Some rune readings

I thought I would share with you some rune readings. If nothing else to share what I do as a Vitki almost every day. All but one of the examples were long distance readings. I never physically met the people. But I wanted to show you can effectively do distance readings. All you really need is a client and a question.

These readings are all nine realms readings. The first rune pulled is for Self. Second is Higher Consciousness. Third is Intellect. Fourth is Emotion. Fifth is Subconscious. Sixth is Balance. Seventh is Expansive Energy. Eighth is Contractive Energy. Ninth is Motion.

Now you have the framework for these examples. Here goes.

The first example the client wanted to know how her spiritual life would unfold in the coming months. The nine runes pulled in the order given above were elhaz, ingwaz, tiwaz, Isa, Berkano, jera, dagaz murk, wunjo murk, and perthro murk. Here’s what I gave her as a reply.

She has been experiencing a sense of stagnation spiritually. This has caused her to feel unhappy and hopeless. Rational control of her emotions is a key to breaking this stagnation. Her spiritual life is experiencing a time of gestation that will result in the birthing of new ideas. If she trusts herself in the process and path, the changes will occur with a new balancing from within. This will happen over the next year. This is the proper timing for these events to occur. She needs to trust herself as to when the appropriate time comes for these new ideas to be birthed

The second example comes from a man who wanted to know the cause of his relentless depression. Here are the runes I pulled in the order listed above. Othala, Ehwaz, Ansuz murk, fehu murk, Gebo, dagaz, ingwaz murk, raidiho murk, naudthiz. Here’s what I told him.

It is a good time for new spiritual endeavors.  He has created a sacred place for himself.  The depression is being caused by emotional burnouts from his thinking too much about this issue. This has lead to an intellectual scattering and a crisis state.  If he can balance the intellectual work of his spiritually with new innovations he can break through the depression. Coming up with creative ways to address his spirituality will lead to a break through of the intellectual boredom.   He needs to trust that a magical exchange is occurring between him and the Divine.

The last example comes from a man who wondered how a donation he had made would be used. The runes he pulled in order as above where Thurisaz, Isa, tiwaz, jera, eiwaz, perthro, othala, dagaz and Ansuz. All nine bright staves, a good sign right there!  I had never had that happen in a nine rune pull. I told him that what he pulled meant the following.

He has taken action. A positive action. A stillness of Self in this regard brings about an initiation. He told me is was his first time giving to that organization.   I told him not to worry that he gave money to the wrong organization. Proper timing will bring about justice in this matter. A balance of good fortune will bring about the motion of his money being used for productive communication. The expansive energy of his donation brings about safe spaces. Overall this action will facilitate an awakening of issues. That’s when he told me he had given to the Anti Defamation League. It suddenly all made sense.

Those are three examples of the vitki work I do all the time. Hopefully you were able to follow along with the interpretations. Any questions about all of this you know how to reach me!  Hail!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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