Humble beginnings

A path has cleared in front of me. A path running concurrently beside my current path. It is a path in the forest of my life. Full of light and dark. I decide to take this path as well as maintaining my adherence to the path I have been following. I take my first steps. I am now on the path of the druid.

This blog is here to share my trip down this new path of my life. To share all the experiences, hopes, triumphs, and defeats as I make my way. Look out. The UPGs will be flying. But for me they are as valid a part of the experience as study.

Why this path?  Why now when I have a solid faith in the path of Asatru?  I’m not entirely sure. I only know that for months I had been getting hints that a change was about to occur. Rune readings said so. I kept seeing crows everywhere. Something was up. Then I had a dream.

It was a very vivid dream. But brief. All that happened was my departed father came to me and said one word. Druid. I woke up suddenly with dad’s word ringing in my ear. Time to start exploring.

I did what I was told years ago to do when a new path presents itself. Read.  I bought a few books on druidry and plowed ahead. I joined the ADF and got their book on studies. I dedicated an hour a day to druidry work. I was on my way.

First steps on a new path. I’m excited to see what unfolds on this journey. But  am dedicated to take it wherever it leads. Join me here on this blog as I explore. Let the journey begin!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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