Full moon ritual

Last night at the full moon I did a ritual. I tried my hand at following the ADF formula for ritual. I used their ritual guidelines to provide a framework to build off of. It was successful. Here’s how.

I started the ritual with some breathing exercises to center and ground myself.  I lit candles and incense. I had water in my cauldron. My plant was there as the Tree.

I decided the incense would serve as my offering to all spirits. I called upon the Gatekeeper to open the gates. Then I called the Spirit of Mother Earth. As I felt her presence I offered incense to her. Then I called the Spirits of Nature. As I felt them arriving I said a thank you. Then I called upon the Spirits of the Ancestors. They too arrived. Last I called upon the Spirits of the Shining Ones. Once I felt them I was able to get down to work.   Everybody was here!  Almost.

The purpose of the ritual was to strengthen my bond to the Morrigan. As a last addition I called on her too. She took a while longer to make her appearance. But I was patient and full of resolve. Her presence was the strongest of all.

I asked for the blessings of all the assembled spirits. I lit more incense as an offering to them all. I thanked them for allowing me this time with them.

I went to my crystal ball. I asked the Morrigan to send me a sign that I was on the right track in following her. In the flickering candlelight I saw a clear image of myself. In the vision a crow flew by cawing. Then the image was gone.

I thanked the assembled spirits for attending. I  especially thanked the Morrigan for her image to me.  I called upon the Gatekeeper to close the gates. My ritual was done.

I cleaned everything up and went to bed feeling the ritual had served its purpose. I woke up this morning. As I was walking the dog a huge crow flew by me. It landed and looked at me. It cawed loudly. In that moment I knew the Morrigan was with me. I was definitely on the right path. I felt a serenity come over me. I was at peace. Blessings to the Morrigan!

Riding runic energy

I like to ride runic energy from time to time. It allows me full access to a rune’s power. It gets me places I want to go in the Nine Realms. It opens my eyes to the full power and might of the runes. In short it’s cool!

Riding the runes is one place where the skills of seidr and rune work come together for me. I am able to use both practices for a single purpose. I love when both skills can be used together.

Why ride the runes at all?  For me as a Vitki it’s just one more tool in my toolbox of skills to be used.   I can ride the runes when other methods are not as strong to achieve the results I’m looking for. Whether it be traveling the Nine Realms or charging a sending to create change in my multiverse I can always count on this practice to get the job done.

Every rune has an energy. Each is specific to a rune.   Discovering the energy signature of the runes was one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of rune work for me. But the rewards are many so it is time well spent.

How you discover the rune energy can be achieved through a couple of different options. Of course there’s seidr. Going into trance while keeping the individual rune in mind. You can also discover the energies with galdr. By chanting a rune at its vibrational level you can tap into the rune energy.

Once you’ve discovered a rune energy the way it’s utilized is only limited by your own creativity. I like to ride the runes for purposes of traveling. I ride raidiho. It gets me places!

If I’m charging a bindrune I ride the energy of each individual rune to assure that the bindrune is sent into the multiverse in a powerful manner. Riding the runes in that regard gets better results.

Study of the runes for this purpose is challenging and rewarding. I recommend doing it for every serious Vitki student. It’s a great way to get things done!