Calling on the gods in tough times

Tough times. I’m going through one now. My sister who I love dearly has been in a coma on life support the last four days. The prognosis is not good. So I decided to call upon the gods to help me through.

First I called to Eir. As physician to the gods she was of course my first choice. I did a ritual asking for her healing powers to aide and assist my sister. That energy was sent out into the multiverse quickly on day one. Asking for her assistance helped put me at ease.   I knew that the situation was in the hands of someone bigger than me. Someone in a position to do something about it. What could be more appropriate?

Then I called upon Thor. His strength and might are definitely called for. He can assist my sister by bringing her strength. And for me too. I am relying on his strength to keep me stable. He is needed in times like this to help me power my way through the emotions I’m feeling. His strength is helping me keep an even emotional state.  Who better to turn to when strong responses are called for?

Why turn to the gods at a time like this?  They are instrumental in my life. They help me in so many ways that it just makes sense. If they can continue to help me with the smaller issues in my life why wouldn’t I turn to them for the big stuff?  Any other response from me would be totally out of character for me as a Vitki. If I can’t turn to the gods in tough times then what good is all the work I’ve done in the good times?  I’ve built up a bank account of positive energy. It’s simply time to make a withdrawal.

So my advice is to work with the gods in good times. Build a relationship with them. Then when things get bad you have someone to turn to.

So I know whatever the outcome of this situation may be I will have the gods to see me through. They will show me the correct path to take and guide me on my journey. That’s all I can ask of them. And I am certain they will be there.

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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