More on bind runes

BF0BDCF0-2BB9-4ACF-BEDB-0BCA2BACCD0CBind runes are a vital part of the Vitki toolbox. They are the simplest and perhaps most powerful form of rune magic. Here’s a little update on how I approach them.

First of all you must choose the staves to be included in the bind rune. This is perhaps the most challenging part of the process. In this stage you are definitely using the left side of your brain. This is where analytical thought comes into play. In the example above the purpose I wished to achieve was wisdom in magic. I thought about the staves to be included and decided on eiwaz for enlightenment and initiation, fehu for new beginnings and fertility and Ansuz got transformation and inspiration. Choose your runes carefully. Make sure they truly reflect your goal.

Now it’s time for the right side of your brain to come into play. Taking the staves you have selected be a little playful. Create different combinations of the runes in one sigil. Squish them together in different ways until you come up with something simple but visually appealing. Experiment. Try different combinations. This should be the really fun part!

I generally  choose only three staves per bind rune. More than that I find makes the magic too all over the place. I want something simple and concentrated. More power that way.

Once you’ve constructed your bind rune now it’s time for the magical application. Here is where intention plays a key role. Having a strong intention makes all the difference in magic. Focusing your mental energy on the purpose of the bind rune draw it onto a piece of paper. I draw mine in red. Or carve it into a strip of wood. Use whatever medium you see most fit.

Using the concentrated power of your mind draw the bind rune on your chosen medium. As you draw or carve galdr the staves individual name three times each. That way in a three stave bind rune you will be galdring nine times.

Then release the bind rune into the multiverse. Here’s where intention is important again. Whether you decide to burn it or bury it or carve it onto an amulet let your intention carry it away. Then release it so it can do its work.

Following these steps you should be able to successfully accomplish bind rune magic. In the case of using the bind rune above for gaining wisdom in magic I can honestly say it did it’s job.  New magical avenues were made available for me to explore.  New doors opened up in my magical practice.  Success!

Hopefully this has been helpful. Let me know about your bind rune successes!

Getting unstuck

I’m stuck. I admit it. My Druid studies are not going as I’d hoped. I’m not sure what I expected but I thought I’d be further along than I am.

Maybe it’s just that I’m comparing apples to oranges. My concurrent path of Asatru comes so easily for me. But of course that’s after two decades of work. And I’ve only been of the path of Druidry for 9 months. So when does it get easier?

I am doing the right things. I’m reading. Lots. As much as I can. I’m connecting with others on this path.   I belong to a wonderful Grove. So why don’t I feel a connection yet?

I have had some positive experiences connecting with the deities. I’ve been called by the Morrigan. I’m learning ogham. I write this blog which has been read by people all over the world. I’m studying through OBOD. And I am grateful for all of that. Yet there’s this nagging thought that I could be doing more. More to grow on this path.

I connected with a tree the other day in a forest preserve very near my home. It gave me a branch to create a wand from. I plan to use that wand tonight in my equinox ritual. This will be my first spring equinox as a follower of Druidry. We’ll see what that holds for me.

And this weekend I’m celebrating the event with my Grove. That should help.

So I’m doing what I can to get unstuck. I’ll be calling upon the gods for help in this issue. Maybe I’m just being impatient. Maybe I need to slow down and let things progress as they will. Maybe I need more time to season. Maybe I’m just letting myself get crazy over nothing.

I’ll see what the rest of the week has in store. Connecting with the gods has always been a thing for me. May the gods be with me. Please gods help me get unstuck!


Ice. Stillness. Meditation. Concentration. All meanings for this slippery and sometimes dangerous rune. Let’s take a closer look.

Isa is ice. Ice brings up images of stillness and constriction. Beautiful but empty of life. This reaction of water to cold speaks of nourishment on hold. The life giving aspects of water are brought to a grinding halt in ice. Left unable to do the nourishing it was meant to do it simply remains still. Stillness is one of the major aspects of this rune. Quiet. Meditation. Self reflection.

The self discovery that comes of such self reflection and meditation contradicts the slippery aspect of this rune. The slippery aspect speaks of thoughts not sticking or gaining hold. Yet when viewed in its bright aspect the exact opposite occurs. Thoughts do take hold. And when warmed by the light of enlightenment it thaws into its natural state of a life giving Element. It is allowed to do what it was destined to do. Grow.  Grow thoughts and insights to their full bloom.

In my personal experience this rune is an example of the thought being gestated and brought ultimately to life. It is a rune of contractions worthy of the reflection it speaks of. Good or bad news depends on the other runes in a casting. When used magically it is a powerful tool in creating change. It is like most runes multifaceted and deep in mystery.

Foreseeing the future

98E0B70D-4A56-4EC9-9588-C9A5DC39A64FThere are  many forms of divination to foresee the future and simply gain insight into an issue. From tarot to the runes mankind seeks answers to pressing questions through these mediums. What was there for the Druid then?  As someone who turns to these mediums in practice and study I needed to find out the Druidic counterpart once I began on this path 8 months ago.

It didn’t take me long to discover ogham. This cryptic alphabet in many ways resembles the runes I had been using and studying for decades.   As a divination system it in many ways was very much like the runes. A set of meanings was assigned to each letter. These were drawn in different layout sequences to speak of the future. Of course their use doesn’t stop there. Simply gaining insight into a situation is another way the ogham is used. Also powerful magic uses are claimed by those who use this system. I don’t know too much about magical applications of the ogham. I’m still studying and learning!

In a book on Druidry I read early on my path was a mention of the use of crystal balls by the Druids. I had never heard of this before so I did what anyone seeking information in this day and age does. I went to Google!  And sure enough I found several hits on the use of crystal balls by Druids. Most sources claimed this practice dated back to years BCE. So I immediately went to Amazon and ordered a crystal ball. I got it and started to practice with it. Sure enough I got glimpses into the future. Many of those visions turned out to be true when checked for verification.

In our undying thirst for knowledge we turn to many sources. Those on the path of Druidry are no different. And I foresee this will be the case as long as mankind exists.

Modern day Vitki

We know little about the role of the Vitki in long gone times. The role of the Volva is clearly defined in the lore. She was an Oracle. She saw into the future. Vitkis do the same thing several times in the lore. They also curse enemies. Beyond that there’s not much to be found.

But what of the Vitki of today?  What does he do?  What is his role in the clan?

A Vitki today in my definition is simply a Norse sorcerer. Which covers a lot of ground. Rather like a Shaman in other tribal societies the Vitki of today is called on for many services.

Seidr work is one of those services. Whether it be faring off to talk to departed ancestors or looking into the Wyrd of someone seidr is the tool we use. A complicated and sometimes messy tool but a valuable one at that. Seidr practice opens doors otherwise left tightly closed. A Vitki offers a glimpse of other realms through his work.

Rune work makes up a huge portion of my work as a Vitki. Divination and magic are the primary uses available to me. Looking for clarity or insight on an issue?  Turn to a Vitki and the runes will assist you.

Being a Vitki in the modern world means using tools our ancestors would never have dreamed of. Phones for instance. The use of phones means that we are able to be in touch with those on the other side of the world. This means that we have the ability to do long distance healing and seidr work with ease. Vitkis can be in touch with more people meaning larger size clans. This is a definite step forward in the world as we know it.

The internet is also a huge development for modern vitkis. Now information is at our fingertips at all times. We can use this tool to expand our clan as well. We can easily reach others who may wish to use our services. We can interact with those also doing this work.

So although many of the basic services a Vitki offers today looks very similar to those offered long ago the ways of communication are greatly easier. No one need be the only one in a village doing this work. Our village is now global thanks to the innovations of the modern day. And that’s what being a modern Vitki means for me.