How I do a seidr session

This is a blow by blow description of how I do seidr sessions. Maybe you will get some ideas for your own practices. Maybe not!

First I decide on my intention. Am I seeking wisdom?  Do I want to visit dead people?  What is my goal. Of course there are times when I get into trance and the goal switches if I get signs or messages that I’m to do something else. So I do stay flexible. But I don’t do seidr every day anymore. My practice has grown to the point that I trust my skills. I don’t need daily practice to go into trance. So I at least start out with a goal.

Next I light some incense. I use white sage or mugwort. Then I put scented oil on my temples, neck and wrists. I’m triggered by scent. Sometimes just the scents can get me going on my way. So these things are important in my work.

Next I take out my drum and sit on my high seat. Okay it’s a barstool but it’s elevated. I only use this seat for seidr work. The slightly different perspective also helps get me in the mood.

Now I ground myself. Very important step in any work in the other realms. Plus I draw energy from the center of the Earth. This gives me the strength I need to proceed.

Then I start drumming. Once I have a steady rhythm I start to chant galdr. I chant to call on the deity I think I’ll need guidance from. If I’m journeying I’ll call on Freyja. If I’m seeking wisdom I call on Odin.

I’ll keep this up until I find myself slipping into trance. Sometimes it just takes a little while other times a lot longer. Once I am in trance I can begin to do the work at hand.

How the body of the session goes depends on the gods. Who shows up. What my intention was. Sometimes I just connect with Odin and he speaks wisdom. Sometimes it’s Freyja and I know I’m heading to another realm. If I do travel I call upon the Norns and Hela for assistance. I just get into trance and see how things unfold.

A session generally ends very suddenly for me. I’ll just be snapped back into ordinary consciousness once I have gotten what I came for. Then I often will do a rune reading for clarification. Just to highlight the important things that came to me in trance. And I reground myself.   I thank the gods for their guidance and make an offering to them. Then I journal the experience in my vitki book. And I go about my day.

Not something happens every time I go into trance. Sometimes it’s just kinda hanging out in an altered state. That’s okay with me. It’s restful.

That’s what I do. I realize it may not be traditional. It’s what I have come up with after a couple of years of trial and error.

Maybe you picked up a tip from this. Let me know what you thought!

About my drums

I have two drums that assist me in my vitki work. Both are handmade by heathens. Both are 10 inches in diameter. I acquired both from Etsy. I use them to go into trance for my seidr work and my serious rune work.

The first drum I got is a female. Her name is Olva. Her name came to me in trance when I first started working with her. I use her name when I first start going into trance. She is my first contact in trance work for journeying purposes. As I drum on her I chant her name. This helps me get into a deeper trance. Her head is made of horse hide. Olva’s pitch is the deeper of the two drums. I use her when I am doing work on intuitive issues. She is always there for me if I am traveling to Hel or working on emotional issues. She helps me clear my head on any right brian work.

My other drum is male. His name is Skinfaxi. His head is elk hide. He assists me in right brian work. If I want to reach Odin I use him. Anything having to do with logical solutions I use him for. Again I chant his name when first going into trance. He helps me remain focused on solution based work. And all rune work I use him for.

Both drums have become vital tools in my vitki practices. With them I am able to attain deeper trance states. They keep me stay focused on the work at hand. Sometimes I just get them out to play. They seem to me to be living entities. I count them among my closest friends.

If you do any trance work I strongly recommend drums. I know they bring me into closer contact with the other beings of the nine realms. They offer a form of structure in an area that can become pretty scattered. I deal with them every time I do vitki work. They have become indispensable for me.

On my Vitki name

I always thought that “magical” names were stupid. Silly. Childish. I mean, what’s so wrong with your given name?  Why come up with a special name just for magical purposes?  It just seemed ridiculous to me.

I started asking some friends who had magical names to explain them to me. Most said they really didn’t know why they chose a special name for magic uses. To them it was just something you did. Not a good enough reason for me.

Then I asked one more person. She said some things that finally made some sense to me. She asked me if I believed words have power. Yes I do. Using that logic, wouldn’t it make sense that the word we use to identity ourselves would also have power? I suppose so. So why not pack as much power into the name we use for ourselves?

Finally I was understanding what all the uproar was about. I decided to do a trance session to find out whether or not this idea would work for me.

I expected nothing of relevance. I figured it would just be a nice quiet trance session to rest during. I settled myself into trance. And then things started to happen.

I saw in flaming runes a word. Ondsvin. That was it!  I had a vitki name. I liked it.

As I researched my revelation I started to see how this name made perfect sense for me. Ond is the all-pervasive force of the energies of the universe. The charged air of all that is. Vin means friend of. So I am a friend of the energies of the multiverse. Pretty cool. I certainly wouldn’t have come up with it consciously.

So now I use my vitki name in performing all my rituals. I also use it for runic energy workings. I find it empowering. It lends a certain gravity to the proceedings of my spiritual life. I now encourage you all to discover your own personal vitki name.

Exploring differences between Ansuz and Os

My studies of the Anglo Saxon futhorc is revealing some interesting insights. I’ve studied the first six runes so far. Their names and shapes may be different but the meanings are slightly different. At least for me.

For example the fourth rune which in the futhorc is Os. Slightly different shape than Ansuz. But the meanings are nearly identical. I have found through my meditations some differences however.

For me Ansuz has always been about inspiration and transformation. A very spiritual rune full of esoteric implications. It’s all about gods (Odin in particular) and self transformation. Full of spiritual possibilities.

Os in contrast for me seems to be all about communication and words. Also dealing with inspiration I suppose but a very different flavor than Ansuz. It’s an inspiration of the more mundane physical realm.

Although Os also means for me communication with the gods. As in the format of channeling them. Letting the gods literally speak through you. A very specific skill to be sure. But one that is attainable through trance work with the gods you wish to channel. I don’t do this myself but I am seeing how it would be possible. With the help of Os.

As you can see the meanings are very similar. But somehow different in energies. The Elder Futhark seems to have a heavier energy than the Anglo Saxon. I don’t know how to better explain it. I guess the best thing to do is to meditate and learn the futhorc yourself!  Maybe you will come up with better ways to explain it yourself!

Becoming a plant

Today’s exercises from Runic John were exploring shapeshifting. He recommended trying to become a plant. I figured I have a lot of houseplants so I’ll start there. I picked out a plant after getting myself into a working trance. The plant agreed to work with me. So off I went.

Being already in trance I started to focus on my hamr. Once I was in touch with it I moved it over to the plant. I folded my hamr around the plant like a hug. I could feel the plant sending off energy into my hamr. My physical body also became aware of the energies of the plant. I kept my focus on my hamr as best I could. Soon enough I was the plant.

I could feel the energy of the plant coming in and out of the leaves. I could sense the roots looking for moisture. I felt myself straining towards the light at the window.

Suddenly I felt the roots growing through the pot and down deeper into the Earth. I sensed the connection of my energy with that of the Earth. I felt a cycle occurring between the Earth and the power of the moisture. I could feel the fire of burning energy in the leaves. I sensed the air going in and out of my leaves. I was part of a huge cosmic loop of energy feeding itself on the bigger energy of the universe. I felt myself expanding with this feeling. I was a cog in the machine. But a vital cog.

I have never felt so connected. I was experiencing first hand the immensity of the worlds around me. It felt bigger than I had consciously imagined.

After basking in that immense feeling for what seemed like a lifetime my hamr started to return to my body. I was once again aware of my own physical body. Soon I was back.  Only ten minutes had passed.

Whew!  The sheer magnitude of what I had just felt left me with a feeling of humility. I am so small. But at the same time vital to the whole. I can’t appropriately convey it in words. It’s huge. And knowing this is a good place to be as I continue on this path.