When I help others….

This has been a business vitki week for me. Normally I do one client reading a week. This week I’ve done three so far. Busy busy busy.

Perhaps the greatest wunjo (joy and happiness) of being a vitki is the joy and happiness of helping others. Helping someone see the path that is right in front of them that they may have overlooked. Shining a light in the darkness is what it’s all about for me. Pointing out the obvious.

My readings this week were runic. But for me even a rune reading involves trance work. I pull the runes while in a light trance. Then I take a look at what I’ve pulled and go into trance for the interpretation. Sometimes I do this over the course of two days. Especially for the bigger nine rune readings. All three this week were nine rune readings. Those always wipe me out!

One of the readings I did needed further clarification. So I did another three rune reading. But when I start something I am determined to see it through to a conclusion. Just me maybe but I want people to get the most accurate reading possible.

All three folks started our conversations by asking me how much I charge for my services. I told them the truth. My fee is them giving an honest opinion on this blog. They each agreed.

As often happens when I have clumps of readings a theme will occur. This time the theme was balancing your spiritual life. Two of the readings had similar results to them. Once again I had to ask myself what the multiverse was telling me about me. I’m guessing I need some balance in my own spiritual life!

All three seemed pleased with their readings. One said “You’re fantastic!”  One said they owned me a debt. I assured them that seriously the ones who are fantastic are the gods who communicate through the runes. The other I told that the only debt owed was to follow through on what was told them by the runes and a debt of course to the gods. Both seemed pleased to hear that.

So in light of all this who am I really helping?  Myself of course. The insight I gain into my own work is invaluable. I learn something about myself each reading. So I guess I’m a selfish vitki!

One other thing I learned. My blog is blocked in Dubai!

I get so emotional

Emotions play a huge role in Runic workings. They can make all the difference between success and failure. Control of emotions is a valuable lesson for all vitkis.

For example several years ago I learned the hard way that too much emotion can taint a reading. I do readings for myself frequently. I had an issue come up that had me all over the place emotionally. I grabbed my runes to do a reading on the subject at hand. I didn’t bother to ground or center myself. I just dove in. And surprise surprise. In a nine rune spread seven of the runes were murk staves. A very negative reading. Which just caused my emotions to crank up even more. Cursing the gods I went to bed in a real state.

The next day I had calmed down. I was not emotionally revved up about the issue of the night before. I decided to do another reading. And what a shock!  The results were much more positive. I took the time to center and ground myself. I was not emotionally involved. I was able to be a clear channel. Lesson learned.

On the flip side to do magical workings you want emotions. Excitement. Joy. Lots of powerful positive energy to send your intention into the multiverse. Without strong emotions behind it your sending will just be a whimper. Not at all conducive to changing the world you know. Strong positive emotions will carry the day.

So you need to keep control of your emotions if you want to do effective work. Both a lot of emotion or none at all depending on your desired outcome. But always you must be centered and grounded. Just one of the keys to powerful work!

A magical success story

About a month ago I decided I was ready to kick my spiritual work up another notch. I wanted new spiritual experiences to unfold for me. So I created a bind rune of laguz for growth, Thurisaz for action, Ansuz for inspiration and uruz for vitality. I had been working on the elements with my vitki mentor and decided this was a good time to test out what I’d learned.

I went outside. There was a breeze blowing. Perfect. So I grounded myself and focused on the bind rune I had created. Keeping it strongly in my mind’s eye I started a breathing pattern. In to the count of four, hold for four, out four. I kept this up until I could do it without counting. I kept the bind rune strongly in my inner mind especially on the hold breath part of the breathing cycle.

Then I sent the bind rune out. On the exhale I imagined the bind rune being sent out into the multiverse. I did this for nine breathing cycles. I thanked the gods for receiving my request. Then I went about my day and forgot about it.

I had also been working with a new technique for dreaming. Before falling asleep you hold in your mind the intention that you will receive one piece of information that you didn’t know consciously. I didn’t do this every night but often enough to make it a routine. I did that exercise that night. As I was dreaming, my father appeared to me. He said one word. Druid. I immediately woke up. Then I fell back asleep and again forgot about it.

A day or so later I was going through my Kindle books. I confess I hoard them, buying what looks interesting and then forgetting about them. I ran across a book on druidry. Dad’s word came back to me as did the air exercise. It all fell into place. This was what I was looking for to add some umph to my spiritual practices. I would continue on the path of a Vitki but concurrently study about becoming a druid.

I will start the structured lessons on druidry with the full moon on July ninth. Who knows where it will lead but I do know no new knowledge is wasted time.

So that’s one way I create circumstances in the multiverse to suit my purposes. Try it out and maybe you’ll have positive results as well!

The battle in my brain

Some days there’s a battle in my brain. Between the right intuitive side and the left analytical side. All over my vitki work. It goes something like this.

The left side takes control. My thoughts turn a bit negative. It starts saying things like “This is all malarkey”.  “There is no truth to any of this”.  “You’re deluding yourself”.  “You’re doing nothing to help others”.  And the biggie “You’re just crazy”.

These thoughts get me in a pretty dark place. I think about throwing all of my books away. Ditching my runes. Stripping myself clear of all my esoteric trappings.   Believing there’s no place for magic. Acting like a “normal” person.

I hate when this happens. Whenever the left side of my brain takes over like that I luckily have a tool to combat it. The work of a Vitki itself

I get myself centered. I do a rune reading. I do a seidr session. I read the Lore. All of these things are powerful tools to combat the analytical left side.   I somehow always realize that I’m happier with the right side in the driver’s seat. And I turn to my work to make everything better again.

If I’ve learned anything about myself it’s that I’m happier with the right side of my brain in control. I just function more effectively when it is. I’m more pleasant to be around. I get things done. I feel connected to the multiverse. Things feel more in balance. Sorry left side. You’re important and all but I need the right side at the helm.

So maybe I am not really that balanced. I’m a better person with things tipped a little to the right. I can deal with being unbalanced if it means effectively following my path. So call me mentally unbalanced. Things just go better that way!


Books — read and write

My kindred sib once asked me why I read so much. I was always talking about a book I had just read or was reading. She couldn’t believe I read so much.

For one thing it’s very easy to read a lot when you don’t have a TV. We haven’t had one in over two years and I don’t miss it at all. I have nothing to distract me. It’s very easy to read as much as I do when you’re not thinking about what will happen next time on a weekly show. I recommend getting rid of the distraction of TV and focus your energy and attention on something productive — like being more adept at your art.

I also read nonfiction almost exclusively. No fluff fiction for me!  Okay to be totally honest I do read the Oz books by Baum. But other than that and the stories in the Lore I read almost only Asatru themed material. There’s plenty out there to keep me busy!  Books on the runes and seidr are my favorites of course!

My attitude towards books is that if I get one good idea I can incorporate into my works and practices it’s a successful book. You’d be surprised how many books meet that criteria.  Almost every book I read has at least one good idea. So you have to read a lot to keep yourself growing in your practices. Look for the next great piece to the never ending puzzle that is a vitki life. That’s the way it is for me anyway.

Then there are the books you write. I have vitki books that I keep. I have several but if you’re organized one will certainly do. I keep track of all my work sessions in a journal. I have one for runes, one for bindrunes, one for seidr — you get the idea. But I find it vital to keep a record of my work. That way I can see my progress. It helps keep me on the course.

So you see why books are so important to me. They are vital for my growth. They help keep me focused on the task at hand. And I am so glad our TV died!