Need. Not a scary word. But for some reason this rune coming up in a reading freaks people out. Maybe on the surface it has negative connotations. But think deeper. It’s not a scary rune at all.

Need is a thought of something missing that is required. Having a need spurs us on to acquire that which is missing. Action is called for. This rune can indicate that we must take action to provide the missing piece. For example in a casting near elhaz it may indicate that a connection with the gods is called for. With Ansuz inspiration is lacking. And so on. Need is an internal device which calls us to action.

It may also be a call for innovation. Coming up with new ideas and ways of looking at a problem could be the ticket. New ways of approaching and acting may fill the need indicted. Look at the shape of the stave. It looks like two sticks being rubbed together to create fire. The innovation of our ancestors to come up with this solution is sometimes called for.

Nauthiz is also need-fire. The concept of standing on your own two feet. Being able to actually do the things that you’re capable of doing. This may not necessarily be a comfortable thing. It can call upon us to go beyond our comfort zone. But being able to achieve that which we are able to is a great feeling. It brings self worth. And perhaps a greater standing in your clan.

It can also mean distress. The distress of not having our needs fulfilled. It can speak of not having what we need. For me then it simply raises the question of what do I need to do differently or in a new way to fill that need. Again look to the other runes in the reading for clues. Distress is different from catastrophe. It doesn’t mean the end. It’s simply an uncomfortable state that calls us again into action.

These are my quick thoughts on Nauthiz. Hopefully you got something out of it. If so let me know and I’ll do more posts on individual runes. Hail!


We are part of a vast multiverse where everything is interconnected. Every person, every animal, every rock and every plant. We are all connected to each other through energy systems. My energy affects yours. Your energy affects mine. Just as moods are transferred from one being to another our energies interconnect. Your happiness wears off on me. Your sadness I feel too.

Never before have I been more aware of this cosmic truth than recently with my sister having left this realm to move on to another. I can actually feel her missing. Her energy may remain in some form or another. But this realm has been affected. Something is missing. I feel it most strongly when I get an urge to call her and share some minor event in my life. But I can’t call. No one would answer.

So I find myself using the gods to fill the void. I have been turning to the Morrigan a lot. Her strength becomes my strength. Her long distance view of the world becomes mine. I do ritual for her. I meditate on her. I find myself drawing closer. As if she were a sister. She fills my psyche.

And she shows me the wisdom of interconnectedness. She allows me to see that we are just small specks of color in a huge painting of being. We are all needed to complete the picture. And when one of us are gone another must step in. The void never remains. The multiverse abhors a void and works quickly to fill one. Different things are used to fill the void. Different colors in the painting. I am using a newfound connection to the gods to fill the void left by my sister’s moving on.   I have been shown new colors. I am reveling in them.

So the next time you pick up a rock or view a tree I urge you to truly feel it’s presence in your life. Feel the energies being exchanged. More so true with those you love. Let them affect you. And let yourself affect them. Hopefully in a positive way. But feel the interconnectedness. And store that memory away for dark times. You may need it.

What’s the big deal about runes anyway?

Runes for the practicing Vitki are a big deal. A very big deal. For myself they compromise about seventy five percent of my work. But why?  What about the runes make them so primary for me as a Vitki?  The runes are a big deal because of their abilities in…

Meditation. By choosing a rune or bind rune to focus on you can achieve deep meditative states. Focusing on the stave shape in your mind’s eye and chanting the rune name through galder you can have mystical meditation experiences. I meditate on the runes frequently. And the results I get are multiple. I achieve a greater understanding of the rune. Things open up to me that were previously hidden. I get meanings. I gain insight into how they can be used magically. In other words doors open. I am given fleeting glimpses of power.

Divination. Very few if any other systems of divination offer as direct or as powerful results. I’ve been using the runes as divination tools for over twenty years. I have learned and tried other systems. None of the others offer such clear cut or accurate information. The runes are no nonsense and straightforward in their messages. Perhaps because they are a direct line of communication with the gods. It is in this aspect that they overshadow every other system. The are akin to calling the gods on the phone for a little chat. In uncountable instances I have been given the opportunity to serve as a connection with the gods through these means. Consider me the cable of communication in these encounters. I am only too happy to oblige.

Magical workings. The runes offer a powerful path of personal magic. Especially through the use of bind runes. On many occasions I have created a bind rune and sent it out into the multiverse to do it’s work. For example at the beginning of last year I created a bind rune for spiritual growth. And what a year it was spiritually speaking!  Never before have I had such a concentrated influx of spiritual energy. I haven’t decided what I should do a working on for this year. Stay tuned!

So those are some of the reasons I say the runes are a big deal. What are yours?