Seidr is where it’s at!

Based in the very small demographic of the universe that is my apprentices seidr is extremely popular. Compared to the Runes more people want to study seidr. Why?  What makes seidr so popular?  And why would people turn to me to learn it?

First of all it’s what seidr does. Seidr opens up the multiverse for you. Suddenly with a lot of practice you’re able to travel to different realms. The Nine Realms in particular. There is a whole vast network of information to be had in these Realms. Everything from wisdom of your ancestors to direct communication with the gods seidr has you covered. All of that wisdom there for the taking. It’s a powerful enough urge in most folk to get them on the track of practicing seidr. That alone could explain the popularity of Seidr. But there’s more!

Through seidr you get a chance to discover things about yourself. Things you might never have imagined before. There’s quite a bit of joy when a totally concrete thinker suddenly opens up to things beyond or even in themselves. And that realization that you can encounter archetypes and gods within yourself brings some people. You can uncover much knowledge about yourself through Seidr practice. Like I never realized how mentally strong I was before taking up Seidr. It was through the vigorous practice of mental exercises that I discovered my mental prowess. I thought I was mentally weak. Not so!  I was able to get through exercise after exercise with a little gumption and a lot of sticktoitiveness. Mental strength was shown to me.

Being able to see most likely outcomes of situations is another big draw. Like the runes Seidr gives us a glimpse into what may most likely occur. This gives us a chance to choose wisely to make the foreseen future occur or avoid it entirely. This hint at choices gives a sense of power over our fate. This is a great feeling. One that again draws people to study it.

Those are a couple of reasons I’ve come up with to explain this trend. Add to that the chance to serve your tribe is it any wonder it’s so popular?  Keep studying and keep coming up with reasons to learn all about seidr!

Encountering Cerridwen

I had such success meeting with Taliesin that I thought I’d try another deity. This time I choose to reach out to Cerridwen. She does play a big role in the tale of Taliesin after all.

First I called upon Llewelyn my Druid spirit ally. I told him my intention to speak with Cerridwen. He agreed the time was right for me to do so. And so he summoned her.

I was in a large grassy field with rock outcrops. It was still and silent and sunny. Suddenly a hawk flew into eye range. It circled a few times. I stated my intention to meet Cerridwen. The hawk landed on one of the rocks. I stood below looking up. As I watched the hawk shimmered between the shape of the hawk and that of a crouched woman. Finally it became only the woman. She stood up and stretched. Then she called out that she was Cerridwen and was the mighty goddess of all things magic. She stood with the sun gleaming behind her. She was mighty in magesty. With arms outstretched she greeted me with firm voice. I have come to collect herbs she told me. And she climbed down off the rocks and started searching the field. Into a burlap bag strung across her back she quickly and efficiently gathered her herbs. Trying to catch her attention I called out to her asking what I should be doing about magic. She replied that I knew everything I needed to know. She told me it was time to take action. She went back to collecting her herbs. Next thing I knew she had vanished. My trance was over.

I pondered over what she had said. I knew I had been studying magical workings for years. But I lacked the self confidence to act. She had told me rather briskly to just do it. A message I was not ready to hear but a valid one.

I resolved to put learning into action. I burnt incense. I did a ritual. And I did a small magical working for myself. Time will tell if I gain enough confidence to continue. With Cerridwen behind me how can I fail?

Aesir vs. Vanir

The first Great War mentioned in the lore is a battle between the two major camps of gods the Aesir and the Vanir. This battle was so evenly matched that it ended with the two sides deciding to call it quits by exchanging hostages. So it came to pass. Hostages were exchanged and the battle was ceased. What does this story have in the way of wisdom for the Vitki?

It’s all about the mind. The battle that rages inside all our heads. Think of it this way. The Aesir can be said to represent the left side of the brain. Intellectual. Logical. The Vanir therefore are the right side of the brain. Intuitive. Feeling. These two halves are often at war with each other until a truce is called. And neither side is declared the winner. Only when both sides are acknowledged and given equal time is the mind truly at rest and at its best.

As a Vitki it is important that both sides of the brain are in peak working order. We must utilize all the aspects to be very successful.

We need our left side to be analytical. For successful workings a great deal of rational thought must be part of the equation. We need to be able to plan and logically execute our plans to bring about any real change in the multiverse. Without this proper planning a magical working remains an amorphous blob. It’s only by being shaped by the logical mind that a random thought takes steps to becoming reality.

But of course we need the right side as well. It’s through intuition and that random spark of inspiration that things begin to take shape. Without these forces all would become mechanical execution. Doing something without emotion behind it is an empty prospect. We need the firey energies of this side of our brain for a working to reach fruition

So it appears that to become and remain successful as a Vitki no one side can win. Each side must be as powerful as the other. We must always seek that precious balance. Only then will we become a successful Vitki.

Meeting Taliesin

So I did a trance session today to meet with Taliesin. I was seeking wisdom. Here’s what I got.

First I called upon my Druid spiritual ally Llewelyn to arrange a meeting. He was willing to set it up. He asked me what I seeked. I told him and suddenly we were off.

I was in a forest. Trees everywhere. I called out for Taliesin. Nothing. I called again and a man came skittering around a tree and asked what I wanted. I told him I sought wisdom from Taliesin. He laughed and ran off into the trees.

I ran after him. He would get into my sight for a moment than quickly disappear. This went on for a while. Me chasing and catching up only to be left in the dust. Finally I caught up with him after quite a while and he stood there laughing. He told me he had taught me enough for one day. Then the trance suddenly ended.

What lesson had I been given?  What wisdom had I learned?  Then it dawned on me.  The hunt.  The pursuit.  That was the lesson to be learned.

I thought  about all of the pursuits in my life.  The pursuit of knowledge:  The pursuit of wisdom.  The pursuit of understanding.  All these were my pursuits.  Perhaps the lesson was that the joy is in the pursuit itself.  The Hunt.  I need to find the joy and happiness in the action of hunting.  Not worry so much about the acquisition.  This is a life long chore.  Not a passing fancy  I need perhaps to accept the pursuit as it’s own reward.  Big lesson for me.

So that was my first meeting with Taliesin.  Hopefully not the last.  Wisdom was gained.  What more can I expect from meeting with a deity?



Thorn. Defense. Action. Thurs. Thor. These are all but some of the words that come to mind when I contemplate Thurisaz. A prickly rune literally. But not really so painful to grasp as at first sight.

This rune for me always means action. Doing something. As in it’s guise as defense. Defense is taking preventative action. It’s all about forward movement brought on by yourself. Having this rune in a reading always alerts me that there is something to be done. Action is required. What that action may be is brought to light by interpreting the other runes cast. For example near fehu it means financial action. Near othala it calls for creating a sacred enclosure. All the questions are answered if you only know how to look at things.

Defense speaks of this rune’s affinity with Thor and thurs. Thor was always battling the frost giants. The thurs. His never ending strength and stamina served him well in this regard. As in his tussle with the Midgard Serpent action is required. We can find many lessons of strength in Thor. This strength is often what is called for in taking action. May the unlimited strength of Thor be with us all as we take action in our daily life!

In it’s murk Self it can simply mean defenselessness. Being defenseless is a scary thing to be sure. It becomes up to us to flip it around to become action.

These are a few of the thoughts that come to me with thurisaz. Your meanings and interpretations may be different. That’s the miracle of the runes. They open. They don’t close. So explore to find your own true meanings. Happy delving!