Now go study!

Rabbi Hillel the Elder had a great quote about not doing unto others what you would not have them do to you. The rest he said was commentary. Then he gave the order to now go study!  Wise words even today. And as a total newbie to the Path of Druidry it seemed particularly good advice for me to follow.

I decided to explore this path about a month ago after having a very vivid dream of my departed father speaking the one word to me — Druid. It was out of left field. Although I had been given signs for some time that I would have a spiritual shakeup I never dreamed it would be this. I was happy with my 12 year path of Asatru. Happy but admittedly not totally fulfilled. Since I believe strongly in UPGs I took this message seriously. I was admittedly uneducated about this tradition. Time for me to find out.

Not being one to take spiritual matters laying down I got at it post haste. First stop the Internet. I discovered several Druid organizations. After doing some research on them all I decided to join Ar nDraiocht Fein. The ADF seemed the group most dedicated to creating an atmosphere of 21st century Druidry. I believe the most honest and creative and therefore most spiritually rewarding path for me is one focused on the here and now. I find value in ancient ways but do not believe that the ways of the past are the only valid ones. I like my spirituality to live and breathe and have flesh filling it out. Not one for staying stuck in stuffy old lore I find it more valuable to keep my eyes firmly focused forward.

But I realized I needed a footing in the Lore. I started reading the tales of the ancient Celts. I also started reading books on the practice of Druidry. I settled on three primary books. The Path of Druidry, Celtic Golden Dawn and the ADFs book Our Own Druidry. Between the three there is a balance of experiential and focused ritual. I have found I need both to make me happy.

So that’s where I stand. Reading lots. Learning lots. Experiencing ritual in new ways. A month into it I have to say I’m hooked.

Tomorrow night is the full moon. Perfect time for me to do a ritual dedicating myself to the Path of Druidry. I’m planning the ritual so I am prepared. A little nervous about it but excited. This is a step I take seriously and soberly. I understand it’s a lifelong journey I’m undertaking. But I am ready to meet the challenges.


Nine realms

The concept of nine realms is one of the cornerstones of Nordic thought. These realms are laid out in the Lore in many places. But to what end?  What is the purpose of the nine realms to the vitki?

First of course is to have a destination for seidr journeying. Whether it’s Hel for communication with the dead or Asgard for acquiring greater wisdom the realms are there to explore. It’s through these explorations that knowledge and understanding are collected for the use of the vitki. This information is best used to describe spiritually what occurs in ordinary consciousness. It is a framework to explain everyday life.

But the nine realms can be used to explain even more. They can be used as a way to interpret the psychological state of mankind. Here’s a quick lesson from Thorsson on how.

Midgard is the center realm. It governs the Self. The higher consciousness is explained in Asgard. Lljossalfheim is the intellect. Svartalfheim is the emotions. Hel is the subconscious. Vannaheim stands for motion.  Jotunheim is motion. Neifelheim is contractive energy. Musspelheim is expansive energy. All together they form a snapshot of the individual. That can be used in rune casting.

This rune layout is a combination of things I have learned along the way in Runic studies. It’s simple in the layout but a little tougher in the interpretation.

Nine runes are pulled. The first is placed in the center at Midgard. The second is placed above this in Asgard. Directly below that is the third rune for Lljossalfheim. Directly beneath Midgard is Svartalfheim for the fourth rune. Fifth comes Hel directly beneath that.

The the sixth is in the upper left hand corner for Vannaheim. The seventh is the lower left hand corner for Musspelheim. Number eight is the upper right hand corner for Neifelheim. And finally the ninth is placed in the lower right hand corner for Jutonheim.

Now comes the fun right brain task of interpretation. Using the psychological aspects given you can place a person’s immediate and short term beliefs on a given issue. Have fun coming up with pairs in all this. Asgard and Hel influencing each other for example. The variations are only limited by the interpreter skills and intuition.

So hopefully this has given you are new way to look at rune casting. Let your intuition soar with the possibilities hinted at here. Mostly explore!


Humble beginnings

A path has cleared in front of me. A path running concurrently beside my current path. It is a path in the forest of my life. Full of light and dark. I decide to take this path as well as maintaining my adherence to the path I have been following. I take my first steps. I am now on the path of the druid.

This blog is here to share my trip down this new path of my life. To share all the experiences, hopes, triumphs, and defeats as I make my way. Look out. The UPGs will be flying. But for me they are as valid a part of the experience as study.

Why this path?  Why now when I have a solid faith in the path of Asatru?  I’m not entirely sure. I only know that for months I had been getting hints that a change was about to occur. Rune readings said so. I kept seeing crows everywhere. Something was up. Then I had a dream.

It was a very vivid dream. But brief. All that happened was my departed father came to me and said one word. Druid. I woke up suddenly with dad’s word ringing in my ear. Time to start exploring.

I did what I was told years ago to do when a new path presents itself. Read.  I bought a few books on druidry and plowed ahead. I joined the ADF and got their book on studies. I dedicated an hour a day to druidry work. I was on my way.

First steps on a new path. I’m excited to see what unfolds on this journey. But  am dedicated to take it wherever it leads. Join me here on this blog as I explore. Let the journey begin!

Wheels of might exercise

Dovetailing the last post I thought I’d share an exercise from Runic John using the Wheels of might system. Here goes.

Imagine you’re pulling energy up from the earth into your brown foot wheel. It travels through all the Wheels until it is in your head wheel. Then it turns into a rainbow colored energy that sprays out of your head wheel covering your body with light. It falls back down to your foot wheel only to get sucked up again and make the journey through the wheels all over. This fountain of energy continues feeding itself and repeating. You are surrounded by a rainbow colored energy field. Continue this exercise as long as your focus will allow.

Great. But what does it do exactly?  I can only report from personal experience. What it has done for me the last several days I’ve been doing it is that it definitely gives me a boost of energy. Energy I need to continue my day with purpose. Continue with the goals at hand. Very useful tool for someone with MS.

It’s another tool I can add to my toolbox. Every day it seems I find something of use and value to add. Hopefully you do the same!