Beltaine ritual

This is the time of year for the birth of summer. Plants sown is Spring start to grow and reach fruition. Animals born in Spring start to reach maturity. Everything is growing!  And we take this time to celebrate creativity.

For me creating comes from action between the feminine and masculine. Both must be in play for true creation to occur. It is through the union of these two forces of nature that all things are born. Now is the time for the growth of these new elements in our lives. We see the growth of the crops and know deep within ourselves that we are in a period of growth as well. Ideas planted in Spring are spreading their roots and taking shape.

It is with these ideas in mind that I approached Beltaine. So my ritual was a celebration of the union of the masculine and feminine.

I started the ritual as I always do. I lit incense. I drummed in the four quarters and deities to be honored. Of course amongst this list were my patron deities Cerridwen and the Morrigan. I never do ritual without invoking them.

Amid all the incense and drumming I kept in mind my goal to honor the union of the feminine and masculine within myself. I did an act where I inserted a wand into a chalice of water. This symbolizes the coming together of these aspects of self.

Then I meditated. I let my mind be free of daily concerns so that I could open up to the universe. I got some interesting insights into the masculine and feminine and how I need to balance them more thoroughly in my life. Basically I need to allow my feminine self show through in my practice of Druidry. No big surprise there. I am drawn to Druidry in part due to its celebration of the goddess energy of the multiverse.

Then I thanked the deities and drummed my farewell to the quarters. My ritual was complete.

I am still going to ponder the lessons of a balanced sense of self. I need to take steps to include the feminine more into my practices. It is a noble goal and I hope to make significant progress in this regard during the time of year when all things grow.


Sometimes I get to wear my gothi hat and my Vitki hat at the same time. So it was this past week.

I have a Vitki apprentice who is having some difficulty in her life right now. After listening to her issues I offered her some gothi-esque advice. Then I gave her my Vitki advice. That advice was to get creative.

Creativity plays a vital part in Vitki work. We need to be creative at all times. Whether it’s in creating a Bindrune or an alliterative invocation for the gods. We must be open to the creative forces of the multiverse.

I find myself needing to be creative on a daily basis. I am creative when it comes to ritual. I take pride in constructing a well thought out ritual. It can be something simple. Sometimes the simplest ritual calls for the greatest creativity!  And the act of constructing such a ritual takes a bit of time. At least for me the preparation time exceeds the actual time it takes to do the ritual!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A creation of a magical working is the same. The time I spend thinking about and planning the rite is enough to get me all charged up for the actual act. This keyed up energy works well with magic. There’s a sense of urgency to it. I create a greater need for the rite by planning it. By the time it comes to perform the rite I’m raring to go. This energy helps send the magical act out into the multiverse.

Creativity also plays a part in studies. You can read about something all you want but until you make the transition from printed page to actual reality you have done nothing. It’s in the act of acting out what you’ve read that the creativity takes its turn. Making something you’ve read real and truly your own takes a lot of creativity.

So you can see that being a good Vitki requires being open to your creative self. I wouldn’t want it any other way!