Spring is the time of great promises. As the spring rains fall to the ground nourishing the plants around us and they draw that water up into themselves, the only thing that can happen next is green!  The great wonderful greening of the earth. The start of new things.

Spring is an excellent time to begin new tasks. Taking on a new task in your life now will mean that by fall harvest something miraculous will have occurred. You will have grown. Throughout the summer heat you will be experiencing growth of whatever task you have set for yourself. You will become something new. Spring means new life. New growth. What better way to celebrate the coming of spring than to set yourself a new goal?

The rain that falls in spring has a place as well. It is nature’s way of reminding us of our own potential to grow. As the rains fall from the sky simply remind yourself that it is a necessary part of new growth. We all become more than we were during this time. It is the nature of spring.

So with this new time of growth upon us I challenge you. Challenge you to set yourself a goal of growth that can see a harvest of in the fall. But don’t  be scared that your goal may not be fully achieved in one year. Set a big goal that may take tending for your lifetime. The sky is the limit!  The loftier the better!

I offer you the energy of spring. That grand time of renewal and growth. A time when all things are new. A time to cast off the old to make way for the future harvest. Let this time of the year embolden you to do great things!  Hurrah spring!

Sacred space

8A070D84-F06D-4C73-A589-E6883C069E4CThis is my altar. Part of my sacred space. I am fortunate enough to have a whole room dedicated to my spiritual practices. I know not everyone has that luxury. But you can still create sacred space on a smaller scale.

What is sacred space?  It’s an area set off from the mundane aspects of your life. An area where you can preform ritual and pray. An area where you can meditate. An area set aside for your spiritual purposes.

The biggest challenge of course is simply finding the space. What makes a good sacred space?  An area off the beaten path. An area of quiet. Even in a houseful of cats we can all find such a space. It needn’t be large. Just dedicated to a purpose.

Intention makes all the difference in this regard. If you intend a space to be sacred then it is. It’s your mindset that makes all the difference. Deciding to make an area a home to your spiritual practices is half the battle.

It can be as large or as small as your situation allows. Just a table. Even a TV tray will do the trick. Just be certain you can set it aside for sacred purposes.

To prepare a sacred space you may want to do some recaning of the area. Smudging. Incense is a great way to make an area holy. It tells your brain through the power of scent that you have made this choice.

Candles also raise a space above the mundane. A candle or two of the right colors can give you a chance to explore the wonders of a flame. The flame can serve as a focal point for your meditations. Nothing beats time concentrated on a candle flame to alter your state of consciousness.

There are other ways to sanctify a space. Stones make a good addition. They are part of the earth. Grounding. Centering. A good addition to any sacred space.

Of course you can really create sacred space anywhere. Just cast a circle chanting the runes can do it. Again it’s all about intention.

Once a sacred space is created you can do any spiritual work there. Casting the runes. Meditation. Seidr work. Anything you can imagine that brings you out of the world of the ordinary.

One last thing. Keep the space clean. Even if it’s overcrowded keep it clean. It’s difficult to do holy work in dirty surroundings.

And that’s it. With a little creativity and intention you can have a sacred space too!

Sacred garb

C3746D44-0486-4A9F-91B5-1175656DDAF9As you can see from the photo above I have Sacred garb. I only recently decided to go that route. Up till now I thought nothing of what I wore to perform rituals and seidr. But I’m glad to say I finally got around to it.

The tunic was a purchase from Amazon. It wasn’t terribly expensive. It came in two colors. I chose the brown for a more earthy feel. But anyone can get this garb easily.

The staff also came from Amazon. Remarkably cheap. As in under 15 dollars. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. I had been thinking about a staff for some time. I just never seriously looked for one. The idea of the staff came long before my thoughts on other sacred garb. So although I ordered it after the rest the idea was older for me.

What good is it?  Isn’t it just a guy playing dress up?  Definitely not. The idea of sacred dress is an ancient one. I’m not saying all Vitkis has specific dress. But the idea was there.

Sacred garb sets things apart. It tells your brain that you are about to do something special. In my case this means I’m going to perform some aspect of a Vitki.

Simply getting dressed in the garb sets a tone. If you are doing work with a client it helps to set you apart from them. If no client is involved you are simply telling yourself that something extraordinary is about to happen. Either way it’s all about intention. Saying to your brain that you have the intention of setting this time apart makes a world of difference.

What about the staff?  That piece of the works has a much more mundane role to play. The staff is there to act as a grounding device. It helps me connect and stay connected to the energy of the earth. It also serves as a way to pound out a beat when I have no drum to perform seidr. It helps me get into trance. Very practical!

So more than playing dress up my sacred garb helps me get into the appropriate mood and get into a proper state of mind. And for sacred proceeding that’s half the battle!

Chats with Ogma and Odin

I confess I do a lot of trance work. I journey to the other realms for knowledge not available to me otherwise. Two recent sessions resulted in knowledge from my Druid path god Ogma and from my Asatru path god of Odin. Here’s what happened.

One day I traveled to the Norse Realm of Asgard to attempt to talk to Odin. This is always a dicey prospect as he talks to me about as often as he doesn’t. This day he talked to me after me doing my whole drumming and chanting routines to get myself into trance. He appeared as he sometimes does. He seemed out of sorts. He asked me what I had come for. I told him wisdom. Then he drew himself up before replying.

“I will tell you nothing. It will be this way with all the gods here and in all the nine realms. The task you have been charged with is this. Learn to communicate with the gods of your new pantheon. Learn to travel in their realms. Until you have mastered this task no one here will offer you counsel. Learn of the new gods you wish to follow alongside us. Do this for your own good and growth.”

I must admit to being a little taken aback by these words. They seemed so…harsh. Granted it was a fine task to set for me. But to cut me off?  Seems unfair somehow.

So the next day I set myself the task of learning to navigate the three realms of Druidry. It seemed a strange way of doing things. It seemed like a shirt that didn’t fit quite right. But I keep pressing on.

After several days of this exploratory exercise routine I asked my Druid spirit ally Llewelyn to show me the ins and outs of this new multiverse. I also asked him to set up a meeting with a deity I had yet to really build a relationship with. This left things pretty wide open because even though I’d had cursory encounters with the deities of Druidry nothing like a relationship had been established with any of them. Llewelyn told me that I needed to meet with Ogma.

I was standing in a Grove. A mist suddenly arose and became so thick I couldn’t see. Then through the mist a man appeared. Gray hair. Piercing blue eyes. Llewelyn told me it was Ogma.

I told him he was just the party I needed to speak to.  I admitted I was having a great deal of difficulty with my ogham studies.

His answer was swift and firm.  “Study two of the few a week.  Get to know them very well.  Then move on to the next two.  In this way in ten weeks you will have learned them all.  Then tell me you’re having difficulty.”  He vanished in the mist.

I was very pleased with this advice.  It seemed easy enough to do and very practical.  Good stuff.

So I’m still taking exploratory excursions.  And this Monday I will begin the two a week plan.  I’m still a little miffed about the Norse gods going AWOL.  But I have new territories to chart and new gods to know.  Stay tuned for updates on my journeys!