Hot potato

Sometimes I feel as if the gods are playing a cosmic game of hot potato and I’m the potato. They just don’t want to handle me and they pass me off like I’m too hot to handle. Odin is the undisputed champion of this game in my experience. Often I’ll go to visit him in a trance only to have him shuffle me off to another deity.

One example of this cosmic game came after my calling on Odin for years to oversee me in rune castings. Suddenly one day I’m going to him in trance and he cold heartedly tells me to call upon the Norns for assistance with the runes. I was a little skeptical but I said to myself it was the Old Man’s orders so I guess I better do it. Sure enough connecting to the Norns worked. Not only were the runes picked making more sense but my ability to interpret them was greatly enhanced. I found the whole act of rune reading more enjoyable and fulfilling. Score one for Odin.

When I decided to start practicing seidr I turned once again to Odin. He had been taught how to do it and he was a guy so I thought we’d have a connection. But oh no. He had a different idea. Talk to Freyja he tells me. Now I already had a relationship with Odin and I had none to speak of with Freyja. But once again I trusted. Off to build a bridge to Freyja I went. It was slow going at first. But after a time I had built up a relationship with her and her teachings of Seidr were impeccable. So not only did I get the needed assistance in learning a new skill but I also got a relationship with a different deity to boot. Score two for Odin.

Freyja plays the game too. While learning seidr under her guidance it came time to talk to the ancestors. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue because at that point things were going swimmingly between Freyja and myself. Nope. To talk to the ancestors you have to build a relationship with Hella she tells me. So I spend several months building a relationship with Hella. It was worth it. Not only do I now have access to the wisdom of departed elders but I had one more relationship with a new deity. Score one for Freyja.

There are other examples I could give. But these three should help to illustrate a fact. If some deity you turn to passes you off to someone else it’s probably not because they’re feeling a bit lazy that day. It just means another deity is perhaps better suited to get you the results you need. No need to get all butthurt about it. Just realize someone greater than you knows better. And that’s how you learn. Hot potato anyone?

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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