Vitki Musings as a book

For some time people have been telling me I need to write a book. I was unsure I had anything to really say. Then it dawned on me. This blog was where I’d been writing!  So I decided to to create a book using the blog as the skeleton and fleshing it out. So that is what I’ve done.

Using the blog as my basis I added new commentary and new Musings. So if you’ve read this blog you haven’t read the book!  The book is available exclusively through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. Follow those links or search for it by title Vitki Musings: Runes, Seidr and Esoteric Asatru or by my name Kurt Hoogstraat. Thanks so much for your readership. Now you can buy the book!  Thanks!

I’m dead

Yep. I’m dead. I’m not feeling anything spiritually right now. It’s been this way for several days. I just cannot connect to the astral realms. As I rely so heavily on direct communication with the gods for my practices this is a problem for me.

Ive gone through these dry spells before with my other path of Asatru. I always come out of them. But this is the first time it’s happened with Druidry. I’m sure it will pass. But right now it just sucks.

My ogham studies are at a dead stop. Even though I got a beautiful new set of ogham sticks. I’d have thought that alone would light a fire in my belly. Spur me on. Nope. They’re just sitting there quietly calling to me. I don’t feel like heeding the call.

I could be doing my OBOD studies. I just got a new set of lessons in the mail. That normally gets me back on track. But not this time. I’m ignoring them too.

I could read the Lore. There is so much I’ve purchased to read that it’s not for lack of material. I have plenty I could be reading. And I know I have so much to learn. No real excuses there. Just not feeling like it.

So what to do?  I feel all yuck and dry inside. Disconnected. Not a good feeling. I pride myself as being a spiritually driven person. My paths are who I am. They define me. I look to the other realms for guidance all the time normally. But right now it’s just ugh.

I’m sure this will pass. I’ll have a dream. Or I’ll have a successful trance session. Something will give. Eventually. But for now I stew in this feeling of yuck.

Theres much to do. I’m going to read my ogham books. I’m going to play with my new set of sticks. I’m going to do an OBOD lesson. I’m going to read some Lore. I’m going to get myself out of this funk somehow.

Ir maybe I’ll just go sit on a rock…

Going to Hel

I’m going to Hel. And I’m taking you with me!

Journeying to visit departed loved ones almost always means s journey to Hel. It’s not as scary as it sounds.

First I set the mood. Candles. Incense. Those always help me travel. The smell of white sage is almost enough to put me in a trance. But that’s how I’ve trained myself to respond. I always use that incense when I journey. So my brain knows when I smell it burning that something’s up.

Then I drum. And chant. As I’m journeying to Hel I chant Hela’s name. That sets my intention firmly in mind. Intention is a big player in these scenarios. Without proper intention I would just wander about aimlessly. But I have a goal. Keeping that in mind helps.

Soon I’m in a trance. I keep drumming and chanting. Next thing I know I’m at the gates of Hel. I always experience this realm as a type of desert. Hot. Dry. Dead. It is a rather bleak landscape. But I press on.

Hela greets me. I throw some meat at the dog at the gates. Hela seems to appreciate that gesture.

She is beautiful to me. Well half of her is anyway. Beautiful and calm. But for me there’s always a windstorm in her wake. But she herself is the calm in the midst of that storm.

I ask to speak with a departed loved one. She nods and goes inside the gate. I wait. Then she returns. Sometimes with the loved one I wish to speak to. Sometimes with someone else. Sometimes she returns alone and tells me that no one has any wisdom to share with me at this time.

If I’m lucky and someone wishes to speak with me we’ll have our conversation. With Hela standing close by as if to watch. It seems to me she likes to know exactly what’s going on. I never question her intent.

Then it’s time to leave. I thank Hela for her assistance. I thank the departed loved ones. I begin drumming again. My journey has ended for the day.

Thats a quick overview of how I talk to the dead. Pretty easy once you’ve mastered getting into trance. And Hel is not such a bad place after all!


Many people experience a type of initiation where they become a Vitki. It often makes itself known through a sudden upheaval in your life. Loss of a loved one. Loss of a job. Some sort of life changing event may lead you to the path of the Vitki. Here’s a couple of examples.

I have an apprentice who is going through such a process now. In trance several days ago he was given a vision of himself and Odin standing at the top of Yggdrasil. Odin turned to him and said “You’re ready”. And with that he was plunged off the top of the tree. Falling downward he stopped short of hitting the the ground and realized he was hanging by his feet on the tree. He was told for nine days he would hang there. He was only to drink water and abstain from smoking. As he hung there he was visited by Freyja and Hela who offered their aid. That was pretty much how the trance went.

He had a vivid dream the next night. And with my help he discovered he needed to incorporate his feminine side. He had issues with this matter and it was going to be a life changing exploration. He started the work at hand that day. Still in the middle of his nine days we’ll see what else occurs.

My initiation came when I spent five days in the hospital to finally be diagnosed with MS. The stay meant days worth of testing including two spinal taps. This ordeal was a big life event for me. And at the end of it all to be given the diagnosis was definitely a life changing event. This happened shortly before I started to pursue the path of the Vitki full time.

I guess the thing I’m saying is that following the path of the Vitki occurs for many people after some life changing event or ordeal. It is a shamanic change of courses similar to a near death experience. Or in the above examples a death of some part of Self. Becoming a Vitki can be a tough path. But it is one I have found outweighs the sacrifices called for.  May your transformation be easy and complete.

Wrestling with faeries

I’m having trouble believing in faeries. I know that they’re part of the lore. I know they marry humans sometimes. But really. Faeries?  Really?

As I understand the concept of faeries. They are a form of nature spirit. They assist in the growth of green things. They work magic. They assist humans when the mood strikes them. And I can buy all that.

I have no problem in believing in beings from other realms. I even believe they can cross over into our realm when they feel like it. I have witnessed firsthand the work of such beings. Having had a family farm in my youth I can tell you the growth of plants is nothing short of magic. You take a seed. You plant it. It gets rain. And poof! Soon you have a plant pushing its way up through the ground. Magic indeed. I can believe that there are entities behind the scenes in all that. Something’s at work there. Otherwise it simply defies imagination. No wonder our ancestors saw magic at work.

The Morrigan is said to be the queen of the faeries. She oversees all of their work. She helps decide what they will or won’t do. As queen she commands respect from her tribe. Again I can buy all of that.

Maybe I don’t have such a problem believing in faeries. Maybe I’m simply the victim of too many Disney films. I don’t believe that faeries are all pixies flitting about.

Maybe I need to start a regimen to invite them into my life. Some close encounters would be great. I wish I lived closer to nature now. It’s times like this I miss my youth.

Believing in faeries?  Maybe I’ll let them win this wrestling match!