Meditation is one of the main attributes of my practice. It centers me and grounds me — both vital to a vitki.

Meditation is not about totally clearing your mind so that it is an empty void. It is about learning to let go of thoughts. To not become ensnared by your monkey mind. For me it is about allowing thoughts to be recognized and released. Only then am I able to fix my mind on intention. Intention is the cornerstone of all my work. With intention I am able to affect the energies of the multiverse to make valuable change.

One of the keys to meditation for me and many others is breath. By controlling my breath I am able to relax and let go of the world and all of its distractions. I am able to enter into a quiet place deep inside myself. It is in this place that I am able to do the work at hand. It is in this place that I am able to find the strength to affect change.

Meditation and trance work are very different things for me. Trance work has an agenda. You go into trance for a set purpose. Meditation is done to simply be. Be in the moment at hand, moment after moment. In meditation we find ourselves — the good, the bad. In trance we find a reason to achieve change. Hopefully for the better of all.

An easy way to start a meditation practice is to simply set aside a quiet time to breathe. Breathe in to the count of four, hold to the count of four, exhale to the count of four. That easy. Once you have a rhythm established you can start to notice your thoughts. Just to notice that the thought is there and then to let it go. With enough practice the appearance of the random thoughts will diminish. You can finally go deep inside yourself to that quiet place. The place of You. The place of power.

If you don’t have a regular meditation routine this is a simple place to start. With breath. From that small cornerstone you can build a mansion of Self. Breathe!

Tool time!

Let’s talk a bit about the tools I use in my vitki work. Here goes!

Rune sets. Obviously. I have several. One for personal use, one to do readings for others, one for travel. I guess I am a rune hoarder. But there are worse things to collect!  I also find each set has it’s own energy. The wood sets definitely feel different from the ceramic and stone sets. At least that’s my experience.

Gands. Again I hoard. I have gands of different crystals. Lapis for rituals seeking wisdom, rose quartz for matters of the heart, clear quartz for general healing. You get the idea.

Drums. I have two. They are both for different purposes. One for seidr involving contact with the dead, one for sessions acquiring wisdom. Have you figured out I’m a bit of a collector?

Smelly stuff. Incense and oils. They help serve as triggers to let my brain know we’re entering a different realm from the ordinary.  Smell is a powerful trigger for me.

All of these tools are geared to getting me to a different place. They help transform ordinary to sacred. If I can’t make that leap my work is hollow and empty. Even for a simple rune reading I will at least create a sacred space using a gand. Seidr requires a bit more stuff for me to get results. But hey!  Whatever works.

So that’s the short list of tools I find necessary to my work as a vitki. What’s on your list?

Becoming a vitki

I first became aware of the word vitki in my runic studies. Edred Thorsson used the word to describe anyone studying the runes. And that narrow definition was enough for me. I started referring to myself as a vitki because I was studying and using the runes. Simple.

When I seriously decided (or it was decided for me) to dedicate myself to this path six years ago I still thought it was just about the runes. But the more I studied and dedicated myself the more and more out of balance I became. I was totally focused on the masculine side of esoteric Asatru. The feminine was sorely lacking. So I did some research about two years ago. I was introduced to the concept of seidr. It was definitely a way to access the feminine. I decided to give it a try. If it was going enough for Odin…

My first few experiences were spontaneous. I would be sitting relaxing and I would get a message for someone. When I told the person about the message I’d received they would verify my impression. Then I started pursuing seidr in earnest.

I read a few books. I got a drum. I started having intense trance sessions. The rest is history.

Now I’m on a much more balanced path. I spend time each day studying and practicing both the runes and seidr. Clients may need me to use both skills to get understandable answers. So I’m busy filling up my toolbox with the tools of my trade.

I call myself a vitki. I have contacted the gods on this issue through both runes and seidr and they approve. Members of my clan call me vitki as well. But for me it’s not just about being proficient in the runes. It’s about so much more. So I have learned a lot about the vitki path over the years. Every day brings new lessons. Every day I do my best to claim the title of vitki. And I think that’s all the gods require.

Back to nature wights

I’m not so sure why I allowed myself to become so out of touch with nature. But I did. And as an important aspect of the vitki lifestyle I decided to do something about it.

As a child I was very in touch with nature. We had a family farm. We always had a huge family vegetable garden that it was my job to help tend. My preteen job was shoveling snow and cutting lawns, which kept me attuned to the seasons of the year. Of course there was always raking leaves. Lots to keep me close to the land and especially the passing of the seasons.

Then there were the summers. Time off school meant endless hours in nature. I’d go out with my father to the fields. I’d sit for the day exploring the piles of dirt and the life existing in them. Bugs were my favorites. I’d let them crawl on my hands and forearms. They’d keep me amazed at the endless colors, shapes and sizes. Sometimes I would just sit on a pile of dirt crushing clumps of earth in my hands. Plant life was everywhere. Crops growing, prairie grass, weeds blooming flowers. A favorite pastime was to search for wild carrot flowers in the shape of a cup. Then I’d pretend to drink from them.  Many happy contented hours and days passed in solitude with nothing but my nature friends to amuse me.

Then I became a teenager. I knew I had to move to a more urban setting to follow my dreams. I left nature behind, a footnote of my childhood, to pursue new paths. No more bugs and clumps of dirt.

Now I’m feeling the pull of nature again. I’m rethinking my connection with nature. I have a garden of green wights that I tend in my ritual room. The big rocks in a half circle outside my building have told me their energy is elhaz — protection. I walk the dogs and notice the smell after a rain. A dragonfly hovers a foot in front of my face. And I notice for the first time in decades.

Being in touch with the wights helps to calm me. For me their energy is slower than mine. So being in touch with them slows me down and calms me. I am reminded of the natural way to mark the passing of time. I find peace in talking with natural beings. But sometimes I find myself wanting to sit on a pile of dirt crushing clumps of earth for hours on end.

Go fetch!

I admit to only really working with my fetch for the last year or so. So my ideas and experiences of it my be a bit immature. But here goes!

The fetch (or fylgia if you prefer) is one of the nine aspects of Self we work with in the Nordic Tradition. As a part of Self it differs from the power animal of shamanic tradition which is outside of Self. Fetch is definitely inside of Self. This has been my experience at least.

How do I utilize the fetch?  To fare forth to other places. To be my eyes and ears somewhere away from my ordinary consciousness. Mostly I use it to connect to those I am doing long distance work for. Clients in other places. My fetch acts as a connection for me to do my work.

To connect to my fetch I usually lay down. I do my rhythmic breathing. I go into a light trance. Then I connect with my hamr. For me it is the key to the fetch. Once fully aware of my hamr I can start feeling around for my fetch. The fetch appears to me as a white glowing ball of energy. I find it and direct my consciousness inside it. I ask for my fetch to appear.

My fetch appears as either a rabbit, a skunk or a female version of me. Lately it’s been the rabbit most times. So I figure that out. Now I bring the white ball of energy with the fetch in it up to my chest.

Once that’s accomplished I shapeshift into my fetch. My consciousness becomes one with the fetch. I find myself seeing through my fetch eyes. But things get tricky here. I only send part of my consciousness into the fetch. Part of me remains in my ordinary Self. That’s how I’m able to do working for long distance clients. Part of me fares forth in my fetch while part stays home to do the work.   It’s kinda like a TV when you flip through channels. It’s all being received by the same TV but different information on different channels. That’s the best way I can describe my experience of it.

I then send my fetch forth. Through my fetch eyes I see things differently. Everything appears as big glowing balls of energy. Blue, green, yellow. So while I see my clients I couldn’t tell you what they looked like physically. But I can tell you what their energy is!

Once I have that connection I’m able to perform a reading. Simple (okay, complicated!) as that.

And that’s basically how I experience and work with my fetch. I’m still fine tuning my skills so I’m sure six months from now it may be different. But for now it works fine for me!