I stand in the center, blind. But creativity of my higher consciousness will defeat the blurring of vision I’m experiencing in my subconscious. A connection to the gods of this story, intellectually, will prevent emotional stagnation. An exchange of magic will bring about success and goals achieved. The expansive energy of inspiration will bring about innovation in my thought.

This is the result of a rune casting I did on the question “What does this runic passage of the Poetic Eddas mean for me as a vitki today?”.  I did this casting in preparation for writing this entry of my blog.

So it appears that some creative thinking is called for. I will do my best

I won’t bore you all with a retelling of this except. It’s all right there in the Poetic Eddas under the title Sigrdrifumal. If you haven’t read it yet I sincerely ask you to do so. Important information for the vitki is to be found there.

So Sigurd our hero has discovered Sigerdrifa our heroine. He thinks she’s a man at first because of her battle gear. When he takes off her helmet and reveals she is in fact female his heart leaps. Sigurd takes his sword Gram and cuts off her chain mail (no comments Dr Freud).  She awakens and greets the day. Then she turns to finding out who this man is who has woken her from her slumber. Being convinced he is indeed a hero worthy of her time of day Sigerdrifa starts a segment vital to a vitki’s knowledge. She teaches him rune charms.

Let me say that again. She teaches him. Here we have an example of how the Lore states clearly the equality and even superiority of the female over the male. It is the feminine catching a bit of equality with the masculine.

The feminine or as I like to call it the intuitive side has something of great value to teach. The intuitive unlocks secrets. The intuitive knows more on this subject than the analytical masculine. Femininity wins the day. In the world of rough and tumble masculine energy we find a glowing example of a role reversal. This happens in other places of the Lore but not quite so eloquently. This is a victory for women of our ancestors. And a victory for today.

What this means for me as a vitki is the importance of balance in my vitki work. I must always stay mindful of this balance. I must give equal thought to both the intuitive feminine and the analytical masculine. It’s a tightrope that can be difficult to walk. But the rewards are there for those who strive to maintain the balance.

Words of enduring wisdom for this vitki. Maybe you will discover wisdom here too.

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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