What do I believe?

This thought ran across my mind this morning. What do I truly believe?  So I decided to hash it out.

I believe in the Norse gods. As beings both outside of myself and as reflections of my inner self. What do I mean?  I believe that the gods are outside of my state of being. As the Elements of nature. As deities who look out for me and help inspire me along my journey. I believe that they are as alive as I am. And that they grow and evolve. They are energies that are way bigger than me to be sure. And I believe that as such they deserve our honor and respect.

But I also believe they are inner archetypes. They are reflections of our self. When our ancestors were coming up with ways to explain their universe they also turned inward. They were drawn and inspired by inner archetypes as well as the world outside themselves. Hence Odin and his eternal quest for knowledge. That’s an archetype of human existence. And Thor with his amazing strength. Another archetype. So I believe that the gods are within me as well as without.

I believe in the use of magic. Using energy to impact your existence in this realm by tapping into other realms and the energy found there makes fundamental sense to me. I understand and use this concept successfully in my own life. I can give many examples of times I’ve done a magical sending and reaped the benefits. So I know it works. Sometimes quietly sometimes powerfully. And sometimes it’s just a shot in the dark. But seldom does a sending not bring results. For that reason I believe in magic.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of what the Vitki believes. And hopefully it will cause you to think about what you believe. It’s an exercise worth doing.

Writers blocked

I’ve always been drawn to literature with a bit of controversy about it. From “Lolita” to “Satanic Verses” I’m drawn to the forbidden. So it is no different in my choices for reading material to further my Vitki training.

Rvery genre has its outcast authors. Fiction, nonfiction. It seems to make no difference. And so the world of literature of interest to the Vitki is surprisingly no exception.

Most of the controversy in this genre seems to swirl about the authors non literary personality more than the content of their works. It seems though as if few books in this category get released or reviewed without a fair share of mud slinging. Or if it takes a few years for the dirt to come out you can almost bet it will come out sooner or later.

Take The Godfather of all Vitki workers at least in the USA. No mention of his name these days is not met without cries of downright hate and bile. Or take the author of books on seidr being hailed as a Neo Nazi. We spare such wrath for those of our ilk mostly I think because we don’t want it to be true. We’re hoping for a statement to the contrary. Could these accusations be true?  Maybe so.

I guess I would say that it’s not my place to judge the soul of another person. Whom ever they may be in their private lives rarely impacts the validity of the work they present for me.  I don’t need to share my life with them. Only gain whatever knowledge or insights their work may present.

Is this view of mine adding to the controversy?  Maybe. Not mine to judge. My only job is to read as much as what comes down the pike in this genre. Read it with a thinking eye. Looking toward any attitude or belief that may rub me wrong. And as the father of an African American daughter with beautiful biracial kids as my grandkids my attention is always on full alert for nonsense.

So I read at my own risk. As should you. Do some background checking on an author who is new to you. Make the decision yourself. Don’t let Facebook tell you what to read!

Or you can just be like me. Always intrigued by a bit of controversy…


For me Gebo is always about exchanging. A gift for a gift. Giving and taking. Specifically Gebo for me is about magical exchanges. The energy we send out into the multiverse coming back to us. With a gift.

Offerings and sacrifices are one way to give gifts. I rarely do a major working without an offering involved. Even if it’s as simple as incense. That way I know my gift will be returned with a gift. The something I send out will be responded to with whatever I am asking for coming back to me. That’s the concept of gift for a gift for me as a Vitki.

There are always strings attached. The strings of the multiverse being interconnected. The strings of connectedness are of primary importance. They are the ways we work magic and create new opportunities in our lives. Magic only works if it’s a two way street. The multiverse more readily responds to energy being sent out if it has an offering attached. It’s not really a bribe. It’s more of a greasing the wheels to bring about what our will desires.

Magical exchanges.  The way the multiverse acts in the sense of magic is simple. There is a greater chance our will will be responded to if accompanied by a gift. Make it a part of your routine to make some kind of small offering with your magical workings. See the results come back to you when you do.