Three rays /| #druid

Three rays /|.  A symbol of Druidry.   Seen on social media signatures. On the cover of many books. I first encountered this symbol in my readings on Druidry two months ago when I decided to follow this path. It’s cool and all.  But what did it mean?

The number three abounds in the druid world. Three realms. Three aspects of the Morrigan. Three sacred plants. And on and on. Which does help explain the three rays symbol. But I wanted to know more. There are a couple of the interpretations that stuck with me. Here’s my newbie take on the subject.

Nature, knowledge and devotion. Nature is a sacred concept in Druidry. The reverence for the land and water that sustains us and holds us firm. Trees and plants that provide beauty and oxygen. Rocks that remind us of our own stability and steadfastness. Rivers that provide water which is the essence of life. The list goes on.   Knowledge is studying all you can manage on the topic of Druidry. Acquiring knowledge to see life through sacred eyes. Knowledge of the lore and all the life lessons therein. Getting to know the world around you. Learning more about those you love. Druids should have a huge appetite for knowledge. It is a life long journey that never ends. I hope to pass to the Underworld reading a book!  Devotion is honoring the gods and goddesses. Keeping the major holidays. Engaging in personal ritual. Finding time each day to connect with the other realms. Honoring the many different spirits that inhabit the three realms. Building personal relationships with the deities.   All are ways to show our devotion.

Another interpretation that caught my eye was piety, virtue and study.   Piety fits nicely with devotion as discussed above. Virtue can be interpreted as living a life our ancestors would be proud of. Living a life in accordance with the lore. Proving to ourselves and the Shining Ones that we can exist in a state of balance with the spiritual realms. Study of course is the accumulating of knowledge as above. Read, read, read!  I would also say it’s not just gaining knowledge through study but applying it. There is no good in a book that is not being read and acted upon.

As you can see there was overlap in these two examples. Which just further points out the importance of the concepts. Repetition helps in learning and memory as well. Things repeated are remembered.

So that’s a quick personal take on the three rays. Definitely a newbie perspective but hopefully you may have gotten something out of it. Bright blessings to all!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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