Wisdom from Cernunnos…sort of

The other day for my trance session I decided it was time to attempt a meeting with the Horned God Cernunnos. Here’s what happened.

I got myself settled and drummed myself into light trance. I was in my Grove. I stayed there a bit. Then I said to the trees that I had the desire to meet with Cernunnos. Out of the quiet woods there came a centaur with huge horns growing out of his head. He was very tall and imposing but I felt no danger from him. He said “You asked to meet with me.”  I told him I was hoping to gain from him any wisdom he might share. He quietly replied “Come” and picked me up with his impossibly strong arms and placed me on his back. Silently he began walking out of the forest. Soon we were at the edge of a clearing. It was a beautiful grassy field. It was twilight. In the center of the clearing was an impressive henge of stone.

Around the inside of the henge there was a circle of people walking the perimeter. Each carried a lit candle and they were all dressed in white robes. They were chanting in a foreign language. I was lifted off the back of my companion. “Go” he said. So I cautiously approached the henge.

As I walked closer a woman from the circle of walking people came towards me. She was older and had a glowing aura about her.

She asked me my business there. I told her that I was seeking wisdom. In a clear strong voice she told me that I was to stay on ny current path and seek the wisdom of the ancients. She assured my there was great wisdom to be found in the ancestors and ancients. Then she rejoined the circle. Suddenly I was snapped back into ordinary consciousness.

So I will try to follow her advice. I will seek the wisdom of years gone by more whole heartedly. I have up to now been only giving scant time in my studies to reading the lore. Guess it’s time to change that.

Wisdom gained with the help of Cernunnos…

Healing with Eir

All Nordic healing techniques should first begin with Eir. Invoking her is the first step toward recovery. Here’re two methods of healing for which I have called upon her for assistance.

First there are psychological healings. A broken heart for example. First I get the client into a comfortable position laying down. Next I light incense. Then I pull out my drum. Drumming in a given rhythm I start to invoke her. Saying her name along with the drumming forms a type of light trance. I fall into the trance state and hopefully my client does too. Then the work begins.

Using my third eye vision I explore and examine the Hyde of the client. I’m looking for holes. Dark splotches. Sudden eruptions in the energy field. Now I can start to remedy the imperfections. Using myself as a conduit for the energy of Eir I fill in. I smooth out. I fix stuff. Once things seem complete and whole again I restart my drumming. The drumming serves to help me return to ordinary consciousness. Once fully back in this realm I go over what I’ve accomplished with the client. Then I give them a runic amulet or some stone for them to use as a focusing device. I instruct them to spend some time every day with the object in meditation. That’s about all there really is to it!

Physical ailments can be addressed through the use of herbs. Every Vitki should have some solid knowledge of the use of herbs. Getting to know them will give you a good idea of dried herbs to have on hand. Crushing them together in a mortar and pestle gets them ready to give to the client. I pray to Eir over the mixture so that they have the desired affect. Of course you shouldn’t dispense or prescribe any herb until you have a solid training in their uses. To do otherwise is reckless.

There is scant little information about Eir in the lore. About all we know is that she was the doctor to the gods. All I know is that no healing work I undertake is complete without her aid.

Twins beautiful and ugly

I did a trance session this morning. I was seated in my Grove quietly taking it in. Suddenly out of the trees came two children. A boy and a girl. They were holding hands.

They were about 5 years old. The girl was beautiful. Long blonde hair. Blue eyes. The boy was misshapened and ugly. The girl seemed very serious. The boy was dancing and happy.

Immediately I thought of Cerridwen and her two children. Two children from the same source. But remarkably different. Light and dark. Beautiful and ugly. The polar opposite of each other. Much like the universe itself. The two halves that makes a whole.

But in this scenario my visitors made little sense. The beautiful child was serious and somber. The ugly child was happy and dancing about. What did this mean?

The beautiful little girl came to me and sat in my lap. She leaned into my ear to whisper. “Beauty must be taken seriously. Ugliness must be approached with a light and happy heart. That’s my secret.”

She climbed off my lap. Her stride was purposeful. She went over to her ugly brother and took his hand. He was still dancing. She lead him and they disappeared into the woods they had come from. They had given me their message.

I came out of trance. I started thinking about what I had just experienced.

These twins were aspects of myself I knew. Representing my ugly and beautiful sides. My lightness and darkness. But there was a hitch. The beautiful side was somber and serious. The ugly side was happy and joyous. Not what I’d expect from these two.

Then I thought about what the girl had whispered into my ear. My beautiful self must be taken seriously. And my ugly self must be taken with joy in my heart.

It made me think about how I had been taking my ugly self too seriously. And allowing my beautiful self to be brushed aside. I had been taking the wrong approach. I needed to reshape my thoughts so that I could grow. Not taking my ugly self so seriously suddenly made sense. And I needed to take my beautiful self seriously and with care.

A big challenge for me.  But I will take this message to heart and try to reshape my thinking.  See if it helps me to grow spiritually.  See if I can make a change in myself.

The lessons learned in the Grove…


If the lore is filled with tales of brave and heroic deeds it also has its shadow side. Darker deeds done by a god. Enter Loki. A much darker trickster god who slips his way through the lore. Like the multiverse itself Loki provides a balance of dark in a realm of light. He has his justified place alongside the heroic deeds of the other gods. He just goes at things slightly sideways.

Take the example of the feast where Loki calls out the rest of the gods on their personality shortcomings. Why does he do this?  Is it just to make himself seem superior in a room filled with brave and heroic deities?  I say not. I believe that the purpose of the tongue lashing is to help the gods see areas for self improvement. Just like all sentient beings the gods are subject to evolution. Perhaps the telling it like it is episode of Loki simply was there to show off areas that needed improvement.

As the bringer of Baldur’s death Loki served as an example of the treachery of nefarious deeds. All through the tale his actions are of a deceitful kind. His refusal to weep at Baldur’s death served to only place the last nail in the coffin. Baldur was doomed to exist in Hel. But does the action of Loki here not set the stage for a glorious rebirth of Baldur after Ragnarok?  Even here Loki’s actions serve a higher good. Once again he sets the stage for growth.

Every set of tales needs to be balanced between light and dark. Otherwise the tales are woefully one sided. Loki and his deeds serve as that balance. Because of his example the deeds of the other gods can be viewed as heroic and brave.

Some say Loki is merely the dark aspect of Odin. I’m not sure where I stand on that issue. But it makes for some interesting speculation.

All great works of literature need a villain. The Eddas have a fine example in Loki. But is he such an evil deity after all?

The Elements

The Elements are a basic concept of Druidry. Most Druids deal with five core Elements. Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Spirit. These five Elements  make up what is known of our realm. What we can taste, smell, feel, hear and see.  Basic stuff but complex as well.

The concept of the Elements goes back thousands of years. It seems as if these concepts have been with us for as long as man has been trying to explain his surroundings and experiences. How do we use them today?

I use the Elements in my rituals. Earth is represented by the earth my potted plants thrive in. The plants surround the whole of my ritual room. Air is represented by the incense I burn for each ritual. The smoke wafting up through the air is symbolic enough. Fire is represented by the flames of the candles I burn. Their flickering light casts an eerie tone to the proceedings. Water is represented by the cauldron I put water into. It helps to purity the space. And spirit is represented by the Druid themself. Being in ritual alone brings forth a spiritual aspect to light. These are the ways the Elements are represented in my ritual work.

These five Elements form the building blocks of our universe as we know and experience it. Powerful symbols of the multiverse. There is nothing that occurs that cannot be explained by these core Elements. Get them working for and with you and there is no stopping what you can accomplish!