A chat with the Old Man

I was feeling blech and generally out of sorts spiritually. I had felt this way for several days. I decided to do something about it. It was time for a chat with Odin to find wisdom and inspiration.

I hadn’t bothered him for quite a while. So I figured he might be up for this little talk. I did all my seidr stuff to get myself into a trance. I journeyed up the World Tree to Asgard to meet with him. So I’m there in Asgard enjoying the energy and looking for Odin. He’s nowhere to be seen. So I just kinda hang out. I’m sending out my intention for the visit. Nothing. This went on for a while. Then suddenly I hear a loud voice proclaim “Meditate on my rune fool!”.  And I’m slapped back into ordinary consciousness.

Well. Sorry to bother you!  But I’m not one to ignore a direct order. So I meditated on Ansuz. I kept getting two words in my head. Communication and gods. Then as I was meditating I was thrown back to the first of the year. I was feeling out of touch spiritually then too. And the events of the last eight months where unfolded for me. Founding the Vitki/ Volva Forum. Starting to learn the Anglo Saxon futhorc. Getting a vitki student. More rune castings for others than I can count. Starting my blog. And most recently the messages that I am to follow the concurrent path of Druidry. Whew!  When I lay it all out it’s been quite a busy year spiritually speaking!  I should be more content with my progress.

Communication and gods. I’ve definitely had my world open up in regards to communication. And my new concurrent path opens me up to a whole new pantheon of gods. What more could I ask for?

But I still wasn’t sure. So I pulled out the runes to do a casting on the question  “What should I make of the events of the last year spiritually?”.  Here’s what I got.

I am experiencing life changes. Inspiration of the gods in my subconscious is bringing me to a gestation phase in my higher consciousness. Intellectual awareness of the Divine structure is keeping my emotions stable. A lack of creativity at this time would lead to sorrow and strife. My connection with the gods may confuse me.

And that’s a perfect picture of where I stand. Especially in regards to my new concurrent path. The runes never fail to put things into perspective. Much for me to do and meditate on!

So not much of a chat with Odin. But as always he put me on the path to wisdom and greater understanding of myself. I’m never disappointed in his guidance. He steers me to the right path every time. That’s why I turn to him.  Hail Odin!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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