Nine realms

The concept of nine realms is one of the cornerstones of Nordic thought. These realms are laid out in the Lore in many places. But to what end?  What is the purpose of the nine realms to the vitki?

First of course is to have a destination for seidr journeying. Whether it’s Hel for communication with the dead or Asgard for acquiring greater wisdom the realms are there to explore. It’s through these explorations that knowledge and understanding are collected for the use of the vitki. This information is best used to describe spiritually what occurs in ordinary consciousness. It is a framework to explain everyday life.

But the nine realms can be used to explain even more. They can be used as a way to interpret the psychological state of mankind. Here’s a quick lesson from Thorsson on how.

Midgard is the center realm. It governs the Self. The higher consciousness is explained in Asgard. Lljossalfheim is the intellect. Svartalfheim is the emotions. Hel is the subconscious. Vannaheim stands for motion.  Jotunheim is motion. Neifelheim is contractive energy. Musspelheim is expansive energy. All together they form a snapshot of the individual. That can be used in rune casting.

This rune layout is a combination of things I have learned along the way in Runic studies. It’s simple in the layout but a little tougher in the interpretation.

Nine runes are pulled. The first is placed in the center at Midgard. The second is placed above this in Asgard. Directly below that is the third rune for Lljossalfheim. Directly beneath Midgard is Svartalfheim for the fourth rune. Fifth comes Hel directly beneath that.

The the sixth is in the upper left hand corner for Vannaheim. The seventh is the lower left hand corner for Musspelheim. Number eight is the upper right hand corner for Neifelheim. And finally the ninth is placed in the lower right hand corner for Jutonheim.

Now comes the fun right brain task of interpretation. Using the psychological aspects given you can place a person’s immediate and short term beliefs on a given issue. Have fun coming up with pairs in all this. Asgard and Hel influencing each other for example. The variations are only limited by the interpreter skills and intuition.

So hopefully this has given you are new way to look at rune casting. Let your intuition soar with the possibilities hinted at here. Mostly explore!


Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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