Nobody at home

This morning I wanted to blog. To get an appropriate topic I did what I generally do. Went into trance. So I’m in my trance and I call out to Llewelyn. No reply. I try again. Dead air. I tried several more times with no response before finally giving up the ghost. Chalk it up to nobody home.

That’s the way it is with trance work sometimes. You can do all your regular steps to trance. You can actually be in a trance. And nothing will happen. Nothing at all.

Whenever these non events occur I’ve learned to cut my losses and move on with my day. Sometimes I just get a whole lot of nothing.

Trance work doesn’t always result in a rewarding romp through the Otherworlds. If it did I might be tempted to live in that state permanently. But other forces larger than myself thankfully know better. They make sure I stay anchored to this realm first and foremost.

There is plenty to be done in a trance state for certain. But there’s even more to do in a state of ordinary consciousness. Laundry. Dishes. Walking the dogs. Just because I can do trance work doesn’t mean I always should. I have to remind myself that there’s plenty to attend to here. Or be reminded.

I’ve been an experienced trance worker for the past seven years or so. Doesn’t seem to matter how much experience I gain. There’s always something new to learn. Like the lesson of silence.

Being unable to successfully trance this morning doesn’t make me a failure in the whole process. It just means other things needed my attention more pressingly. And that’s okay.

So my plan for today has been a bit altered. I’m not going to travel to the Otherworld to gain wisdom and insight. I’ll find wisdom and insight in this realm. That’s what I got out of today’s trance session!

Words from the gods

Someone asked me where and how I pick the topics for my blog. That’s easy. I don’t pick the topics. They come to me from the gods. Here’s how it works.

I go into trance. I get in touch with my Druid spirit ally Llewelyn. Sometimes he shows other times not. But when he does show I ask him to help me in finding a topic. That’s when things get fun.

Next he’ll tell me he’s going to put me in touch with one of the deities for some wisdom on this matter. Soon I’m in the presence of the Morrigan or Cerridwen or some other god. I ask them for a topic. And most often sure enough they present me with a topic. I thank them and get to writing. At that point I find the words just flow out. Help from the gods is a good thing!

Sometimes Llewelyn himself will give me a topic. I find that his wisdom is no less reliable in this particular matter. So either way I get a subject for my blog. Cool!

So. The big question now is do I really believe the topics are coming from the gods?  Or am I just accessing different parts of my own brain while in an altered state?  Which is the true answer to this concern?

Short answer is that I really don’t care much!  If it’s from the gods or just dredged up from the depths of my subconscious the outcome is the same. I get my topics. I write here on this blog. And people read it. That’s all that really matters to me.

I personally lean towards the choice that it’s the work of the gods. Their wisdom informs me and their words come into my mind. I’m far too brain addled to write this stuff on my own!

But I also believe that I am human and bound to make mistakes. So I certainly don’t think this blog is anything like the inherent words of the deities. There’s going to be my own stuff getting in the way. No channel is ever perfectly clear. Noise happens. And with me there’s s lot of crackling and buzz sounds in the broadcast.

So that’s how I write this blog. It’s a cool process for me. Try it out yourself!

Ways to journey

On of the key components of Vitki work is journeying to the different realms to gain wisdom or just to see what’s going on. Great. But how do you journey?

For me there are three major and different ways to do it. They all start from the same place. You need to create sacred space for a journey to be successful. The easiest way to do this for me is through scent. Scent is a powerful agent in any sacred work. It sets the stage and lets your mind know that something different is about to happen. You can use scent with incense or oils. The key is to choose a scent that will only be used for sacred purposes. For example if you choose sage or mugwort for your sacred scent don’t use it to simply rid your house of unwanted pet smells!  You want to create a mental trigger through scent that something out of the mundane ordinary is about to occur.

Deciding in advance about your intention is also important. Your intention will carry you through the proceedings. Keeping a strong solid intention in mind assures you won’t be drifting about aimlessly. It keeps you on track.

The first two ways to journey are through trace. Getting into trance for me and in my experience comes down to two techniques

First there is the way I teach all of my apprentices. You begin with rhythmic breathing. Setting a steady rhythm of breath helps to bring on a trance. Next you work on opening up your mind. This is accomplished by allowing your mind to go blank. If any unwanted thoughts come in simply acknowledge them and let them know you are busy with something else. You need to let the intrusive thought know you’ll get back to it later before gently pushing it aside. Continue to do this until your mind is free and clear as it can be. Then simply restate your intention and wait for the shift in consciousness to occur.

Another way to go into trance is through repetitive motion such as swaying. Swaying back and forth can create the altered state of mind we’re looking for. While not successful for everyone it does offer another option.

Then there’s the guided meditation technique. Here you simply get into a meditative state and picture Yggdrasil before you. You see there is a door at it’s base. Opening the door you step inside the hollowed out center of the tree. There is a spiral staircase inside going both up and down. You simply choose which direction you want to journey in an take the staircase there.

Those are three different techniques to journey. I’m sure there’s more. How do you travel?