New robe. New me.

DB1E2661-F296-4D13-94FE-030BEDC652C9This is my new Druid robe. Meant to be worn only for the private rituals I conduct in the privacy of my ritual room. As such I’m not concerned about being mistaken as a member of the KKK. Which is ridiculous as I have an African American daughter and biracial grandkids. Anyway…

I chose the color based on images I received during trance. White robed Druids performing ritual. They all had white hoods as well. It was this image that I carried with me on my shopping. No other deeper meaning than what came to me in trance. I didn’t think about Druid grades or anything like that. I just saw this group of Druids performing ritual in white hooded robes. That seemed enough for me.

Why a robe at all?  What difference does it make what you wear during ritual?  The answer of course is it makes no difference really. But the outfit can set a tone for the proceedings. And that’s my hope. I want to set a more sacred and serious tone to my private rituals. One where the dogs barking and heater coming on have no real place. A serious and serene environment. Donning a special garb can help make that happen.

As I’m limited by budget and abilities to mass produced items I think I found a good match. MS prevents me from sewing as I used to. So it’s off to Amazon when I need something.

Did the people who produced this garment have any idea what I would use it for?  Absolutely not. But it’s the power of my intention that makes it a sacred object. The power of my thoughts can overcome its humble beginnings to create a new sacred robe suitable for my ritual use.

I’d like to get a blue cord to act as the belt. Other than that I think it’s perfect for my use.

What about you?  Do you have any sacred items of dress that you use for ritual?

New tools

I got a new drum in the mail yesterday. It’s always exciting to get a new tool for my Vitki work. This drum has a beautiful ring of runes on the head in red ochre. I plan to use it to assist me in seidr work. But I can’t just jump in and use it. It must go through some preparations.

First I have to use incense to make it sacred. Passing it through the smoke a few times helps to set this drum aside for special purposes. It says to the multiverse exactly what I plan to use the drum for. Sacred work. Setting it aside this way makes sure that whenever I use the drum it’s for a distinct reason. This act also puts me in the mindset of what this drum is truly for. Seidr work and calling upon the gods.

Next I need to spend some time getting to know the drum better. I sit and meditate with it. I stroke it to add my personal energy to it. I ask it it’s gender. I ask it if it has a name. All of these things help build a link with the drum. In essence I become one with it. It’s never good to trust a stranger with your intimate ritual work. Same thing goes with your tools. Don’t let them be a stranger. Get to know them a bit before using them in a ritual setting.

Once I feel confident I’ve gotten to know the new tool I can do some dry runs with it. Testing it out as it were. Giving the tool a chance to show off its abilities. Let the tool have this opportunity to show you what it’s got. This process can take several sessions. Don’t rush things. Really give the tool a chance to become acclimated to what you intend to use it for. Not good to just jump in and then expect positive results. These things take time.

Now that I’m sure the tool is accustomed to its use and I know it and have set it aside for Vitki use it’s time to use the tool in a full blown ritual setting. Let all of your previous work carry you through. Enjoy the new tool in its proper use. Exciting stuff to be sure!

i do this routine for all my tools. Drums. Gands. Whatever. Proper planning makes for positive results in ritual use. A little time beforehand gives a wealth of rewards.

How do you prepare new tools for ritual use?

I visited Odin

So I felt it was time for a seidr session to have a talk with Odin. These talks generally go pretty well for me. I generally get nuggets of wisdom from him. So it was time to find out what wisdom he’d share with me this time.

I prepared as always. I lit candles and incense. I got out my drum. I started drumming and chanting the name of Odin. Soon enough I was in a trance.

I looked around. Yep. It was Asgard. I called out Odin’s name. And I called again. And there he was in the distance. Walking with a staff purposely toward me. Soon enough he was with me.

“What do you need?” he asked in a rather direct manner. I told him I was just checking to see if he had any wisdom to share with me. He looked at me with his one piercing eye. I felt uncovered and vulnerable. Finally after seconds that seemed like hours he spoke.

“You are an ordained gothi. You are a certified Norse Shaman. You are a teacher. So you are the keeper of wisdom. Any wisdom you may seek is already inside your head. Use it.”  And with that he ambled off.

I slowly came to ordinary consciousness. I was weak and shivering. I let the power of his words sink in. He was right. I am a wisdom keeper now. I had never thought about that before. I have and always will be a seeker of wisdom. But as I stand today I am also the keeper of much wisdom. Funny. I needed to start looking at myself with different eyes. I needed to acknowledge to myself how far I’ve come and how much I do know. Scary thought. But powerful.

And I challenge you to take a look at yourself. You too are a keeper of wisdom. No one else has traveled your path and learned what you’ve learned. Acknowledge that fact. And be a keeper of wisdom yourself.

Orders from the Morrigan

A couple of weeks ago I decided to bug the Morrigan and see if she had any wisdom for me. As my thirst for knowledge is unending I figured this was not a surprising quest for me. Little did I know…

So I went to my Grove. That’s always the starting point for any journey for me. Once firmly there I reached out to Llewelyn my Druid spirit guide. I told him my intention. He agreed to summon the Morrigan. Mind you some days he tells me no way. But that day he must have felt like being helpful. So he got the Morrigan to come.

She appeared to me as her white haired self. She asked what I wanted. I told her I was there for any wisdom she could offer me. And in a firm commanding voice she said “Study ogham. All your wisdom can be found there!”  And she wandered off.

Hmmm. Not exactly what I had hoped for. I had a set of ogham sticks and books on the subject. But I had yet to do any serious studying. Oh well. Some day. Thanks Morrigan.

Then just last week after still not studying the ogham I decided to see if the Morrigan was in a better place to offer me real wisdom. Off to my Grove I went. I contacted Llewelyn. He called upon the Morrigan. Once again she appeared as her white haired self. Again I asked her if she had any wisdom to share with me. And in her clear firm voice she said “Study the ogham. That is all the wisdom I will give you!”  Off she went.

Darn. Twice told the same thing. I guess I’d better start studying.

So I’ve been studying the ogham. Somewhat seriously. After all when a deity gives a command not once but twice it’s time to listen. Urgh!

Runes and seidr

Do the runes and seidr ever go together?  Absolutely. In a couple of meaningful ways.

Runes and seidr go together to create powerful experiences. It’s like a double whammy of input . The best of both of the major disciplines of Vitki work come together in harmonious ways.

First there’s the Runic seidr combo. That’s where you do a rune casting and can’t make heads or tails out of it. A seidr session offers clarity in these cases. What you do is cast your runes. When an interpretation escapes you simply do a seidr session to make it understandable. Go into trance. Focus on the runes pulled. And soon interrelationships start to become apparent. That which was obscured becomes transparent. Meanings will dawn on you that you never expected.

The same works in reverse. Did a seidr session that was full of disconnected images that left you flabbergasted?  Do a rune casting to get additional meaning. Runes are very to the point and down to earth. Rather unlike the ethereal seidr session. A rune reading will help ground you in the here and now. Making it easier to make heads or tails of a slippery seidr session.  Runes can give answers where only questions occur.

These are but two examples of how these esoteric heavy hitters go together. Maybe you’ll find other ways to combine them!