What am I exactly?

It was bound to happen. I started on this path of Druidry three months ago. I planned to practice both this new path along with the old path of Asatru concurrently. Well things change…

I am finding that Druidry offers me a spiritual path that fits my needs better at this time in my life. The focus on the Earth. The gods and demigods. The ritual practice.   The magic.

Don’t get me wrong. Asatru offers all of that. But it always felt a bit empty for me. Especially the ritual aspect. I just never really felt connected to it. And I tried for twelve years. So it’s not like I didn’t give it the old college try. But for me something was missing.

I’ve found that Druidry offers more avenues for me to explore.   I’ve found already two different groups that feel like home. The ADF and the OBOD. Both offer different ways to approach Druidry. I’m working on both and finding that the two work well for me. OBOD offers guidance through weekly lessons. ADF offers ritual format that seems natural to me. Both are vital to my spiritual growth. I’ve found that I already have experienced more spiritual growth over the last three months than I had experienced in practicing Asatru for several years. This is exciting stuff for me!

Maybe it’s because it’s still new and I’m bound to grow quicker. I thought a lot about that explanation. But I remember being new to Asatru. The growth wasn’t as rapid or profound as it’s been with Druidry. And I have a different feeling about my spirituality now. Asatru feels heavy and somewhat laborious. Druidry feels like light coming through in the forest. At least for me.

But I still want to honor the Norse gods. And remain a practicing Vitki. I feel there’s no reason I can’t still do that and practice Druidry as well. Especially in the ADF framework.

So what does that leave me as a label for myself?  After a lot of thought and some research it seems the best label for me right now is Neopagan Druid. I’m pretty comfortable with that. And for me labels are important. They offer a way to explain who you are to yourself and the rest of the world. So for me finding a label is vital.

So I’m not discarding twelve years of my life. I am adopting a new label for myself spiritually and discovering a new spiritual path.  It feels like the time has come to shed the old skin to let a new one grow. The only thing certain is change…

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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