A druid studies

As I’ve only been on the druid path a little over a month, much of the time dedicated to this path has been used for studying. And study I have!  I never realized the amount of information I was going to be dealing with. Here’s what I’ve studied so far…

Many books. I am reading and studying four books at a time. Right now it’s The Feast of the Morrighan, Celtic Golden Dawn, The Path of Druidry and also Our Own Druidry. I spend time with each book daily. Good thing I don’t have a TV!

I’m learning there is much more I need to learn. I have studied about the three rays symbol and it’s meaning. The one thing all of the books I’m reading  agree on is that one of the rays stand for knowledge. That I’m getting!

I’ve learned that the goddess who called me is really more like three goddesses. The Morrigan. What I’ve been able to ascertain in that regard through trance work is that I have been called specifically by Badb. She is assisting me in prophecy and magic in general. Two of my personal strengths and interests. Funny I had no idea that those were her realms when she first called me. I have only discovered her ties with those through my research. It never ceases to amaze me how things work out in the esoteric realms. But that was my experience in the past so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Nature. It’s all about nature in many ways. As I have MS walks and excursions in nature are pretty much off the plate for me. But I do have a large indoor garden that I tend to. I have been working to get to know the different energies of my plants. I even did a trance session where I became one of my plants and experienced life through its eyes.   Pretty powerful perspective!

And I’ve started using the crystal ball for divination. The Morrigan assists me there. I’ve had some good results so far. I’ll definitely keep at it.

Then there’s the three realms. I have had experience working in other worldly realms before so this I was mostly a matter of learning new labels to attach to my discoveries.

Whew!  Not bad for someone who’s only been dedicated to this path for a month and a half. I look forward to the next revelation. Keep studying!

My departed dad delivers an ass kicking

I do plenty of seidr sessions to speak to those no longer in physical body. I have my routine down. It’s generally done to acquire wisdom. A view point on an issue that I’m just not seeing. A different perspective. I find that if I phrase my questions correctly I get plenty of response. So a week or so ago I decided to talk to my mom about her views on my taking up a concurrent spiritual path. I was ready for lots of loving support from the Other world for this new endeavour. Boy did I get something!

A bit about my parents. Mom was the loving one. If you wanted a yes answer you asked mom. Dad was the disciplinarian. He wasn’t afraid to spank. And often did. Being ex-military he was the tough guy. No cookies from him!

So I did my trance preparations. Lit incense. Put on my oil. Got out the drum and started chanting. I chant Freyja when I’m journeying. She loans me her boar to travel between the worlds. She appeared. The boar was with her which meant I was to travel.

I got on the boar. Still drumming I changed my chant to Hella. The boar started running down towards Hel. As we were traveling the boar suddenly stopped and turned around. Now we were traveling upwards. I was very confused. But I knew enough to just go with it.  Up we went. Up the Tree. Soon we were in Asgard. Well I thought. Odin must have something to say to me. Suddenly I was excited. I had been summoned!

As I looked around I realized this was not the Asgard I was used to. Normally it appears to me as a big field of grass. Sunny and bright. Today it I was overcast.  Gloomy. The field was full of men in the distance.   Behind them was a great hall. Valhalla. I approached them. The men were fighting. They were dressed in uniforms from many different eras. As I watched them my excitement turned to dread. Why was I here?  A place I’d never been to in my years of traveling?

Out of the group of men one man approached me. As he got closer I realized in was my father. In his Korean War Army gear. Young. Not at all like he normally appears to me. He strode over to me

“What the hell is your biggest problem?  You want the go ahead to follow two paths at once. Do it and stop worrying what those other people think about you. It’s your spiritual life not theirs. Let them worry about themselves and you worry about you. Jesus son we are talking about your life here!  And goddammit stop doing so much!  You haven’t been doing your studies or practicing what you preach. It’s great that you decided to take on new challenges. That’s how you grow. Great!  So grow goddammit!  But cut out the shit and pay attention. Jesus Christ!”

He headed back to the group of men. He had said his piece. I stood there a little shell shocked. I finally got enough sense to get on the boar. We traveled back and I returned to ordinary consciousness.

Well. I was a bit in a state of shock. I had expected a nice supportive chat with mom. Instead I had gotten an ass kicking from dad in all his warrior glory. But I couldn’t argue with what he’d said. It was all true. So I’m taking the time to get back into the swing of things. And I’m cutting back. Some. I haven’t posted as much on my blog for one. I’m making time for me to do my stuff.

Balance has always been a challenge for me. I’m excited by all of the new opportunities that have fallen into my lap. I intend to take advantage of them all. But I’m going to do it making sure I still take time for me. To do my own studies. To allow myself to grow. After all dad ordered it!  And you definitely don’t want to defy him. If you do you’ll get a spanking!  And I’d hate to get a spanking from him now from the Other world!  Jesus Christ!



Meeting Morrigan

This happened a month ago when my departed father first came to me in a dream and uttered the word “Druid”.  I had done no real research on the subject yet. But since I’m talented in trance work that is the first thing I turned to. I had the day before been introduced to my Druid spiritual ally Llewellyn. I decided to call upon him to try to reach the Druidry deities. Here’s how it went.

I got myself into a trance state. I called upon Llewellyn. He made his presence known. I asked him if there was a god or goddess I should be studying. He said “Morrigan”.  I then asked him if I could meet this deity.

It suddenly became foggy. Out of the fog three figures appeared. They came towards me. I soon saw that they were female. The one on the left was raven haired and dressed for battle. The one in the middle was white haired and dressed in a white gown. She carried a crystal ball. The one on the right had red hair and was dressed in green.

Which was Morrigan I wondered to myself. I didn’t understand. But I decided to let things play out.

The one on the left said “I am here to teach you to be a warrior”.  Perfect as I battle against MS every day. The one on the right said “I am here to teach you a love of nature”.  I needed that if I were to study Druidry. The one in the middle said “I am here to teach you prophecy and magic”.  They they disappeared into the fog.

I was suddenly snapped back into ordinary consciousness. Now I had more questions than answers. Time for some real time research.

I did an internet search on Morrigan. What I discovered of course is that that is the collective name given a group of three goddesses. Which explained my trance vision. I had been visited by three goddesses who were one. I had met the Morrigan.

Since then I’ve done more research. I still can’t say I understand in full. But I am hooked. I have pledged myself to her and her study. I will see where this path leads. Each day something new unfolds. And I am thankful she chose to speak to me.

UPG man

I’ll admit it. I’m a UPG man. What does that mean to me exactly?  I’ll try to explain.

UPG informs my spiritual practices. I rely on UPG to keep my spirituality alive. It is the Ond. The breath of inspiration. That aspect alone makes it vital to me.

I have a good working knowledge of the Lore. I read constantly and have much of that knowledge tucked away somewhere in my craggy brain.  But I certainly don’t consider myself a lore head. I can’t quote exact references from the Lore in many cases. And quite frankly I tend to distrust those who can. If the knowledge of the Lore is so important that you memorize passages and can cite five resources on an issue that’s great.   But what about making a living breathing tradition for ourselves?  Not one entirely based on lore. There must be a place for inspiration. Ond. Those pesky UPGs.

I value my own personal experiences of the gods greatly. And if confronted with new or different information in a trance I will do my best to figure it out. Not simply shut things out because they’re not mentioned in the Lore. Trance is where I experience our path as a friend and teacher.  To say that something that came to me in a trance has no value simply because it can’t be referenced in the Lore is degrading my entire spiritual practice. And them’s fighting words!

The lore we have is in itself tricky. It is tainted with Christian values and morals. It has to be because writing them down was a bunch of Christian men!  So their worldview is bound to have influenced them. Based on oral tradition?  Absolutely. But definitely muddied. It can’t be totally trusted simply because it’s part of the scant evidence that has made it to us here and now.

Those who are quick in a discussion to drag out references from the Lore to prove the infallibility of their remarks strikes me as Fundamentalism. And all I can think of in such a situation is “Why are you hiding?”  Share your first hand experiences with me. Not something out of a book you read. Experience must count for something.

Suppose someone said that Odin had appeared to them as a black man. Instead of dismissing them as a lunatic I would find out what this could mean to them. Are there things about your attitude of race that need to be addressed?  Was there a wise teacher who helped mould you who was black?  What lessons do you need to learn that can best be taught by a black man?  Rather than dismissing them outright I would try to help them figure out the reason for this appearance in this guise.

So I guess I’m just a UPG guy. If that makes me one to dismiss I’d say you’re missing the picture. After all at some point everything was a UPG. I’m looking for the next piece of wisdom to be revealed. Not looking over my shoulder at the past.

On the solar eclipse

I had anxiously been awaiting the solar eclipse. For a month the excitement had been building up inside me. I planned to do a ritual on this day when the energies were at historical levels. I planned ahead what to do. I was ready.

As the time arrived for the eclipse I started my ritual by lighting incense. Next I lit candles. I grounded and centered myself. I was ready to begin.

I called upon the Gatekeeper. I asked him to open the gates between the realms. Once I had felt the energy shift I raised my arms and called upon all the Shining Ones. I called upon the Nature Spirits. And I called upon the ancestors. They were to bear witness to my oaths.

When I felt the energy in the room raise again I made an oath to follow the path of Druidry. I asked the assembled spirits to assist me in this goal. I asked them to help me find the strength and motivation to follow this path. I asked them to guide me on this new journey.

I next turned my attention to my crystal ball. Placing my hands on it I asked the assembled spirits to cleanse it of any negative energy. I dedicated the ball to Morrigan the goddess of prophecy. I oathed that the ball would be used to positive purposes. As the energy of the ball was raised I thanked the assembled ones for their assistance in this special matter.

That being accomplished I sat there feeling the energy in the room. It was very high. I closed my eyes. As I sat there eyes closed I had a vision. I was standing before a huge oak tree. I knew it was an oak from all of the acorns littering the ground. I was overwhelmed by the urge to collect the acorns. I started picking them up and putting them into all of my pockets. I did this rapidly and with a sense of urgency. Then I heard a voice tell me I had collected enough for now. I could return another time to collect more. I thanked the oak for the gift. Then the vision faded away.

I opened my eyes. I thanked the assembled spirits for their being with me. I thanked them for hearing my oath.  I asked the Gatekeeper to close the gates. As the light began to return from the eclipse I felt the energy in the room return to normal. I blew out the candles.

I thought about the vision I’d had and what it could mean. Upon reflection I decided the acorns were pieces of knowledge that I was gathering on my trip down this new path. I was going to collect much wisdom. But I can always return to the tree to collect more. May this vision turn true!