runes Seidr and Esoteric Asatru” from Amazon. Kindle edition also available. Or apply to become one of my apprentices by PM contacting me on Facebook. Or watch my YouTube channel A Vitki Gothi Speaks. Those will give you a good idea of how this full time Vitki spends his time. Hail!

Doing Seidr solo

I am of the fervent believe that Seidr work can be done safely on your own. Sure it’s great to do a session with someone else to sing you into the other realms and back out again. But there are other ways to safely do a Seidr session.

First of all don’t go into trance so deeply that you lose touch with ordinary consciousness. You should be able to perform all that you need to in a Seidr session by keeping one foot in each realm. I call this a working trance. Not out so deeply that you don’t still have an awareness of the ordinary state of consciousness. That way you’re able to navigate safely in whatever realm you choose to visit. You still experience a shift in your consciousness but it’s not so severe you’re totally gone. One foot in each realm. That’s my motto.

So is such a working trance really Seidr?  I suppose not if you only define Seidr by what we have in the lore. But I maintain we have grown as a species since the lore was written. Couldn’t that growth include growth in the purview of Seidr?  I say yes. Emphatically. We are at a point in our growth where we’re able to take cues from other cultures in how this is done safely. Does this make what I do and teach a heathen practice?  Absolutely. Remember intention is the key. If I am using this talent with the intention of journeying the nine realms it is definitely a heathen practice.

What do I say to those who maintain that Seidr work can only be done with someone for assistance?  I say if that works for you and your practice is only lore centered great. Just be open to the fact that others perform Seidr sessions solo. Don’t criticize someone else’s practice because it doesn’t match your own.

As long as you are able to bring yourself out of a session safely I say go for it. No harm will be done to you as long as you keep one foot planted in this realm. Walking the worlds is what we do. And that requires the ability to straddle two realms at once. That’s all.

Another tip that I find helpful is that I set an alarm on my phone for 15 minutes or so. If I’m not able to accomplish my goal in that amount of time I wasn’t very clear about my goal going in. Again intention.

So I claim Seidr work can be done alone. Have an exit plan. Keep one foot in ordinary consciousness. Set a timer. Have a clear intention. These are some of the keys to traveling safely on your own. And I encourage you to do so.


Something interesting happened  to me that I thought I’d share. It’s about how I experience the trance state for my Seidr sessions. Everyone’s experience in this regard are different. So I figured I’d let you know how it goes for me.

I was taking a nap. No big whoop. But as I awoke from the sleep stare I stayed in that zone between sleep and awake. The Twilight Zone. It’s the state where I’m consciously aware of what is going on in the ordinary consciousness world but still somewhat detached from it all. Never one to miss an opportunity I decided to add an intention to my state of being to journey. So I made my intention to travel to Hella to speak with my father. I hadn’t done that for a while. So off I went to Hel.

I threw the dog some meat as an offering and called for Hella. She appeared and I made my request to speak with my father. Soon my father appeared. I asked him for wisdom for my current life. He told me to do my thing. Be a Vitki. There is a need for me to be doing this work. So his message was to keep at it. I told him thanks and left that realm behind.

The way I experience a trance state is I know I’m in a trance when I feel or sense a shift in my consciousness. It’s a subtle shift. Just like slight buzzing of energy. I sense this buzzing energy and ride that into trance. It’s an easy transition for me after years of doing this. But it certainly wasn’t easy when I started!  I had to find a way to draw that sensation to me. For me it was a combination of controlled breathing and drumming that did the trick. Most of my apprentices have success with just the breathing. But everyone needs to discover what works best for them. Experimenting is all part of being a Vitki!  Trying out different techniques is part of the fun. Keep experimenting till you find what works for you. Perseverance will pay off.

Or you could just take a nap..,

Keep one eye on the rune…

Patt of the art of reading runes is keeping an eye on one rune in conjunction with the other runes in a pull. This requires intuition and knowledge of rune meanings. Lots of knowledge!  You can never get enough of that.

What I’m talking about is knowing a certain rune meaning based on other Runes in the pull. For example if I get Ansuz and laguz in a pull together that signals spiritual growth. Ansuz and thurisaz mean spiritual action or defense. And so on.

Its important to keep your eye on the runes. Otherwise meanings escape you. Your readings will suffer from short sightedness. They will not be as rich and deep as they could be. Intuition plays a key role in this. That’s why I often do Seidr sessions in conjunction with rune readings. Anything to get me in touch with my intuitive side!

This skill also requires some practice. When first starting to do readings I would do them for everyone. Family. Friends. My dentist!  Just to get practice at different interpretations. It’s a skill that really can’t be learned doing casts only for yourself. You need to be able to access another person’s energies. Their energy will inform your interpretation.

Keeping your eye on the rune also means being in touch with each rune’s individual energy. That’s why a regime of Runic meditation is helpful. You can become attuned to a rune energy stream by meditation. This for me was one of the keys to the runes in general.

So remember to always keep your eye on the rune. That way you can be assured of good readings. Happy rune casting!