A slightly scary seidr session

I had a dream where Freyja came to me and let me shapeshift with her falcon cloak. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this new aspect of my practice. So I decided to do a seidr session to see what I could find out about this.

So I got myself into a trance and asked for a visit from Freyja. Soon enough she came. I told her I wanted to learn about shapeshifting. So she summoned three animals — a hawk, a rabbit and a snake. She asked me to pick an animal to become. So. I chose rabbit because I figured soft and furry and cute. I like that. And the other two choices seemed too severe for me. So I told her rabbit. So gave me a look and said “Are you sure?”  And I told her I was sure. She just shrugged her shoulders and threw a rabbit pelt on the ground. “Put that on” she said.

So I put the pelt on my head. Instantly I was a rabbit. I started eating a dandelion. Everything was nice and calm. Then suddenly the snake slithers up and bites me. And I feel the pain. One second after that the hawk flies over and grabs me. And takes off.

Now I’m flying through the air in this hawk’s talons. I can feel the pain where the hawk has grabbed me. I’m thinking about how this is not a good turn of events!  We get to a nest and the hawk drops me in. And starts to eat me.

I’m frantically trying to get away. But I realize that even if I manage to get away from the hawk I’m high up in a tree. I would fall and die that way. So I’m dead no matter what. Great!

As I feel the pain of being eaten I have decided to give myself over to my wyrd. Not much else I can do.  It’s a good day to die I guess.

The hawk finishes devouring me. It flies away. But wait!  On the ground is a hunter. He spies the hawk and draws his bow and aims and shoots. Inside the belly of the hawk I feel the arrow finding its spot. The hawk drops to the ground dead.

The hunter slices the belly of the hawk open. And suddenly I am whole and fine and scramble out. I scamper off. I’m alive and I’m free!  But now my fur is a different color. Before the ordeal I was a white rabbit. Now I’m black. But I could care less. I’m free!

In the air in front of me I see a blazing red Berkano. I come out of trance suddenly. It’s over.

Whew!  Intense to say the least. Especially the pain. Too much pain. If this is what shapeshifting means maybe it’s not for me!  More likely I think this was a one time ordeal Freyja decided I needed to go through. Maybe to show I’m serious about this whole thing. Maybe to make me more aware. I’m not sure.

It sure gives me much to think about and meditate on.

Beware what you do!  Sometimes it really hurts!

Author: vitkimusings

A fifty-something Vitki living in the suburbs of Chicago. Follower of the Nordic Path for the last fifteen years. Student of runes for the last 23 years and seidr for the last seven years. Always learning and growing!

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