There are many lanes

When most people talk about their spiritual journey they talk about it as a path. I even use that metaphor sometimes. But I really view my spiritual journey as a huge multi-lane superhighway. Not very rustic I realize but it more accurately describes my experiences.

Being on my journey is a little complicated. I need to have more than one lane available to me. I admit I am not a reconstructionist Vitki. I find great value in the traditions and teachings of many cultures. For example I use chakras in my vitki work. Not very Northern Path but it works for me. So why not use it?  I am sure the ancestors used all methods available to them to achieve a goal. Every tool available was used. And so I use as many different traditions as I need to achieve my purpose. I can switch lanes on the highway.

Also like a highway I sometimes need the slow lane and sometimes the fast lanes. Nothing wrong in traveling at different speeds from time to time. I confess to going through periods of speedier growth and periods of just trudging along. I think that’s true for all people.

Sometimes I need to get off the highway completely for a rest stop. That’s okay too. On a long journey sometimes you just gotta pull over and rest. Or get some fuel. Plenty of time to chill for a bit.

So you can see why I prefer the metaphor of a superhighway. It suits my journey. So look for me on the road and wave as you pass me. But don’t forget to use your turn signal!

About the Forum

About six months ago I started a Facebook group called the Vitki/Volva Forum. My purpose was to see if there was any interest in a group to discuss the esoteric side of Asatru — mainly the runes and seidr.

At first it seemed like a flop. I remember getting all excited when we reached 25 members. I was doing a lot of posts just to try to get conversations going. It seemed doomed to become a failure.

Now we’re at over 475 members!  I get requests daily to join. I turn away as many as I accept. The group is large — but lively. There are posts every day of a very serious nature. Comments are thoughtful and on target. Sure we have a lot of”lurkers” but it’s my hope that they are learning as much as I am. And I learn every day!  It’s become a group of seriously wonderful people all on the same path. The paths are different for each of us but still the same goal — to learn and teach.

It’s become an amazing entity all its own. A living breathing place where people can exchange points of view and experiences. It is more than I had ever imagined it could be.

Thanks to all of you on the Forum. You have made my vision a reality. I can’t wait to see where it all heads!

My heartfelt thanks to all who make the Forum a success story. Keep posting and commenting!  Continue on the journey of exploring your path. I’ll be journeying with you!

Dedicating myself

A few days ago I got the book 21rst Century Seidr by Ivy Mulligan. I thought I’d just breeze through it. I didn’t get very far when I realized this was a book to be taken seriously with some very good exercises to explore.

One of the first exercises was a ritual to dedicate yourself to the path of the vitki shaman. I’ve been a serious vitki practitioner for over five years. It never dawned on me to make a formal ritualistic declaration of my intentions to follow this path. So I decided I should finally do this.

I followed the ritual outlined in the book. I was to the part where I was to meet my spiritual helpers. I figured I already knew this but I’ll get some verification. I saw the door to Inner Midgard in front of me. It had a red perthro rune on it — orlog, fate, the Norns (who I’m currently working with).  This is a good sign. When I open the door I am supposed to meet my spiritual helpers. I opened the door expecting a few entities to be on the other side. Instead there was a huge throng of beings!

My dad was in the front of the group. I made eye contact with him and declared my intention to remain on the path of the vitki. Dad comes up and tells me that this is not an easy path to walk. I tell him I know and that I don’t want easy I want rewarding. He says I already know it is that. He then says he is to be my helper in journeying. This surprised me because my dad and I were not close. I was expecting Freyja to be my helper in this aspect. Nope. Dad says he’s it. Okay. I thank him and then ask if there’s any other helpers. Out of the crowd comes Odin. I’m not so sure I’m ready to work seriously with him. But he approaches and says he will be my go to for work from here on. So I ask him what I dread to hear the answer to — what does he expect in return?  To my surprise he simply says juice. Well I can do that!  So I thank him. And I return to ordinary consciousness after once more declaring my intention to follow this path.

So a few surprises for me. An exercise that I thought would be a simple verification of what I already thought I knew brought some interesting results. I never would have thought my dad would want to work so closely with me. Mom yes. Dad not so much. And Odin. I expected Freyja or Hela or someone like that. Nope. The Old Man says he’s it. We’ll see how that goes!

So the lesson for me here is that I may think I have the answers but I should check in with the higher entities and see what they have to say. It could be very different!

My Runic studies take a turn

I have studied the runes for 20 or so years. By studying I mean studied mostly Thorsson. A little Aswyn and Pennick. But almost exclusively Thorsson. About a year ago I decided to try some other authors. When I did I was surprised by the results. My entire runic world was set on edge.

I was encouraged by the works of these different authors to take a different (for me) approach to the runes. I didn’t need to take these new authors at face value. They were telling me to go back to the Rune Poems for inspiration. And then meditate to uncover my own truths in regards to meanings.

This new approach has been validated by my recent decision to study the Anglo Saxon futhorc. Just read the Rune Poem and meditate on meanings. My grasp of this futhorc has been quicker than my grasp of the Elder ever was.   I am seeing new dimensions to my understanding of the Elder futhark. Everything is coming fast and furious and easily. My interest in the runes has been brought back to live. Vividly and with an electric charge.

I have no doubt my study of seidr has been a factor in all this. And maybe it’s just 20 years of studying finally paying off. Maybe the moral of this story is don’t put all of your trust and belief in one other person. Trust yourself on your path. All I know is I have never felt so connected to the runes as I do now. May this be the beginning of a new direction in my path of wisdom and understanding.

Importance of bindrune use

Bindrunes create the backbone of my runic energy workings. They provide structure to my dealings with the runes.

I use bindrunes to create images to focus on. They give me a place to mentally hang my hat. As a means of focusing my energies they send those energies out into the multiverse in a directed manner. Without this focus it would all just be scatterings.

I keep my bindrunes simple. No more than three or four individual runes per bindrune. That keeps the energy concise. More than that and for me it becomes too diffuse.

I create them into an aesthetically pleasing whole. This generally relies on symmetry. Keeping things balanced is important to me. I generally design my bindrunes in red on paper. Red of course adds power to any working.

I chant galdr as I design. I intone the individual rune names aloud. I chant them three or nine times depending on how powerful I need the working to be. Most times I find three is sufficient.

Next I decide how the working is to be performed. If I’m going to burn it I copy it onto special paper that I use for just this purpose. In red again. If it’s a candle sending I choose an appropriately colored candle and carve the bindrune into the wax.

Now comes the fun part. The ritual. I create a sacred space with energy and incense. I load the energy of the bindrune into the medium. Then I release into the multiverse with burning!

Of course I could just trace the image into the air (which I’ve been known to do) but there’s less energy released then.  So I prefer burning if possible.

Then I let the bindrune do it’s stuff. I do record it in my vitki journal and try to forget it. That’s about it.

I’ll share a success story. Money was tight. I created a bindrune of fehu, berkano and laguz. For money, becoming and growth. I did a candle sending of it. Soon enough there was a card from a family member with cash in it. I found out my mother’s estate was closer to being closed. And I got 100 dollar gift card to Amazon!  It had worked!

Now you see why bindrunes are my go to for runic workings. If you don’t use them already please try them!