Hweols of Maegen versus Chakras

By popular request I’m doing this post to compare the Hweols of Maegen to the Chakras. Both are systems of power for the Vitki. Both use energy wheels within the human body for their might. Both use color to help visualize the wheels.   Both have great wisdom to unfold for the seeker. But one is distinctly Norse in sensibility. Let’s look at the system as explained in the Runic John book The Book of Seidr.

Wheels of Might compromise as system of thinking about human energy systems. It like the Chakras is complete unto itself.   It is a uniquely Norse way of looking at this ancient system of energies for today’s practitioner. Much wisdom can be gained by studying it. So what are the major differences between these two systems?

Wheels of Might is a five wheel system unlike the seven of the Chakra system.   Through these five centers or wheels of energy Ond is brought into the body and distributed. Ond may be likened to the energy of the multiverse in all its aspects. Ond is the breath of life and inspiration. It’s force is needed for humans to function at their fullest potential.

The Wheels of Might are more centered and grounded than the Chakras. Beginning with the first Wheel at the feet the color is brown. Very earth centered unlike the Chakras which begin higher on the body and start with the color red. This orientation of the feet immediately makes the Wheels of Might more grounded. With this system you begin truly at the bottom and work up from there. You take brown colored earth energy in to begin your journey through the Wheels.   You are grounded and centered by this basic act. Earth is your starting point of reference.

The next Wheel moving up the body is the hip Wheel. Anchored by your genital area it is blue green in color. It is water. It is the center of creative energy. All ideas originate here. Then the thoughts can move upward through the system till it reaches completion in the physical realm.   The function of this Wheel is similar to the function of the Chakra located in the same physical space. But the difference of color and alignment makes them very different in flavor. In the Wheels it is the blue green energy of water that is fluid and ready to perk upwards. It is an energy of fluidity and calm. Very different from the fire energy of the Chakra located in the same space.

The Midgard Wheel is located at the navel. This is the third Wheel. As the place where we were joined first to our mother is contains the energy of all the Wheels. Hence it is rainbow colored. It reflects the unity of all the Wheels in one.

The heart Wheel is the fourth Wheel. It is located at the center of the chest. It is fire and it’s color is red.   It is the mental realm of thinking as it relates to emotion. This Wheel balances the two.

The final fifth Wheel is the head Wheel. It is air and the color is pure white. It interacts with the higher consciousness and deities. Here our most spiritual Self rules. Talking with the gods is one of the functions of this Wheel. It is through this energy that we become true reflections of Asgard. We become the divine in Midgard.

Working with this system from the first through the fifth Wheel we take a journey through the human experience in all the states. From earth energy through water and fire up to the lofty realm of the Divine this system offers a clear cut no nonsense approach to the human energy system. Wheels of Might is a more compact and in my opinion more thorough investigation of the human experience as seen through esoteric eyes. It doesn’t rely on an understanding of the ethereal that the Chakra system requires. It is more direct, more forward and for me a more human way to experience these wheels of energy.

Hopefully this offers some insight into the Wheels of Might system versus the Chakras. Hopefully you will take this information as a starting point for your own journey through the Wheels. Safe travels!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

One thought on “Hweols of Maegen versus Chakras”

  1. I have a question, possibly going off topic. I see that you have the association of the Hweols to the 4 element system, plus one of unity in the center. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I wonder what your inspiration was in using this association. I am guessing you are falling back in traditional shamanic teachings?
    I usually use the hearth, tree, and well correspondences with tree ( ancestors and our identity ) at the base Hweol, the hearth ( desire, will ) at the center, and the well ( vision and the Wyrd ) at the top Hweol.


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