First encounter with Awen

In my studies I’ve been learning about Awen. The force that connects all of the multiverse. In Norse tradition we have a similar concept in Ond. So I’m not unfamiliar with the idea.

The book I’ve been studying likens Awen to a river and sea. As those don’t really exist in my understanding of the world I decided air would substitute. So I decided to try an exercise to get in contact with Awen.

I went outside. I let myself become aware of the wind. As I stood there getting in touch with the air and wind I felt myself filling with a blue energy. The energy was coming up my legs and feet from the ground. That energy slowly filled me. So much so that it needed to be released. So I started blowing this energy out of my mouth. I saw the blue energy leaving my mouth and becoming a part of the wind. It joined the wind and blew away. But I had more energy to release. I stood there releasing more and more energy that became one with the wind.   There was no end to the amount of energy flowing up my legs from the ground. As I released some more would appear.

As I stood there aware of this blue energy being taken on the wind I had an image of the wind touching everything in the physical realm. Trees. Bodies of water. Other people. And with this realization came the image that all things were connected to the energy. Everything was doing just as I was doing. Expelling the blue energy from the earth into the wind were it blew and touched everything else. It was this huge cycle of blue energy touching and being created by all the forces of the world. It was never-ending.

I was allowed the time to make this realization before I was suddenly snapped back into ordinary consciousness. The exercise was over. I was allowed my first introduction to Awen. It was powerful. An energy so huge it touched everything in the multiverse. I stood there letting the lesson sink in. Then I thanked the Shining Ones for the vision. I went on with my day.

Since then I’ve been in touch with this feeling of connectedness. Not all the time of course but enough to keep me going. It’s good to know I am connected to all things. Makes my daily existence seem not quite so small. And I am grateful for that.

Three rays /| #druid

Three rays /|.  A symbol of Druidry.   Seen on social media signatures. On the cover of many books. I first encountered this symbol in my readings on Druidry two months ago when I decided to follow this path. It’s cool and all.  But what did it mean?

The number three abounds in the druid world. Three realms. Three aspects of the Morrigan. Three sacred plants. And on and on. Which does help explain the three rays symbol. But I wanted to know more. There are a couple of the interpretations that stuck with me. Here’s my newbie take on the subject.

Nature, knowledge and devotion. Nature is a sacred concept in Druidry. The reverence for the land and water that sustains us and holds us firm. Trees and plants that provide beauty and oxygen. Rocks that remind us of our own stability and steadfastness. Rivers that provide water which is the essence of life. The list goes on.   Knowledge is studying all you can manage on the topic of Druidry. Acquiring knowledge to see life through sacred eyes. Knowledge of the lore and all the life lessons therein. Getting to know the world around you. Learning more about those you love. Druids should have a huge appetite for knowledge. It is a life long journey that never ends. I hope to pass to the Underworld reading a book!  Devotion is honoring the gods and goddesses. Keeping the major holidays. Engaging in personal ritual. Finding time each day to connect with the other realms. Honoring the many different spirits that inhabit the three realms. Building personal relationships with the deities.   All are ways to show our devotion.

Another interpretation that caught my eye was piety, virtue and study.   Piety fits nicely with devotion as discussed above. Virtue can be interpreted as living a life our ancestors would be proud of. Living a life in accordance with the lore. Proving to ourselves and the Shining Ones that we can exist in a state of balance with the spiritual realms. Study of course is the accumulating of knowledge as above. Read, read, read!  I would also say it’s not just gaining knowledge through study but applying it. There is no good in a book that is not being read and acted upon.

As you can see there was overlap in these two examples. Which just further points out the importance of the concepts. Repetition helps in learning and memory as well. Things repeated are remembered.

So that’s a quick personal take on the three rays. Definitely a newbie perspective but hopefully you may have gotten something out of it. Bright blessings to all!

How do I know it’s real?

How do I know if something that comes to me in a seidr session or trance is real and not just a result of my imagination?  Here’s a quick rundown of how I check.

If it’s something I have totally never encountered before my first stop for verification is the lore. Can I find some mention of something similar in the works we have left as guides?  Oftentimes there will be a mention somewhere in the Lore that I can turn to. The lore is filled with mentions of esoteric examples. If it’s mentioned then I have a pretty good answer that the information I received was authentic.

Then I turn other written sources. Was it similar to something an other author wrote about?  I have a pretty extensive library so there are a lot of references at my disposal. I place some validity in the fact that others have found it important enough to mention in their writings. At this point I’ll also try a peer review. I’ll ask others if this information sounds correct and valid. If others I know and trust give it a green light I know I’m good to go.

I also rely on personal experience. Have I personally encountered this or something similar before?  If so I can trust that I’m dealing with something real. I haven’t gained years of experience in these matters to throw it away. That and my studies which are pretty thorough. If it’s been written about by others I’ve probably studied it in the past. My own dealings with the esoteric do play a part in my deciding whether or not to pass on information to a client.

And really it’s a combination of all of these examples that come into play. I rely heavily on my own knowledge gained from years of studying and practicing. But in a pinch I know there are other sources I can turn to. When in doubt research!

So those are the ways I decide if something I get in trance is real. Sounds complicated. But I know if there’s a reference somewhere or someone has experienced something similar before it’s authentic. I tell my clients upfront that I may have to get back to them with results of a session. I’d rather be reasonably certain I’m correct than give out bad information.

So the answer to my question is research research research. And find other similar examples. Every session brings up something new but this practice has been around long enough that precedent exists. All you need to do is study and practice. And ask for help when you need it. That’s how I know if something is real.

Old practices meet new practices

I’ve been a heathen for twenty odd years. It is a practice that has held me in good stead all this time. When my father issued my call to Druidry two months ago I was a little surprised. But there’s one thing I’ve learned in my fifty two years is that I should never ignore the messages from my dad. He has never steered my wrong even since his death. So I was off on the new path.

At first I was concerned. Did this new calling mean I would have to give up heathenry?  After some meditation on the topic I realized I could practice both paths concurrently. There was no reason to abandon the Path of Asatru.   I could follow a new path while honoring my current path. This put me at rest. There was no reason to abandon the relationships I had carefully fostered with the gods I knew. I would just be building new relationships with a new set of gods. Whew!

My decades as a polytheist had taught me quite a bit. I was obviously going to use that experience in my new endeavour. I had a whole new path to learn about. I had no real exposure to Druidry. Where to start?

One of the tools I had picked up along the way is a level of skill at trance work. Soon I found that if I went into trance with the goal of connecting to the deities of Druidry I had success. I gained a druid spiritual ally. He introduced me to Morrigan who called me as a follower. I was making progress in the realms other than the one we live in. One thing that I found comforting about Druidry is the fact that there are three realms unlike the nine in Asatru. Less to conquer and get to know!  And more manageable.

Devotion to the gods is another skill I had under my belt. I find it relatively easy to garner relationships with those on other planes of existence.   Although I have only started building a relationship with Morrigan so far on the Druidry path it’s a start. I’m sure I’ll be introduced to new deities as time goes on.  I’m in no rush. I want things to develop organically.

Study is also not new to me in regards to spiritual practice. And boy did I have a lot of studying to do!  Luckily the gods of Druidry have been placing appropriate texts in my way to discover. That and a couple of crystal ball sittings have so far lead me to the right books at the right time.

And of course there’s the aspect of daily devotion. I spend some time each day in meditation or trance to build relationships with the divine. It helps that I’m not required to work. And we don’t have a TV!  So I have plenty of time for daily devotion. Lots of time for revelation.

So I’m sure that it’s no coincidence that I had years of preparation before introducing me to the Druidry path. I was ready to accept the call once I had it. These past two months have shown me that it’s a path worth journeying on. I hope to do it justice.

But what do you do with the runes?

Good question. Here’s a brief overview of what I actually do with the runes. Here goes.

Divination. The runes are powerful and effective divination sources. They are a way to talk to the gods. They are a powerful tool for having a little chat with the divine. A way to get information and insight on an issue. I turn to the runes for wisdom and clarity on any given issue. I will often have a concern in my life that needs a little divine perspective. What better way to gain that perspective than a direct link to the source of all wisdom?  Through using the runes I connect to a power greater than myself. I get out of my own head and into a true relationship with the gods.   And through this relationship I attain all the assistance I need for facing life concerns. When I do readings for others I tap into something beyond myself. And it is the insight that I gain that I share. Pretty straightforward. No question is too big or too small for the runes. Any open ended question will be rewarded with divine perspective. I work with Odin and the Norns as my primary sources. There is no question in my experience that they can’t handle.

Meditation. I often use the runes as meditative devices. Focusing on a rune energy or stave shape helps me clear my mind of all the junk that I mentally hold on to. The runes give me a way to clear out the distractions of the everyday world. They offer me a way to once again shift my focus from myself to something larger. I’d rather be tapping into the big stuff than tapping into my insignificant daily dramas!  Meditating on the runes helps me gain a view of the bigger picture of life. No mucking about in the mundane for me!

Riding the runes. Runes are energy markers. Sources of their own individual energies. Those energies can be tapped into and ridden. If I want to explore Yggdrasil I can ride eiwaz. This act helps me travel through the Nine Realms. If I have money issues I ride fehu to discover answers to this crisis. And so on. Every rune has its own energy which can be ridden for specific actions. Travel. Insight to resolve crisis. The list of ways the runes can be used in this manner are only limited by the Vitki’s imagination. Try it and have some interesting experiences along the way!

So those are three ways I use the runes. There are more of course. It’s an area that is limited only by your own knowledge and ability. Learn all you can and then try things out for size!