Journey to the Underworld

I’ve been trying to develop a stronger base practice in journeying in the Druid sense. I’m pretty adept at in in Norse terms. But Druidry not so much.

You’d think it was an identical skill process. But no. I’m having to learn the new cosmology and terrain in specific Druidry senses. That’s a completely new skill set. So I’ve been making a concerted effort in that regard. Today I had something of a breakthrough.

Today I did a session where I reached Cernunnos the god of the Underworld. I asked him to give me a tour around. It was a bright green field with large hills jutting up from time to time. As we quietly walked about I noticed there was a large gathering of people just ahead. Out from this throng steps my mother. She was very excited. She told me she loved this place. That it was always Spring here. She told me I was welcome to visit her here any time. And then back into the crowd she drifted.

Next my father appeared. He is always stern. On this trip he told me I was doing the right thing following Druidry. But that I needed to make a better effort. He told me I had to get over my expectations and fears and just do it. Enough monkeying around. Time to do. Cernunnos quietly lead me away and I was back in ordinary consciousness.

I had had a genuine experience at last. With some strong words from my father which is no surprise. I had been given the information. Now to apply it!  That’s the biggest challenge.

Drum and rattle

D2C3A215-74D9-4B19-9809-D0830D38AFDCThese are my Druid drum and rattle. I use them to assist me in various ways that apply to Druidry.

The drum is used in ritual to call the quarters and invoke the ancestors and gods. The act of drumming puts me into a spiritual mindset. It helps my brain make the transition from ordinary consciousness to sacred consciousness. In this way it is a powerful tool for me.

It’s also used to assist me in travels to other realms. I play the drum and chant the name of the deities or Realms I’d like to be in touch with. The drumming gets me into a trance so I can travel to the other realms. Once in trance I can freely travel to either the Upper Realm or Lower Realm. I get wisdom from the gods to use in my daily life. It’s a powerful experience to do these travels. The drum helps make it possible.

The rattle is my standby for trance work. I admit that some days the drum doesn’t work for me. That’s when I turn to the rattle. Often the rattle gets me into trance as easily as the drum. The rattle serves as just another tool in my kit of tricks to make Druidry as living breathing part of my life.

Both the rattle and the drum are decorated with crows. As I work extensively with the Morrigan it seemed like a good fit. Their beauty reminds me of the beauty of Druidry as a way of life. Beauty abounds in my life since I started on this path. May it continue !

Both items were made by Michelle at Gaia’s Workshop Drums. Check out this incredibly talented artist on Etsy. You won’t be sorry!

Think about adding a drum or rattle to your practices. It may bring you places you’d never imagined!

Being out

A question that occurs to me from time to time is should I be open about being a Vitki?  Should I tell others about my calling or should I remain in the closet about it?  An important question that we should all grapple with.

Being out about being a Vitki is a very personal matter. There’s many issues to be considered. What will it mean to my family life if they know I’m a Norse sorcerer or Shaman?  What would it mean if people at work knew?  Can I retain my power if lots of others know?  Only you can answer those questions for yourself. A lot of soul searching and perhaps testing the waters are required.

Being out as a Vitki should never be a chore. If you do decide to be open it should be as natural as telling someone you have a sister or a son. It should never be forced. It should be easy for you to talk about your spirituality. If it’s not easy for you to discuss such matters perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the place your spirituality holds in your life. Perhaps it’s time to bring it more to the forefront of your daily affairs.

People in general are in need of education on what it means to be a Vitki. You can become a champion of information on this subject. By living a life where being a Vitki is as natural a breathing you can serve as an example. You can be an example of what it means to truly live a spiritual life. Through your interactions with others you can show the world what it means to follow this path.

I am totally out as a Vitki. To family. To friends. To acquaintances. This is what I’ve chosen to do. It offers me a freedom that my life would lack if I kept this important aspect of myself secret. It allows me to freely discuss matters of importance to me with others. It offers me a chance to educate. It allows me to be me.

This is a highly personal issue. But maybe my example will allow you to see how life can be as an open Vitki. My hope is that after you’ve done all the ruminating required to make this decision you decide to be out. Be proud of being a Vitki and share with others. For me at least freedom means power. May it be the same for you.

A mighty oak

I have a sacred grove that I go to when I meditate. It’s a clearing in a massive forest. Deep within the trees where almost no sun shines through. It has a grassy lawn and in it I am surrounded by the trees. Sounds of nature permeat the silence.  The sounds of birds. The sounds of squirrels scampering. The very sound of the forest itself breathing and growing all around me. It is a restful spot. A spot where I can go to clear my head and recharge my batteries in the wonders of nature.

In the ring around my clearing is an oak tree. Massive in size the other trees seem juvenile in comparison. This is an oak of great years. An oak of much experience. This oak has seen it all.

The oak stands there alone amongst many. It soars above the rest. It has huge gnarled roots that grow deep into the ground. It’s leaves are massive as well. And acorns lay strewn at its base.

This oak offers me comfort. When I am feeling worn out by my world it takes my burdens upon itself. It offers me flashes of wisdom when I quiet my brain enough to hear its messages. It is a destination for a troubled soul.

It offers me a view of stability. It stands there never moving. Always planted in the same place. Always with its branches swaying gently in the wind. It offers hope to me as I am scattered and frantic and it is solid and strong.

For me this tree is the Tree of Life. Offering advice to those who would heed its ancient wisdom. Offering a place to go of solitude and rest. Offering a sanctuary to those in need of spirituality. This oak offers whatever is needed. And still on it gives.


For me imagination is a vital tool in Vitki work. It helps bridge the gap between this realm and the other worlds. It is a key in learning how to journey in seidr. Imagination is a key to many aspects of the Vitki work.

I took an unscientific survey on whether other Vitkis considered imagination a tool or a crutch. The results were interesting to me. Most Vitkis consider it a tool. I had expected the opposite even though that is not my view. I expected to be in the minority on this matter. Thankfully I found I was not.

Imagination serves as a way to transcend the confines of life in Midgard. It offers a way to get started in authentic journeying. If we can imagine another realm it offers us valuable clues on what we may expect when we actually journey to that realm. It gives us a chance to preview what is to come. This can serve as a powerful aide in fleshing out a rather bare bones idea of what a certain realm may be like.

How do we know if an experience is a valid trip to a world or just an exercise in imagination?  In my experience a valid journey is much more vivid and three dimensional. In authentic journeying I experience and can recall things like temperature and smells of scents. It just feels different. But my use of imagination helps get me there. Before the rhythmic breathing and drumming and incense burning that are my personal cues to travel there is a meditation in which I simply imagine. It’s like a test run for an actual trance session.

So for me imagination has always been a tool used to achieve greater results. I am always aware not to let it become a crutch in which it serves as a replacement for true trance work. In other words I’m always on guard not to become lazy and just daydream my way through. The work is where it’s at for me!