A very druid day!

So yesterday was a day full of Druidry. With Samhuinn approaching things seem to be moving at a frantic pace in my development on the Druidry path.

Yesterday I received two big tools to be used in my druid studies. The first was a harp. I plan to study it as part of my Bardic path in OBOD. There’s one challenge!

Then I received from England an ogam set of sticks. They are on the small side but beautifully made. I’m very pleased with them. I had originally decided not to study ogam because of the similarities with runes. But the more research I did the more apparent it became that they were meant to be a part of my path. Who am I to question the hints or smacking with a board upside the head of the multiverse?  Okay. So I’ll study ogam too!

Then a friend contacts me to tell me about a dream she had. In her dream I was wearing a green druid robe and carrying a large book. I was speaking Gaelic. And the Morrigan was hovering in the background. Sounds like even others were part of my druid day!

At the beginning of the year I did a magical rune sending that this year be full of spiritual growth. I figured it would be under the guise of Asatru. Which also has sped up. I have vitki apprentices now. But Druidry wasn’t even on my radar. I knew nothing about it. I’m not Celtic by ancestry. But I had that dream four months ago of my father saying the one word Druid to me. And then it all started.

I now do both druid and vitki rituals. I am a member of ADF and OBOD. My studies are yielding some amazing results. I took to this path running. And I’m just stubborn enough to continue!

I have much learning to do. But the gods keep dropping resources into my lap to follow. Everything is flowing smoothly if a little fast. My trust in the gods will carry me through. After all I have the Morrigan at my back!

Runic influences

I’m struck sometimes at how a certain rune can seem to be holding sway over my life. As I travel this path I guess it’s only natural that I would also travel under the influence of different runes at different times. It’s all part of what the runes do. Some are more powerful than others given where I am on my path.

Right now there’s a lot of Ansuz energy in my life. Inspiration. Transformation. Communication. All the things we associate Ansuz with. Especially in my work with my apprentices. And I’m grateful for its energies. Things are really opening up for me on so many different levels. And I can’t forget Odin.  It’s his rune after all.  I’m sure he has a hand in all of this!

There have been other times when things were much darker. During those periods I felt the chilly hand of Hagalaz. Everything seemed to be a crisis. I would put out one fire just to find another had sprouted up. During those times I have to remind myself this is a journey I’m on. Something completely different may be waiting around the bend in the path. It’s not always an easy thing to remember. But as sure as I continue to put one foot in front of the other my journey will change.

There are also times of such joy and happiness that I’m convinced Wunjo is well at work. Times when I find myself giddy and at a loss of words to explain what I feel. Such times may be rare and spread out. But they do exist. These are the times I remember when things are at their bleakest. I remember to hoard those moments like a squirrel with nuts saving up for winter.

And times of Fehu. New beginnings and wealth. Seems I’ve had more than my share of Fehu this year too. Starting the Vitki/Volva Forum. Taking on new apprentices. Starting my blogs. Being called to the concurrent path of Druidry. So much wealth in wisdom and understanding. And so many new beginnings.

That’s how I see things. Different runes influencing different times of my life. What about you?

Rainy day reflections

It’s a dark rainy day. Quiet in the house. Nothing stopping me from doing a session of meditation or trance work. I made myself ready and waited for the wisdom to come rushing in. And waited. And waited.

What to do when you’re sending your brain all the cues that something is ready to happen and nothing does?  Sometimes I stubbornly will it to happen. I force a solution. Today I thought I’d take a different approach. I’d let my mind have its way. I’d let it run rampant if that’s what it felt it needed. So much for wisdom I thought.

First my mind went to the approaching new year. In a week or so it would be time to celebrate Samhuinn. My first on the path of Druidry. I had celebrated the holiday years ago when I was practicing Wicca. This time I knew it would feel different. Not sure exactly how. But it would be my first Samhuinn using a set ritual to mark the event. I am going to do my initiation into OBOD self ritual on the 31st. This will mark my serious start of their program. And they have a wonderfully deep and spiritual ritual to denote this date. I will easily remember my anniversary date this way.

Then there’s the actual ritual to commemorate Samhuinn. This I will perform on the 1st. Again thanks to OBOD for providing such a powerful ritual. I look forward to actually doing these two rituals back to back. Should make for an energetically strong couple of days!

Next my mind flitted to thoughts of the Morrigan. As the first deity I’m studying on this path she occupies a far amount of brain matter. All of the books I’m reading about her. All of her depths of ambiguity. All of her many aspects to learn about. If I was to be called by a goddess that offered a place to sink my teeth into it had to be her. Of course she called me!  She knew I was up for a challenge.

Next up on the hit parade was thoughts about ogam. I just this past week started studying it. So far on this new plain of mental battle I’m struck by the similarities with the Norse runes which I’ve been studying for years. They both historically trace their way to similar times in history. Both were gifts from the gods — Odin the runes Ogma the ogam. Both made their way into the hands of those of us in this level of reality. Both are alphabets. That’s how far I’ve gotten in my studies. But not a bad start for someone with a Nordic background.

And then the thoughts slowly drifted back to the mundane. I had to go to the bathroom. I was hungry. I decided to call it quits for this session. I had started out with high hopes of gaining wisdom. All I got was a flurry of mental gymnastics.

But maybe I thought to myself that was the gift of wisdom right there. Maybe sometimes you have to release your mind to wander aimlessly. Perhaps the deepest wisdom comes from that. And I suddenly was pleased with the results.

Hot potato

Sometimes I feel as if the gods are playing a cosmic game of hot potato and I’m the potato. They just don’t want to handle me and they pass me off like I’m too hot to handle. Odin is the undisputed champion of this game in my experience. Often I’ll go to visit him in a trance only to have him shuffle me off to another deity.

One example of this cosmic game came after my calling on Odin for years to oversee me in rune castings. Suddenly one day I’m going to him in trance and he cold heartedly tells me to call upon the Norns for assistance with the runes. I was a little skeptical but I said to myself it was the Old Man’s orders so I guess I better do it. Sure enough connecting to the Norns worked. Not only were the runes picked making more sense but my ability to interpret them was greatly enhanced. I found the whole act of rune reading more enjoyable and fulfilling. Score one for Odin.

When I decided to start practicing seidr I turned once again to Odin. He had been taught how to do it and he was a guy so I thought we’d have a connection. But oh no. He had a different idea. Talk to Freyja he tells me. Now I already had a relationship with Odin and I had none to speak of with Freyja. But once again I trusted. Off to build a bridge to Freyja I went. It was slow going at first. But after a time I had built up a relationship with her and her teachings of Seidr were impeccable. So not only did I get the needed assistance in learning a new skill but I also got a relationship with a different deity to boot. Score two for Odin.

Freyja plays the game too. While learning seidr under her guidance it came time to talk to the ancestors. I figured this wouldn’t be an issue because at that point things were going swimmingly between Freyja and myself. Nope. To talk to the ancestors you have to build a relationship with Hella she tells me. So I spend several months building a relationship with Hella. It was worth it. Not only do I now have access to the wisdom of departed elders but I had one more relationship with a new deity. Score one for Freyja.

There are other examples I could give. But these three should help to illustrate a fact. If some deity you turn to passes you off to someone else it’s probably not because they’re feeling a bit lazy that day. It just means another deity is perhaps better suited to get you the results you need. No need to get all butthurt about it. Just realize someone greater than you knows better. And that’s how you learn. Hot potato anyone?


I’m very excited. Last night I got my first month gwersi package from OBOD. I am a Bard!  It included information on getting a mentor. So I followed the steps and I already have a mentor assigned to me!  They sure work fast!

What does this mean for me?  First and foremost I now have a structured approach to studying Druidry. This is key for me. I find that having a structured set of courses to follow helps keep me focused and moving forward. Important goals for me.  I find I can be a little all over the place if I don’t have an external structure in place. This is a path that I take seriously. I don’t need to be distracted along the way.

Will I quit my membership to ADF?  Certainly not. Being an active member of both groups is very much possible. Each group offers me different things. I plan to use these two groups and their different strengths to my fullest advantage. Time will tell what each has to offer me. As I’ve only been on this path for a little over three months I look forward to exploring both groups.

Am I any less a vitki?  Absolutely not!  Being a vitki is my first path. I won’t abandon it without a fight. I still honor and work with the Norse pantheon. No need to totally abandon something that already works for me. But I no longer self identity as a practitioner of Asatru. I am now identifying myself as a Neopagan Druid. That umbrella offers me the chance to do both freely. As I’ve said before these separate paths I’m traveling concurrently. Both have very different things to offer. I plan to continue with both.

Does this whole thing make me a crazy lunatic?  Possibly. I just know myself and my need to follow spiritual messages wherever they may lead me. I have always been a seeker. I seek wisdom and understanding. This new set of labels and these groups allow me the freedom to accomplish this goal. If you’re interested in my journey stay with me while I share my story. I would consider you welcome company.